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"Meat: The Legends" is the second episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on May 9, 2021.



Big Bang Burger

Big Bang Burger

A cryochamber with an alien lands in California, 1955, the birthplace of Big Bang Burger. Gideon tells the Legends that the citizens of San Bernardino were massacred due to the alien's presence; the team time travels there with hopes to find and interrogate the alien to get the location of Sara Lance.

To find the alien, Ava Sharpe must use the skills of Spooner but she only wants to return home especially after Spooner learns that Gideon could not find an implant in her brain. Ava does not care; she orders Spooner to help with the mission.

Meanwhile, Kayla's spaceship has depleted its fuel and has crash-landed on a world that Gary Green says belongs to the "power-hungry space-lord" that hired him and Kayla; Sara wants to explore the world but Gary is very hesitant, citing that the atmosphere might be deadly. Soon, Sara sees a dog, telling her that she can survive, and follows it. The dog leads her to Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

"Dragon Ash" is an herbal supplement created by Zari Tarazi with the power of relaxation, but the others are not interested. Behrad Tarazi reminisces about his time in the fast food industry and how he enjoyed himself, but he cautions the Legends about eating hamburgers in the 1950's because it might not be authentic beef. Mick Rory is watching the policemen who are having lunch; using his skills, Mick discovers that something is wrong at the local butcher shop. Ava leads half of the Legends there and leaves the Tarazi siblings, who are discussing who should own the Air Totem, with Nate Heywood to continue to survey the restaurant.

At the butcher's shop, Ava's team finds the restaurant's mascot; he has an usually high craving for meat. They take him aboard the Waverider and, due to a spell by John Constantine, they discover that people are eating the alien; namely, it is the secret sauce in the hamburger sandwich served by Big Bang Burger. When Ava alerts Nate's team to stop serving the burgers, because they took the jobs as cooks and wait-staff in the restaurant, a riot begins.

Nate's team talks to Bert Beeman and learns that the secret sauce is made by Rhonda, his wife, causing Ava's team to go to her house to meet the alien responsible. Infiltrating the Beeman house, Ava's team learns the origin of the special sauce is from a cocoon which is oozing liquid in her attic. Rhonda defends the cocoon; the once failing restaurant is a success now because of this alien's sauce. However, the giant air feeder is hungry when it emerges from its cocoon and eats Rhonda.

Zari has stopped the meat-craving mob by administering "Dragon Ash" to them. They calm down and fall asleep.

Unnamed Giant air feeder

Giant air feeder

The giant moth-like alien flies to Big Bang Burger to eat more humans because it has fattened its food with the desire to eat meat. The massacre the Legends are trying to prevent is the creature feasting on the citizens. Bert gets eaten. Deeming it too dangerous, Ava gives Spooner permission to kill the giant air feeder.

Ava apologizes to Spooner for not taking her feelings into consideration and for forcing her to be around aliens when Spooner has spent the better part of her life avoiding them. Spooner accepts the apology and membership to the Legends.

Sandy Sledge, the head waitress of the restaurant, takes over and changes its name to Big Belly Burger.

Tired of the Tarazi siblings arguing about the Air Totem, Zari Tomaz creates two totem wristbands, one for each of them.

Sara and Gary have dinner with Amelia. Sara offers Amelia passage back to Earth once they refuel. Suddenly, Amelia repeats her origin story over and over. When Sara and Gary try to leave, Amelia attacks and poisons Sara and Gary hits her with a chair to knock her out. Gary and Sara escape, but hoards of flashlights appear. Something is coming for them.



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  • The episode shares a similar title with the fifth season episode "Meet the Legends".
  • The alien cocoon monster has the same roar as Godzilla from the Showa films.
    • Behrad Tarazi also refers to the alien as "Mothra", which has collaborated with Godzilla before.
    • It also bears a strong resemblance to the Muto's from Legendary's Godzilla and Mothra from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
  • When Sara and Gary crash-land and see a dog outside their ship, Gary says he's been fooled by cute dogs before; referencing the time that he accidentally adopted a hellhound (off-screen) in "The Great British Fake Off", and the Legends subsequently had to deal with the ramifications of his actions in "Ship Broken".
  • Constantine's spell is the Divination of Hor, which extracts unwanted influences within; ironically this causes the target to projectile vomit the "secret sauce" akin to The Exorcist.
  • The alien using secret sauce to drive the town into a feeding frenzy is akin to the dubik in Sleepy Hollow causing insatiable hunger in targets; the difference is the alien was fattening up prey, while the dubik was vicariously experiencing eating though its victims (as part of a plot to create a totem to raise the Horseman of Famine).
  • Bert believed the Legends were undercover for the McDonald's brothers, who were the creators of the "spedee system", commonly known today as fast food.
  • Big Belly Burger's founding is revealed.
  • Spooner's attitude is comparable to the original Zari when she first joined the Legends.
  • Behrad likes using juice cleanses like Zari.
  • Sara tells Gary that she has "faced aliens before", referencing the Invasion! crossover.
  • Mick's changing behavior is reflected by his clothing. In the third Season, Mick switched to a clean black leather jacket; now he's dressing sloppier and more akin to how he dressed when he first became a Legend back in "Pilot, Part 2".
  • After Spooner shoots the alien, it collides with the restaurants sign. Letters are knocked off, and it reads "CRISPY BUGS" as the alien dies.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".