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"I want you to think about the biggest secret in your life—the one that you keep from the people that you love, or even from yourself. I want you to imagine what would happen if that secret got out."
Nora West-Allen

"Memorabilia" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fourth episode overall. It aired on January 29, 2019.



"Memorabilia" begins with Nora giving a monolog before we discover it's really a message she's sending to Eobard Thawne later on.

Afterward, Barry, Iris, and Nora are at the ice skating arena, where they grown-ups are showing their child how to skate. The whole group's there when Sherloque gets an alarm saying he's gotten a bundle conveyed to STAR Labs. The group heads to work and discover that Sherloque's bundle is a memory machine from Earth-221, something that should let the group help wake up Grace.

As Sherloque is clarifying the way toward utilizing the machine, Nora becomes uncomfortable when she discovers the machine lets individuals read every others minds. Sherloque clarifies Barry and Nora should utilize it and Nora doesn't need her dad to guess what her might be thinking to perceive what she's doing.

That night, Nora figures out how to work the machine herself, embedding her awareness inside Grace's. As Nora's attempting to escape from Grace's awareness, the two are abruptly caught when the gateway the machine utilized closes. With the entrance shut, Nora attempts to discover another exit plan.

At their home, Iris is on the telephone with a legal counselor discussing the capability of beginning her own office. As Iris appears to be irritated with what the attorney needed to state, Barry's telephone rings. Sherloque's calling to advise the two that Nora has utilized the gadget without anyone else. The two race to STAR Labs, where Sherloque says that on the off chance that they don't get her out brisk enough, she'll endure changeless mind harm.

In Central City, Cisco and Ralph are at a bar talking with a source, attempting to get an area on Orlin Dwyer. Cisco vibes the source and discovers the witness was discussing a neighborhood band named Sickada, not the terrible meta Cicada.

Sherloque attaches Barry and Iris to the machine to send the pair into Grace's cognizance. They show up at the CCPD and before long discover they didn't enter Sherloque's recollections — rather, they entered Nora's cherished recollections. The two beginning strolling around Nora's recollections when they show up to STAR Labs to think that its changed into a Flash historical center.

Subsequent to running into an impasse at the bar, Cisco and Ralph start drinking. After a short time, Cisco discovers it's single's night at the bar and understands that Ralph misled him about the witness.

In Grace's memory, she drives Nora to the clinic promptly following her mishap. There, she understands that Grace has had the option to hear individuals in her room all through her whole time in a state of unconsciousness. Effortlessness draws an obvious conclusion and understands that Nora's the one that hurt her uncle. Effortlessness gets agitated and figures out how to remove Nora's speed in her awareness. At that point, Cicada shows up and begins assaulting the speedster.

In Nora's memory, Iris shows up to discover the Nora runaway and the two quarrel over Nora's activities. Iris immediately feels lament about her future self being exacting with Nora. Iris at that point uncovers to Barry that she ran twelve potential paper names through her lawyer and the main name that returned as accessible is what is on the paper announcing Barry's vanishing in the emergency and that is the reason she's reluctant of beginning her own paper now.

The Reverse Flash suit in Nora's memory gets energized and begins chasing down Barry and Iris. As they're covering up, Caitlin figures out how to utilize Cecile's memory gadget to call both Nora and the West-Allen's to disclose what they have to do to join a similar memory.

Turn around Flash tracks the two down, however Iris can utilize The Thinker's seat to destroy him away. After that occurs, the entry opens up in Grace's memory, permitting Barry and Iris to traverse. They hybrid however can't persuade Grace to accompany. The Cicada that has been chasing after Nora is uncovered to be a more established form of Grace.

At the point when everybody comes to, Caitlin uncovers that there's as yet a bit of the dull issue shard in Grace's mind, restricting the machine from accomplishing its right work. The group acknowledges they'll need to think of another approach to wake Grace up.

The following day, Barry and Nora welcome Iris at her new office since she's chosen to go ahead with the paper. Nora speaks with Iris in private and apologies for holding her in a false memory.

We see another scrap of Nora recording a message to Gideon and find that she's working with Thawne to stop Cicada without her folks information.

The scene closes with Barry inquiring as to whether there's any advancement on the meta-human cure. He uncovers he needs to utilize it on Cicada.



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  • Nora's memories were originally part of an alternate future in which Cicada is David Hersch instead of Orlin Dwyer and Grace Gibbons. However, when Barry and Iris entered those memories, Iris revealed they were seeing the life of Nora in the current timeline, in which Nora came back in time and changed the future, presumably changing Hersch's destiny as Cicada as well. So the future that they were witnessing is the future of the current timeline, not the original future that Nora hails from, although her childhood was the same.
    • Alternatively, Nora's memories may have be influenced by her current perceptions of Cicada, which is what turns out to be the case with her memories of Iris.
  • This episode confirms that the "Myles" mentioned in the beginning of the season was indeed Dexter Myles, who curated the Flash Museum in the DC comics.
  • When Team Flash goes ice skating, Caitlin wears a sweater based on the one worn by Killer Frost in the DC Bombshells comic.
  • This episode reveals that it was Iris who founded The Central City Citizen newspaper, which includes the article she wrote surrounding Barry's disappearance while fighting Eobard Thawne during a Crisis in 2024.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall in that the toy phones at the Flash Museum have a ringtone of the show's theme song.
  • One of the villains the future recording of Singh in the Flash Museum mentions is the Red Death, who in the comics was a version of Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse who became a mass-murdering speedster after fusing himself with his universe's Barry Allen.
  • Nora reads a comic of the Flash which has the original Cicada as he appears in the DC comics. The comic is The Flash Vol. 2 #172.
  • Cicada's known bodycount as mentioned in Nora's memory, 152, is nod to the series' repetitive use of the number 52.
  • On the shelves of the Flash Museum gift shop are actual 6" figures from DC Collectibles.
  • In the background of the Flash Museum are actual Flash comic books published by DC. The first are several issues of The Flash #1, published in 2016 as part of DC's acclaimed soft reboot, Rebirth. The issue marked Joshua Williamson's very first issue on the series, and began an arc that introduced the speedster villain Godspeed.
  • In Grace's mind an adult version of Grace who's in fact Cicada is shown. it would mean that the Cicada who reappear in 2024 (as mentioned by the exhibit in the Hall of Villains in Nora's memory) would be Grace rather than Orlin.
  • When Barry is teaching Nora to skate, a banner can be seen with the name of the ice rink "Bannin Family Ice". In the comics, the real name of one of XS's teammates in the Legion of Superheroes, Polar Boy, is Brek Bannin.
  • Grace is one of the youngest meta-humans to be featured in the entire Arrowverse.
  • Sherloque, a Francophone, who frequently inserts French phrases into his conversations, pronounces the name of a French Canadian city, Montreal, in English. Although he has a French accent while speaking English, he says phonetically “MUN-tree-all” (English pronunciation) instead of “MON-ree-el” (French pronunciation).
  • Sherloque mentions the "comatose patients of the Summerholt Institute". This is a reference to the television Smallville where the Summerholt Neurological Institute is a research facility that focuses on abnormal cranial activity.