Maxwell "Max" Stanton (died December 2013) was a good friend of Cindy Simone and an involuntary test subject of the Church of Blood.


Max Stanton was an artist. At some point, he befriended Cindy "Sin" Simone, whom he would allow to sometimes stay in his flat.

Around Christmas 2013, Sin discovered that Max had been missing for around a week and she searched his flat with Roy Harper and Thea Queen. Roy found a pamphlet for Sebastian Blood's blood drive, which was held the same day Max went missing. They later found Max dead in a parking lot with his eyes bled out. The cops investigating the scene ruled Max's death to be a drug overdose, despite the latter's frequent blood donations.[1]


Roy Harper was unsatisfied with the cause of Max's death and brought it to the Arrow, who warned him to stay out of it upon seeing Max's bleeding eyes.[1] Roy continued investigating and was captured by Cyrus Gold, who injected him with the Mirakuru, just as he did with Max. Fortunately, the Arrow arrived and saved Roy. He defeated and killed Cyrus, partly avenging Max's death.[2]

Max's death was completely avenged with the death of Sebastian Blood, the imprisonment of Slade Wilson,[3] and the dissolution of the Church of Blood,[4] all courtesy of Team Arrow (with the exception of Sebastian).



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