Mercury Labs is a company located in Central City.


Roderick Smith was held in suspended animation in Mercury Labs since he was hurt when a lightning blast produced by the Flash interacted with his weapon's discharge.[1]

Barry with blue lightning

Using an interview with Tina McGee as an alibi, "Iris" and "Kamilla" went here searching for the Prismatic refractor; however, as they located it, Sunshine broke in and grabbed the item which was formerly owned by McCulloch Technologies. Though "Iris" called upon the Flash to stop the Black Hole assassin, Frost initially arrived. As the two battled, the Flash arrived but suddenly collapsed, leaving the peeved Frost, angered that the Flash was there at all, vulnerable to attack. She sustained a major wound and would have been killed if not for the arrival of Joe West and the police. Sunshine opted to leave victorious in battle, but without the prismatic refractor, rather than to continue to fight.[2]

Members of Team Flash extracted Roderick Smith from Mercury Labs in order to cure him so that they could get help from his lover Hartley Rathaway against the power of Godspeed.[1]


The Flash

Season 6


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