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Mei is the daughter of the late Yao Fei Gulong and the twin sister of the late Shado.


Mei hides Oliver and Akio in her apartment

Mei hides Oliver and Akio in her apartment.

At a market, Mei was approached by Oliver Queen, who the latter thought was Shado.[1] Oliver and Akio Yamashiro needed a place to stay, so she invited them over to her apartment. At her apartment, Mei told Oliver about her family's disappearance around 2008. Mei asked how Oliver knew Shado and was told that they went to medical school together. After offering Oliver to use her shower, she saw Oliver's dragon tattoo which was that of the late Shado's. Curious to know how Oliver knew Shado, Mei called the police. The call was intercepted by A.R.G.U.S., though the three were rescued by Maseo and Tatsu Yamashiro. Before Oliver left, Mei was told by him that her family was indeed dead.[2]


Mei is kind, caring, selfless, intelligent, and has good morals. However, unlike her late twin sister, Shado, she is not naïve, as she does not trust strangers and is wary around them, like Oliver Queen.


  • Bilingualism: As a native of China, Mei speaks Mandarin fluently, in addition to English.



Season 3[]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • The Mandarin Mèimei (妹妹) apparently means "little sister", a usage that was also applied in the cult SF series Firefly.