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The Mecha-Vibe suit is a protective suit worn by Cisco Ramon as Mecha-Vibe.


The suit consists of his vibe glasses, a black jacket, the aforementioned energy source, and bulky metal gauntlets.


Cisco using the suit.

Cisco created the suit and used in the final battle against Eva McCulloch. Despite losing power on his sonics, the gauntlets proved to be highly effective against Eva's mirror duplicates, knocking them off balance.[1] He also used the suit while helping The Flash to take down Abra Kadabra, who was able to redirect Cisco's vibrational blast back at him.[2]



  • Identity concealment: The glasses on the suit can presumably help to hide Cisco's identity.
  • Vibe blasts: With the gauntlets, Cisco can fire sonic blasts (functionally similar to his Vibe blasts) powered by an energy source worn on his chest.
  • Synthetic entropy trap enhancement: Sometime after John Diggle's visit to Central City, Cisco upgraded his gauntlets into having synthetic entropy traps to temporarily trap the Godspeed clones. The synthetic traps act as a force field but they prevent a person from moving and breathing.

Known users


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