Max Fuller is the former owner of Poison.


Early life

Max attended Yale University. While there, he was a member of a secret society known as the Scroll and Key.[1]

Oliver Queen slept with Fuller's fiancée at their rehearsal dinner, shortly before she and Fuller married. Since then, Fuller harbored great resentment against Oliver.[2]

Encounters with Oliver Queen

In late 2012, Fuller opened a new nightclub in Starling City called Poison. During the grand opening, he and his men approached Oliver and Tommy Merlyn. Remarking that he was "happy [Oliver] drowned", Fuller had his men drag Oliver to the back of the club and beat him up, watching in satisfaction as Tommy joined the fray. Suddenly, he was ambushed by Laurel Lance, who pummeled Fuller several times before knocking him down, sardonically asking if he was going to "have [his] boys pound on [her] next". Humiliated, Fuller banned Oliver, Tommy, and Laurel from Poison for life before storming off with his guards.[2]

At some point between 2012 and 2018, Fuller and his wife divorced.[1]

In late 2018, Fuller had business dealing with Sam Hutchinson and Clayton Ford. However, at a fundraiser at which he met Oliver, Max had Frank Cassaday assassinate the two men, using green-tipped arrows to frame the new Green Arrow. Oliver later visited Fuller at his new club, questioning him regarding the murders, but Fuller feigned ignorance. Following this, Fuller ordered Cassaday to assassinate Oliver, but Cassaday was quickly beaten down and arrested. Because of this, Oliver went after Fuller as Green Arrow, managing to easily disarm Fuller, allowing for Captain Dinah Drake to arrest him.[1]


Max is arrogant and conceited, to the point where he goes and picks fights he can never win just to demonstrate power. However, underneath Max's ego, he is proven to be an unscrupulous coward; after punching Oliver Queen in an attempt to assert authority, Max preferred have his men continue the dirty work in beating up Oliver and Tommy Merlyn while he stood back and enjoyed the spectacle. When Laurel Lance intervened, Max spitefully banned the trio from his club to try and save his face.

Six years later, Max has become a far more arrogant and corrupt individual; for example, he had Sam Hutchinson and Clayton Ford respectively killed after they tried to cut him out of a business deal, as he had no guilt or remorse for this vile act of his, he is also proven to be very sloppy, as Max had Frank Cassaday assassinate the two men, using green-tipped arrows to frame the new Green Arrow; unfortunately for him, the police discovered that a vigilante archer had an alibi, at the time that those said murders took place, as he did not make sure that a vigilante would not have an alibi.



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  • Max being arrested by Oliver Queen could be seen as a twist of fate; karma for what Max did to Oliver and his best friend, the late Tommy Merlyn, 6 years earlier.


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