McCulloch Technologies is a company that is affiliated with Black Hole.


At some point, Eva McCulloch founded McCulloch Technologies, producing various weaponry for unknown reasons.

According to Joe West, Peter Merkel hacked McCulloch Technologies months ago.[1]

Iris West-Allen began investigating McCulloch Technologies and their current C.E.O., Joseph Carver, upon learning of Malcolm Strombard's robbery and his affiliation of Black Hole. Despite deciding to sue them for defamation with fear of the board members and stock holders looking down on him, Carver eventually dropped the lawsuit, with Iris writing an article on the company's robbery.[2]

After Eva McCuloch escaped the Mirrorverse, she was determined to take revenge on Joseph Carver, so Joseph went into hiding at McCuloch Tech with the help of the Team Flash, so Eva and his team invaded McCuloch Tech and she managed to kill Carver while his team distracted the Team Flash.[3]

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