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"We protected the humans of this city by killing a monster. Not even Supergirl could do that."
George Lockwood

"Menagerie" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventy-seventh episode overall. It aired on February 17, 2019.




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A couple of criminals making their escape from their large heist end up in a fender bender brought about by a mysterious fireball. The female traveler gets out to examine and is immediately overpowered by a type of outsider animal. It's a fascinating opening shot to the Valentine's Day merriments, which J'onn and the Danvers sisters are celebrating in J'onn's new private examination office back in National City. He before long gets his first customer, an outsider who thinks her significant other has been hijacked.

Colonel Haley returns and the examination at the scene uncovers that it wasn't a space rock by any stretch of the imagination, however whatever occurred there actually won a man's love - a similar man who was driving the vehicle. His female associate is mysteriously absent.

J'onn's customer ends up being the spouse of the Director of Alien issues and the two his examination and Alex's into the outsider executioner turn towards gems, putting them on a comparable track. Lockwood's child likewise winds up on a similar track, sending an abhor message out to the Children of Liberty at his dad's command to pursue the outsider danger.

Alex, Kara, J'onn, and Brainy end up at the condo of Pamela Ferrer, a lady's whose DNA is found at the latest crime scene. They show up and find that the alien is a symbiote that has merged with Pamela, turning into an being calling itself Menagerie. It assaults the them, and getaways. Somewhere else, Nia dreams about Supergirl confronting Menagerie.

Everything comes to a peak at a Valentine ball with the Children of Liberty, the DEO, and Supergirl all appearing to confront Menagerie. Menagerie's Symbeasts are about to kill Supergirl when Nia, in her first outing as Dreamer, appears that makes the difference. However it's Ben Lockwood's child, George, who stops Menagerie, giving the Children of Liberty a colossal and profoundly promoted win.

Toward the finish of the scene, Lena accepts a call from an obscure guest and just says "I'm in" while in Washington D.C., the President has Ben Lockwood discharged from jail, successfully agreeing with a psychological militant gathering to take up arms against aliens. In prison, Menagerie gets a letter from Manchester Black and it's revealed, she despite everything, has her alien symbiote with her.




  • Menagerie is a name shared by two anti-heroines in the DC Universe, both members of The Elite. They are Pamela and Sonja, two Puerto Rican sisters who are linked with a symbiotic alien weapon crèche called symbeasts. Pamela first appears in Action Comics #775 (March 2001). She gained her powers through unknown means and is recruited by Manchester Black into the Elite. Sonja first appears in JLA #100 (August 2004).
    • Interestingly enough, the original version of Menagerie from DC Comics was inspired by Venom, but the character was meant to be a parody rather than an outright rip-off. First appearing in Superman #775 in March 2001, Menagerie was part of a new superhero team called the Elite who challenged Superman's morality by claiming that they were the better heroes because they would use lethal force if they had to. Superman tried to teach the Elite a better way, before ultimately facing the entire team in a duel where he proved that he could subdue them all without violating his ethics. Now considered to be one of the greatest Superman stories of all time, the issue was later adapted into an animated movie, Superman vs. the Elite.
      • This episode shares many similarities to the marvel villain and movie Venom. The episode also depicted Pamela referring to herself and the symbiote in the plural ("We... are... Menagerie!"), the symbiote communicating with Pamela as a raspy voice only she could hear, and the symbiote manifesting as a series of snake-like tentacles.
  • Referencing Lena's advice from "Ahimsa", Brainy recommends Nia to seal a painful memory (her mother's death) into small boxes, but Nia refuses, wanting to grieve at her own pace. The advice about a mind-box also appeared in Black Lightning.
  • In the scene where Ben Lockwood is released from prison, a supporter is seen holding a sign that reads, "Being human is not a crime". Ben's actor, Sam Witwer, previously starred in the American adaptation of the BBC series of the same name, Being Human.
  • The fear of, or aversion to, snakes is called ophidophobia, and is a sub-class of herpetophobia, the fear of, or aversion to, reptiles.
  • When POTUS looks at an anti-alien protest on TV, the actual footage is from a pro-independence Catalan protest in Spain, where the Catalan flags can be seen.


  • Menagerie in prison receives a letter from Manchester Black. His wax seal on the envelope flap is unbroken. No prison would deliver a letter to an inmate without first opening the letter to verify the contents of the envelope.