Maxwell "Max" Lord is the founder and CEO of Lord Technologies.


Oil spill into the bay

After Supergirl caused an oil spill into the National City bay, Maxwell spoke with KPJT News about it, specifically about how her arrival would bring unneeded trouble to National City, much like Superman's did to Metropolis. He noted that since Superman had arrived to Metropolis, their maintenance budgets had doubled.[1]


Maxwell was then kidnapped by Reactron so he could fix his suit. On a scrapyard, Maxwell fixed the suit and was eventually saved by Supergirl. Later he falsely said that Superman was the one who saved him. The same day at night, he attended Cat Grant's party about Supergirl and danced with her, failing in persuading Cat to know how she got herself an interview with the Girl of Steel. Reactron then crashed the party, and Maxwell was again saved by Supergirl.

Bomb attacks

After one of his labs was destroyed by a bomb, Alex confronts Maxwell about firing Ethan Knox six months ago, telling how he snapped when his daughter got sick. Alex says this person targets Maxwell, and that he should cancel his train's planned maiden voyage. Maxwell replies he doesn't put much faith in the government's protection. Alex says she knows about his parents, and that they worked for the government. Maxwell then talks about how his parents trusted the government with the safety of their lab but how the system then malfunctioned and they died. Later during the first launch of his bullet train, he allowed Carter Grant to board his train, believing that he had lost his parents on it and while trying to save the train, Supergirl requested that the two get everyone to the back of the train, away from Ethan and the explosion. Supergirl manages to stop the train and no one got hurt. Because she believes Maxwell to be behind the bombings, she confronts him in his office. Although initially denying her allegations, he eventually confesses about how it was all to test her.[2]

Red Kryptonite

Maxwell Lord created a synthetic Red Kryptonite in hopes of subduing Non's next attack. However, it backfired disastrously when a sample he inadvertently left in a former lab infected Supergirl and gradually turned her evil. Rather than kill Kryptonians, Red Kryptonite lowers and gradually destroys the inhibitions of Kryptonians that are exposed to it, even when they have left its presence. Eventually, the Kryptonian will be left without morality, rationality, or any cares whatsoever. When he found out that the Red Kryptonite had infected Supergirl, he started tracking her, then helped the D.E.O. create an antidote, in the form of a red energy beam weapon, that brought Supergirl back to her senses.[3]


  • Genius Level Intellect: As a physicist Max Lord has a genius level intellect, once Non himself said that he had mastered the technologies of this world (Kryptonians themselves having 4th Level Intellect). Max Lord was able to create a clone of Supergirl known as Bizarro, who had shown to have the qualities of Kara. In an attempt to recreate Green Kryptonite he accidentally created Red Kryptonite which would exploit all the bad qualities on a Kryptonian, affecting them mentally rather than physically. He was also able to create an antidote, and once he created a device that allowed Alex to go into Kara's fantasy world (her head). He also successfully fixed Reactron's armor.


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  • Maxwell Lord made his debut in Justice League #1 (1987), as the businessman responsible for putting together the Justice League International. He was created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire. The character was initially portrayed as an arrogant, although well-meaning heroic character, but in later stories he was turned to a villain. He was also a metahuman who could control the minds of others.



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