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"The prize is everything."
—Maya and Nash Wells's motto[src]

Maya (died 2019) was an assistant geologist and the adoptive daughter of the late Harrison Nash Wells.


Early life

Young Maya.

Maya lost both of her parents at some point in her youth.

Around 2012, Maya deactivated Harrison Nash Wells's security drone and broke into his camp. When Nash caught and interrogated her, she explained how the treasure he had was worth much more than he knew, and Nash gave Maya his hat as a gift in return. When Maya revealed she was orphaned, Nash offered her the chance to join him in his travels, which she accepted, and he informally adopted her.

Afterwards, Maya became Nash's assistant and the two eventually took a photo together. At some point, they visited Corto Maltese on Earth-13, where Maya picked up a sonic emitter at the highest peak.[1][2]


Around 2019, Maya and Nash traveled to Earth-13, where they found a hatch off of a cliff with a memory cell inside. Unfortunately, Maya lost her footing on the ledge and, having undone her safety clip, fell to her death.[1]


"When I lost Maya... every day since then, I wanted to say, 'Hey, listen, I'm sorry; it was my fault.' But she's gone."
Harrison Nash Wells[src]

The photo of Nash and Maya.

Nash took a long time to forgive himself for Maya's death. The "ghost" of Eobard Thawne would use this to his advantage when trying to possess Nash's mind. However, Nash finally came to terms with Maya's death due to their family motto and was able to expel the ghost with the help of Cecile Horton, Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon.[1]

Maya's Earth-1/Earth-Prime doppelgänger, Allegra Garcia, had a strained relationship with Nash since every time he saw Allegra, he thought of his daughter and tried to bond with her on that level. It was only after Nash saw Allegra as her own person and Allegra realized his good intentions that she started warming up to him.[3][4]

Allegra kept a picture of Maya and Nash with her as a reminder of Nash.[5]


  • High-level intellect/Skilled scientist: As a resident of Earth-719, Maya had much information on the treasures on her Earth and even developed knowledge about the multiverse after she traveled across it with Harrison Nash Wells.[1]


  • Nash's hat: Gifted to her for helping Nash find valuable treasure when they first met, Maya continued to wear the hat until her death.[1]


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