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Megan Lockhart was a private investigator in Central City. She was called Prank by James Jesse as a sign of love.


Discovering the Flash's identity

In 1990, Megan was hired by Thomas Castillo to uncover the Flash's identity. After a long investigation, she discovered that it was Barry Allen after placing a camera inside his apartment where the footage revealed that he has speed. Later, after giving away the Flash's identity, Barry went to confront her about her action and made her question her morality when she saw that someone almost died due to her investigation. Later, after she obtained a recording were Castillo ordered her murder and the one of Dr. Tina McGee. She managed to save her from two thugs that were after her. Later, she was captured by Castillo and Arthur Simonson after she gathered enough evidence to arrest them. She was then taken to the river to be executed but Barry as the Flash manages to save her. They then enter Castillo and Simonson's casino where they both beat them up. Later, she witnessed Castillo's death by car explosion and deduced that Simonson was behind it. Some times later, Megan prepared to move to Los Angeles and gave Barry all evidence that linked the Flash to him before sharing a kiss.[1]


Megan began work as a repo person, tracking down James Jesse. However, he ultimately turned the tables and kidnapped her to be killed in his "saw in half" act. Luckily she managed to call Barry to help beforehand, resulting in her rescue. After taking Barry to an all-you-can-eat buffet to recharge, Megan was invited to his place for the night. She awkwardly meet a departing Tina McGee, whom was having movie night with Barry. After showering, Megan changed into Barry's pajama shirt; while he wore the pants, shirtless. After a few moments of teasing Barry with her bare legs, they slept together.

Monitor's invasion

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, Megan's fate remains unknown.[2]


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