McCulloch Technologies, simply known as McCulloch Tech, is a technology company located in Central City.


In May 2018 after the Enlightenment, McCulloch Technologies was put in charge of clearing out the remains of the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite in Central City. With pieces of the satellite, they were able to use Meta-tech to create new weapons and other technologies.

In 2019, Nora West-Allen created the Young Rogues to be able to steal the Mirror gun and destroy Cicada's Dagger. But during the Heist, the rest of the member betrays Nora to get the money from the Meta-Tech and get a name for themselves as those that manage to expose The Flash's identity but they were tricked by Team Flash and ultimately arrested.[1]

In late 2019, Harrison Nash Wells broke into McCulloch Tech in search for Eternium.[2]


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