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"I live to surprise."
—McKenna Hall[src]

McKenna Hall is a former police detective of the Star City Police Department. She is the sister of an unnamed woman, an old friend/the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, an old friend of Tommy Merlyn, and a good friend of the late Laurel Lance. When Oliver needed help to track down the maker of Vertigo, he went to McKenna for the police's file on the Count. Shortly after, McKenna and Oliver started dating and began a romantic relationship. At the same time, she was chosen by Quentin Lance to be his partner in uncovering the Hood's identity.

However, McKenna's police career was halted when she was shot by Helena Bertinelli and became temporarily paralyzed. As a result, McKenna had to move to Coast City to live with her sister and undergo physical therapy. Her relationship with Oliver subsequently came to an end, although they presumably remain on good terms.


Early life

McKenna Hall was a close friend and fellow partygoer of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn. She once got herself and Oliver banned from the club Deville for stripping on the premises; McKenna claimed there were no signs around which explicitly prohibited her from doing so.

While Oliver was supposedly dead for five years, McKenna became a vice detective of the Starling City Police Department.[1] Through her job, she became acquainted with Laurel Lance due to their meetings at the courthouse.[2]

Major crimes and dating Oliver Queen

When the drug Vertigo began spreading throughout the city, McKenna worked for months to track down its maker, only known as "The Count".

In January 2013, McKenna encountered Oliver at the SCPD. The two were happy to see each other again and caught up. Oliver noted his amazement that she became a cop, to which McKenna joked that she still attends raves whilst undercover. When she wondered what he was doing at the precinct, Oliver asked about Vertigo and McKenna expressed her sympathies regarding Thea Queen's legal trouble with the drug. Oliver mentioned that if she could catch the Count, the judge might go lighter on his sister. McKenna gave him a police file with what little information they had on The Count, admitting they may not apprehend be able him before Thea's trial. Before leaving for her shift, McKenna stated she always loved how much Oliver cared about his sister, but urged him to leave this to the police.

Later, McKenna received a tip from a Bratva member on The Count's whereabouts. She and Sergeant Quentin Lance broke up a drug deal that evening involving him. During a shootout, McKenna was able to capture some of The Count's men, but the dealer escaped. The next day, McKenna and Quentin arrived at the Queen Mansion to question Oliver and Moira Queen, with McKenna revealing that she spotted Oliver fleeing the scene. Oliver claimed he tried to buy off The Count in an effort to see his face, but failed.

That night when McKenna's informant revealed where the Vertigo was made, she, Quentin, and a squad of officers headed to the location: an abandoned juvenile center in the East sector of the Glades. Inside, they found The Count incapacitated by a fatal dose of Vertigo, courtesy of the Hood. Later, McKenna called Oliver to inform him of The Count's arrest, adding it was good to see him again.[1]

Sometime afterwards, McKenna was promoted to detective in the Major Crimes Unit. She was assigned to the case of a jewel thief, Winnick Norton/The Dodger, and began coordinating with Interpol to take him down.

Oliver paid a visit to McKenna at the SCPD to thank her for catching The Count and they discussed her situation with The Dodger. When McKenna briefly left her desk, Oliver secretly slipped a bug into her phone to listen in on information about the thief. He then nervously stammered his way through asking McKenna out to dinner that night, which she accepted. Later, McKenna learned that a fence named Cass Derenick was shot dead at an art gallery after a failed deal with The Dodger to buy the stolen Sherwood Ruby, which she reported to Quentin.

McKenna on her date with Oliver Queen.

McKenna and Oliver's date went well until dessert, when she suddenly brought up how much he missed while on the island and wondered how it changed him. Oliver immediately became withdrawn, stating he doesn't like to talk about it, making the situation awkward and tense. McKenna then got a call on The Dodger attempting to once again sell the stolen Sherwood Ruby and left the restaurant. At the sale, McKenna arrested the fence, Claire Abbot, but The Dodger escaped.

Later, McKenna and the police infiltrated a fundraising auction for the Starling City Cancer Society at a museum to catch The Dodger. After the thief was arrested (with help from The Hood), McKenna met Oliver at the precinct as she was getting ready to leave. Oliver apologized for what happened at their date, opening up about how his five years away made him lose the desire to enjoy life and question if he was worthy of being with anyone. McKenna kissed Oliver and assured him he was, prompting Oliver to ask for a second chance at dinner. Quentin intercepted the two and requested McKenna to be his partner in the investigation against the vigilante, which she agreed to.[3]

Against the Hood and the Huntress

When mercenary Guillermo Barrera was about to arrive in Starling City, McKenna and the SCPD rushed to the heliport to arrest him. When they arrived though, Barrera had already been killed by The Hood. Later that night, McKenna and Oliver attended Tommy's 28th birthday party at Laurel's home. McKenna complimented the apartment and observed a photo of Laurel's sister, Sara. The party was soon interrupted by an unwelcome visit from Tommy's estranged father, Malcolm Merlyn.

