The memory flasher,[1] also called the flash gun or simply the flasher (at times referred to as a flashy thing[2]), is a device used by the Legends and the Time Bureau to erase memories of individuals when they've witnessed things they shouldn't have in order to keep history intact.


When Rip Hunter recruited the eight people who would later form the original Legends (Sara LanceMartin SteinJefferson JacksonCarter HallKendra SaundersMick RoryLeonard Snart, and Ray Palmer), he used this device to knock each of them unconscious, subsequently taking them to a rooftop in Star City where he explained his mission to the group when they awoke.[3]

After the Legends defeated the Legion of Doom and returned Damien Darhk and Snart back to their proper places in time, both had their memories erased with the memory flasher.[4]

After escaping from Grodd and finding Isaac Newton is still onboard the Waverider, Mick flashed him before returning Newton to his own time.[5]

After the Nazi invasion of Barry and Iris's wedding, Mick mentions that all of the wedding guests had their memories erased and everyone's secret identity remained a secret.[6]

In the simulation that Zari was trapped in, Mick Rory is seen using the Flasher to erase a song stuck in his head. Amaya then takes the Flasher and uses it with Nate to erase their memories of making out on the Waverider. After Zari gets back to the real world, it's revealed that Nate and Amaya had actually been using the Flasher, to which Zari advises them that this was only a temporary solution.[1]

Barack Obama was flashed several times, first to erase his memory of being attacked by Grodd, and a second time when Sara consults him for what to do about Mallus and the Time Bureau before erasing his memory of the conversation they just had. It's also implied that the senior Amaya had her memories erased by the flasher as she does not remember Nate.[7]

After finding out the truth about Ava Sharpe, Gary mentions that he is terrible at keeping secrets, so Ray takes him to get flashed.[8]

After the fight with Mallus, Time Bureau agents erase the memories of multiple people who had ended up in Salvation. Later before Amaya is returned to her village in Zambesi, Nate planned on erasing her memories but Amaya requested she be allowed to remember them.[9]

After John Constantine's boyfriend Desmond was freed from Neron, John offered Desmond the opportunity to use a memory flasher to make the latter forget his time in hell, but Desmond refused, stating that it was something both he and John were going to have to live with and broke up with him.[10]


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