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For the Supergirlepisode, see "Medusa"​.

The Medusa virus was a programable virus created by Kryptonian scientist Zor-El as a fail-safe mechanism to eradicate any non-Kryptonian combatants in the event of otherworldly invasions.

Decades later, Project Cadmus stole the virus' information from the Fortress of Solitude to use in their agenda against aliens.



As part of a joint effort between the Science and Military Guilds, the Ruling Council of Krypton ordered scientist Zor-El to create a bioengineered virus known as the Medusa Virus. The virus was a weapon of last resort designed to protect Krypton from invasions by killing all non-Kryptonian life forms.[1]

The virus was never used, and the files regarding it were brought to Earth on Kal-El's pod. The information was later transferred to the Fortress of Solitude.[2]

On Earth[]

Stolen by Cadmus[]

In late 2016, a terrorist organization called Project Cadmus collected a sample of Supergirl's blood in order to gain access to the Fortress of Solitude. Hank Henshaw used the blood to open Project Medusa's files.[2]

The Test[]

After stealing the files from the fortress, Cadmus' leader, Lillian Luthor, reprogrammed the Medusa virus to ensure it wouldn't affect humans. Henshaw went to Al's Dive Bar to release a test sample of the virus, which killed all the aliens present in seconds. Mon-El was present at the bar, but wasn't immediately harmed by the virus.[1]


Mon-El was placed in quarantine until the D.E.O. could understand what had been used in the attack at Al's Dive Bar. Additionally, Kara Danvers and J'onn J'onzz stayed inside the D.E.O. headquarters to protect themselves. Dr. Eliza Danvers was brought in to help study the virus due to her specialty in astrobiology. After checking up on Mon-El, Eliza revealed after studying a strand of the virus that it had originated from Krypton. Thus, since Mon-El's Daxamite physiology was similar to Kryptonians', he was able to fight off the virus longer, but would ultimately succumb to his illness without a cure.

Kara then flew to the Fortress of Solitude, where an A.I. of her father revealed the origin of the Medusa virus. She brought all the information to Eliza in hopes that a cure could be made to save Mon-El.[1]

Launching the virus[]

Cadmus prepared to launch the Medusa virus airborne from the National City Port using Isotope 454 from L-Corp, which would disperse it all over National City. Supergirl tried to warn Lena Luthor about her adoptive mother Lillian, revealing her as the head scientist of Cadmus who was planning to exterminate all extraterrestrial life on Earth. Lena then concocted a plan to stop Lillian.

Feigning her allegiance to Cadmus, Lena seemingly handed over Isotope 454 to Lillian and launched the missile containing the virus. Supergirl attempted to stop the missile before it detonated, but failed. However, none of the aliens in the city were harmed as Lena had secretly switched out the isotope, rendering the virus inert. The police then arrived, having been called beforehand by Lena, and arrested Lillian.[1]

The cure[]

Using a sample of the virus, Eliza was able to reverse-engineer it to create a cure, saving Mon-El's life. She was also able to modify the virus and use it to eradicate the White Martian blood cells from J'onn's blood, restoring his Green Martian form.[1]


The Medusa virus was designed to kill any species not native to Krypton as a last defense against invaders. When Project Cadmus reproduced the virus, they reprogrammed it so it also wouldn't harm humans. Daxamites can survive exposure to the virus longer than other species due to them having similar physiologies to Kryptonians, but they will ultimately die unless cured.

The virus cannot be transmitted between organisms and only infects its targets with direct contact when aerosolized. Once contracted, the virus kills its victims in seconds.

If utilized properly, the Medusa virus can also destroy alien species on a cellular level, as shown when Eliza Danvers used a modified sample of it to destroy the White Martian cells in J'onn J'onzz's bloodstream, preventing the Green Martian from completely transitioning into a White.



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