Oliver and McKenna had a date at the former's nearly-finished nightclub. Oliver admitted to having trouble figuring out how to fit both his work and social life together. McKenna stated she struggled with that same problem, but believed they could make it work. McKenna was later taken home by Oliver's bodyguard, John Diggle, after he had to leave early.

When Quentin got word that Malcolm was Barrera's intended target, he, McKenna, and the police drove to a humanitarian award ceremony to protect Malcolm. At the event, McKenna cornered The Hood as he was about to kill China White, but the vigilante escaped by shooting a fire extinguisher. Later, she and Quentin helped escort Malcolm to an ambulance. McKenna was notably incredulous upon learning Tommy let the vigilante perform a homemade blood transfusion on his father.

Later at the hospital, McKenna and Oliver discussed their complicated lives, but McKenna was willing to make their relationship work if he was. A delighted Oliver affirmed he was.[2]

Oliver gave McKenna a tour of his nightclub, Verdant, and asked her to be his date to the opening night. At the opening, McKenna, Oliver, Thea, and Moira toasted to Verdant's success. McKenna later asked Oliver for a dance and he eventually obliged.

McKenna and Quentin later arrested Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress when she fell into a trap by ambushing one of two vans with ESU units, believing it was transporting her father, Frank Bertinelli, to a safe house. Upon taking her into custody, McKenna and Quentin interrogated Helena on why she wants to kill her father and destroy his criminal organization, but she refused to answer. They then asked The Hood's identity, offering more privileges during her life sentence in exchange. Helena revealed the vigilante was Oliver, but McKenna and Quentin were skeptical. Knowing McKenna was dating Oliver, Helena mentioned they used to be lovers and advised her to walk away before she gets hurt. Just then, The Hood broke into the precinct and released knockout gas on all the officers before freeing the Huntress.

After the incident, McKenna went home to her apartment and took a shower. Shortly after, Oliver paid her a surprise visit. He confided in McKenna about feeling like he was letting his family and friends down due to his job. McKenna insisted Oliver was being too hard on himself and his work was worth the effort if he believed in it. She suggested he find someone he'll never have to apologize to. The two then shared a kiss and slept together.[4]

Breaking up with Oliver and moving to Coast City

McKenna responded to a Code 3 at the FBI safe house where Frank was being kept. Quentin ordered her to wait for backup but she refused upon seeing several agents dead from Helena's crossbow bolts. McKenna found the Hood about to shoot Helena and ordered both of them to surrender. Suddenly, Helena grabbed a shotgun and fired at McKenna before fleeing.

Although McKenna was wearing a vest, the bullet shattered her femur, rendering her temporarily paralyzed. The injury required at least a year of rehab, forcing her to retire from duty. When Oliver came to see her at Starling General Hospital, McKenna revealed she is moving in with her sister at Coast City, which has the best physical therapy facility in the country. Oliver offered to come with her but McKenna told him to stay, citing that while she cares about Oliver, his life was in Starling City.[4]


A former party girl-turned police detective, McKenna is fearless, passionate, and driven to keep Starling City safe. Her dedication to seeing justice done through her job knows no bounds, as McKenna was willing to take on both the Hood and Huntress without backup upon seeing the latter had murdered several F.B.I. agents. She exudes a tactical, professional, and level-headed demeanor on duty. McKenna maintained her poise even when Helena tried to bait the former by prodding into her relationship with Oliver Queen.

Like Quentin Lance, McKenna believes in law and order, and thus opposes vigilantism. Due to this, she was distrustful of the Hood, deeming the latter a "homicidal maniac" due to his bodycount and wanted to arrest him.

Outside of work, McKenna is proven be friendly, lighthearted, and outgoing, and loves to drink, dance, and socialize at a good party with friends. While dating Oliver, McKenna was understanding of and empathetic to his complicated life, even offering advice on his struggle in balancing his personal issues with work.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a police detective, McKenna is in top physical condition.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a police detective, McKenna is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as she had received training as all Star City Police Department members do, allowing her to easily apprehend criminals.[3]


  • Guns: McKenna is very proficient in using guns.
  • Handcuffs: McKenna carried handcuffs whenever she was out on patrol.



Season 1

Season 3




  • McKenna loves soufflés.[3]
  • McKenna shares her last name with Carter Hall, though it is unconfirmed if they're related.

Behind the scenes

  • At the San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that McKenna Hall was originally planned to be killed off, but kept due to how audience members took to her. She was also mentioned to possibly come back to Starling City in the second season, though this never happened.
    • However, it can be assumed that McKenna returned (off-screen) for Tommy's funeral.
  • McKenna is possibly named after Melody McKenna, a character from the New 52 Batman comics who is a detective of the Gotham City Police Department and also distrusts vigilantes. However, McKenna is not directly based on Melody and is an original character created for Arrow.
  • Stephen Amell revealed in an interview that he hoped McKenna Hall would be the secret identity of Vigilante.[5]