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  • I live in Nova Chrysalia
  • My occupation is a donut eater and all-around geek
  • I am a chocobo/part-time timeline caretaker (literally) and frequent grammar gestapo (meaning I'm usually annoying)
  • Bio This one-of-a-kind chocobo is a disorganized geek. It continually leaps from realm (wiki) to realm, as if it runs on unlimited caffeine fuel and has ADHD (it does).
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  • I had recently added the power Retrocognition to the List of powers page, but some of its users, specifically Charlie and Damien Darhk, seem to get this power from more mythical means. Should this power be added to List of magical powers as well? I also don't know how the power linking system works when another list besides the main one gets involved.

    Also, I'm not sure what the Similar known powers section is, I messaged the person who seems to have created it but got no response.

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