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  • It is clear you have been ignoring Kir and Rival's requests so I have decided to speak to you on the matter of Dinah Redmond and her relation to the Lances as a doppelganger. Whether we actually do end up making Laurel's doppelganger a fixture like with the doppelgangers shown on the post-2012 shows, one thing is for certain. Dinah Lance AKA Laurel's mom isn't a Lance by blood to connect to Dinah Redmond AKA the Dinah Lance of Earth-203 until it is certain who married who for the other's name. Simply put, even if this matter doesn't get solved, that should be the case.

    Now for my case for why it should. I have two proposals for how we could connect the two pages based on the characters being doppelgangers of each other, but first I have to explain why they are. Dinah Redmond is a relative of Carolyn Lance and therefore is a Lance herself just like Laurel. Even being able to have the potential for the Canary Cry power known for both of them. That being said, these are my two proposals for it.

    1. We simply make Dinah Redmond a multiversal counterpart of Laurel instead of a doppelganger. It's a similar case to the others we've had in that page where they are just similar enough, but with no explanation for why they are so different like with Brandon Routh Superman or with the JWS Flash. It could solve the problem outright without anymore hassle of redirect links for characters with different names.

    2. We make a new redirect. Call it Dinah Laurel Lance. A name that therefore represents both of them. Both of them were called Dinah Lance at some point. Only difference is the lack of the middle name on one Earth.

    Either option would work. I'd wish to communicate with you on this matter further if you have more questions or want to give feedback on what I have given.

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