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"Sebastian is the devil! He's the one that put me here."
—Maya Resik to Laurel Lance[src]

Maya Resik (died January 2014) was the widow of the late Sebastian Sangre and the mother of the late Sebastian Blood. She was placed in a psychiatric ward after being blamed for the murder of her husband, which was in fact committed by her son.


Early life[]

Maya Resik and her son, Sebastian, were often abused by her husband, and she was submissive to him. When Sebastian murdered his father, the act was blamed on Maya, who presumably had a history of mental illnesses. She was sent to St. Walker's Hospital, a psychiatric ward. Sebastian made it seem that Maya was his aunt.[1]

Incarceration in the psychiatric ward[]

Sometime after her incarceration in St. Walker's Hospital, ADA Laurel Lance visited Maya for answers. She questioned her about Sebastian, under the initial belief that she was his aunt. When Maya described Sebastian as "the devil", telling her that he put her in the ward, Laurel then deduced that Maya was actually Sebastian's mother. Maya revealed that Sebastian killed her husband and had her take the blame, in turn leading her to be committed.[1]

After Laurel's visit, Sebastian came to visit his mother, knowing what she told Laurel. Later that night, Sebastian returned in his mask and killed his mother. Maya's cause of death was ruled as a heart attack.[2]



Season 2[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Maya Resik's name is the fusion of the names of the two people who received the Mother Mayhem identity and became wives and mothers of Brother Blood in the DC comics; May Bennett and Anna Resik.