aka Digimonking

Failed this city
  • I live in Other world
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Bowling
  • I am male
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  • I hope IHHeroes proven me to get me unblocked!

    This is a test for IHeroes!

    If IHHeroes chooses to unblocked me and I will trust him and if he not unblocked me and I won’t trust him.

    If IHHeroes unblocked me get a A+

    If IHHeroes not unblocked me get a F.

    The last time he failed to unblocked early and I give him a F for it. If he unblocked me early and I will raise it to a B.

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    IHHeroes closed this thread because:
    19:03, May 25, 2020
    • This is my plan all along!

      First I being mean to IHHeroes and I will get blocked!

      I will given IHHeroes a chance to unblocked me early since he not do it the last time.

      I could be the smart one because I figured a plan to get IHHeroes to unblocked early.

      I was planning this top message all along!

      The two messages I wrote is just a test!

      I am trying to be faked being means to IHHeroes because that part of my plans.

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  • If IHHeroes hasn’t blocked me in the first place and I won’t goes IHHeroes.

    If Chase McFly see my message on IHHeroes’s message wall but he probably will

    If Chase McFly still care about me or not!

    If IHHeroes hasn’t blocked me three months and I will never been mean to him.

    I think Chase McFly doesn’t care about me anyway!

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    IHHeroes closed this thread because:
    Cannot determine what this says but it still seems like this user still loves cyber bullying
    02:25, May 25, 2020
  • I was hoping to get back to the arrowverse wiki early but didn’t!

    All the good things I did was for for nothing and it break my heart knowing I won’t get second chances or third chances.

    It getting closer to may anyway!

    There is no point of getting unblocked early!

    I learn a lot from my mistakes and I treated users better if they didn’t like it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • It all started in the past that young Barry Allen lost his parents and he is a orphan living in the group house with iris, Wally, and tony. So one day he goes on the Subway and flashing letters that bring him to Rock of Eternity to meet a wizard. The wizard say Barry Allen you are the chosen one and say my name while hold the staff. Barry ask what is your name? The wizard say my name is Shazam. Barry Allen say Shazam transformation into super Shazam hero.

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  • I think Nash Wells will die in episode 20 and it will makes all Wells die as well too.

    I wish I could post this in the flash discussions board but can’t do anything. I can’t make a blogpost about it either.

    I could write a story in a blogpost about the flash if I wanted too.

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