"The prize is everything."
—The motto of Maya and Nash[src]

Maya (died 2019) was an assistant geologist and the adoptive daughter of Harrison Nash Wells.


Early life

In around 2012, Maya deactivated Harrison Nash Wells's security drone and broke into his camp. While being interrogated, she explained how the treasure he had was worth much more than he knew, and he gave her his hat as a gift in return. Revealing that she was orphaned, he offered her to join him, informally adopting her.[1] She became his assistant and the two eventually took a photo.[2]


In around 2019, Nash and Maya traveled to Earth-13, where they found a hatch off of a cliff with a memory cell inside. Maya lost her footing on the ledge and, having undone her safety clip, fell to her death.[1]


"When I lost Maya...everyday since then, I wanted to say, 'Hey, listen, I'm sorry; it was my fault.' But she's gone."
Photo of Nash and Maya

The photo of Nash and Maya.

Nash took a long time to forgive himself because of Maya's death. The "ghost" of Eobard Thawne would use this to its advantage when trying to possess the mind of Nash. When Nash did finally come to terms that it may have been his fault, due to their family motto, that Maya died, he, with the help of Cecile Horton, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon, was able to expel the ghost.[1]

However, Allegra Garcia, Maya's doppelganger, does not like Nash, because every time he sees her, he thinks of his daughter and tries to bond with Allegra on that level, instead of seeing her as her own person.[3][4]

However she starts warming up to him an little bit eventually after realizing he does have good intentions.


  • High-level intellect: As a resident of Earth-719, Maya knows a lot of information of the treasures on her Earth and she acknowledged about the multiverse after she traveled across it with Nash.[1]


  • Nash's hat: Gifted to her for helping him find valuable treasure when they first met, Maya continued to wear his hat until her death.[1]


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