The Flash uses his super speed

Barry Allen, a notable meta-human and speedster, uses his super speed as the superhero known as The Flash.

A meta-human is an individual who acquired superhuman abilities through a certain means. Most obtained their powers after surviving an explosion caused by a malfunction of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator on December 11, 2013. They were exposed to particles and dark matter that altered their genetic structure, or even atomic structure, giving them a variety of abilities. These abilities seem to often relate to what energy or matter they were directly in contact with at the time of exposure.

On Earth Two, rather than the particle accelerator exploding, Dr. Harrison Wells of that world allowed excess radiation to flow underground, with the first meta-human appearing 11 hours following.[1]

Powers and abilities

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Meta-humans' distinguishing feature is their superhuman powers. This may range from time distortion to elemental manipulation. Additionally, the meta-humans who were affected by the particle accelerator's powers are seemingly influenced by something else they directly encountered while being exposed to the particle accelerator, such as being struck by lightning that contained dark matter (giving electricity-powered super speed), or being submerged in liquid metal while the particle storm hit (giving the power to transform in to solid metal).

Due to their altered physiology certain meta-human powers affect meta-humans differently than normal humans. Barry remained infected by Bivolo when the effects only lasted 5 minutes in a normal person.

The emotional state of a meta-human also has an influence on their powers; reacting and strengthening when the meta-human is in a state of emotional stress.

Known meta-humans

Earth-1 meta-humans


Earth Two meta-humans


Behind the scenes

  • The term "meta-human" essentially refers to a powered human, hence the suffix. However, ironically, Grodd is one such meta-human that is not in fact human that still displays meta-human powers.


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