"Only the finest ingredients go into this rich cream, which moisturizes and takes years off your complexion."
—Mermaiden's tagline[src]

Mermaiden is a high-end moisturizing skin scream made with real crushed mother-of-pearl. It is carried in only four boutiques in Star City.


Mermaiden's proprietary formula is ethylparaben and sodium lauryl sulfate. The cream is made with crushed mother-of-pearl and is marketed for women with extremely delicate complexions.[1]


The serial killer known as "The Dollmaker" would target women who used Mermaiden due to their skin by staking out one of the boutiques which sold the cream. He captured and killed a total of 10 women who used this product.

Upon discovering The Dollmaker's M.O., Felicity Smoak, on behalf of Team Arrow, bought Mermaiden from all the boutiques in the city which sold it in an attempt to draw him out.[1]



Season 2

Season 6


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