The Medallion of Acrata is a medallion that consists of letters that translates into "Leviathan". Andrea believed her powers came from the medallion but was told it came from herself, her inner darkness.


Lena Luthor had Andrea as helpful company to retrieve the medallion when Andrea fell into a pit, she discovered its location along with a messenger that tells her that she is destined to take it and keep it secret. Or else her father and everyone that learn anything about Leviathan dies. After the expedition, her boyfriend Russell Rogers found the medallion and Leviathan agent then attacks him until Andrea convince them that he can be useful as an assassin. After years using the medallion power to do Leviathan's dirty work, Andrea uses it again to break inside the D.E.O. to break Russell out of there instead of killing him. She would give it to Lena as part of a Blackmail to save Russell. Lena would translate the character on the medallion and investigate what is Leviathan with the help of Eve Teschmacher's memories

Powers and abilities

  • Umbrakinesis: Anyone initially connecting with the medallion can bend darkness and shadow to their will.
    • Darkness Empowerment: Users of the Medallion are given enhanced strength and speed from the darkness around them.
    • Intangibility: Using the medallion allows users to pass through solid objects and have anything pass through them.
    • Teleportation: The medallion allows users to use shadows as a way to travel from one place to another.
    • Superhuman Speed: Users of the medallion have increased speed in their shadow form.
    • Protective suit: When the users touch the medallion three times, a shadow dresses them with a dark suit.

Known users



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the Medallion of Acrata is an ancient Mayan symbol which represented the shadows in the night; as such, Andrea was able to teleport once she entered a shadow. "Acrata" is also Andrea's code-name in the comics.
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