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For the individual seen by Barry Allen, see Max (Earth-Prime).

"Failure is the opportunity to do better next time."
"In bed."
—Max and Liv Aberdine[src]

Max is a resident of Atlanta and an employee of Endeavor Car Rental and a co-worker of Liv Aberdine.


At some point before 2014, Max became an office worker in Endeavor Car Rental, making friends with his colleague Liv Aberdine. Being a humorous individual at some point he developed to add "in bed" to each and single fortune cookie prediction in the Chinese takeout food.

One evening in the autumn of 2014, while finishing the day's work, he asked Liv to toss him a fortune cookie, which said "Failure is the opportunity to do better next time". After Liv added his signature "in bed" to it, reminding him of a joke, Max wondered what Liv's fortune cookie's said, after which they were both rather puzzled that it was empty.

It is likely that Max's workspace was destroyed the next day when the coroner's van crashed through the building, although Max was not seen on the scene and therefore survived.[1]