"Failure is the opportunity to do better next time."
"In bed."
—Max quoting the fortune cookie while Liv Aberdine adds his trademark signature to it.[src]

Max is a resident of Atlanta and an employee of Endeavor Car Rental. He is a co-worker of Liv Aberdine's.


At some point prior to 2014, Max became an office worker in Endeavor Car Rental, making friends with his colleague Liv Aberdine. Being a humorous individual at some point he developed to add "in bed" to each and single fortune cookie prediction in the Chinese takeout food.[1]

One evening in the autumn of 2014, while finishing the day's work, he asked Liv Aberdine to toss him a fortune cookie, which said "Failure is the opportunity to do better next time". After Liv added his signature "in bed" to it, reminding him of a joke, Max wondered what Liv's fortune cookie's said, after which they were both rather puzzled that it was empty.[1]

It is likely that Max's workspace was destroyed the next day when the coroner's van crashed through the building, although Max was not seen on the scene and therefore survived.[1]




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