The meta-human awareness app is an application created by Harrison Wells for the next gen watches and other electronics. It detects the presence of nearby dark matter-empowered meta-humans.


In March 2015, Harrison Wells launched the meta-human awareness app on his next gen watches and other electronics. Just before "Jay Garrick" arrived at the presentation, the app detected his presence.[1]

About eight months later when Harry traveled to Earth-1, he brought the meta-human awareness app with him. During his initial interactions with Team Flash, he subtly used it in proximity to Cisco Ramon. Harry later demonstrated the app to Team Flash and outed Cisco as a meta-human.[2]

In early 2016 when Earth-1 Barry Allen posed as his Earth-2 counterpart, Iris West-Allen's meta-human awareness app activated as she kissed him. Later that night, many apps simultaneously activated at Jitterbugs, alerting the patrons to the presence of Killer Frost and Deathstorm just before they arrived.[3]

Harry fitted his daughter, Jesse Wells, with his next gen watch as insurance when she was going out clubbing with Team Flash. The watch's meta-human awareness app repeatedly reacted to Barry's presence, prompting Jesse to try and disable it.[4]

In summer 2018, several weeks following the Enlightenment, Nora West-Allen was fitted with a meta app to check if Spencer Young was a meta-human. Once activated in proximity to Spencer, the app confirmed she was not a meta.[5]

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