Meta-tech is an object infused with dark matter, giving it a unique ability similar to meta-humans. These objects could be anything, from high tech innovations (e.g. a cell phone) to rudimentary implements (e.g. an odd-shaped dagger), but they all have to common trait of granting the person who wields them abilities of a meta-human; which, in some cases, were even more powerful than those of the empowered beings themselves.

They were initially created after the Flash and XS destroyed the falling S.T.A.R. Labs satellite, which was imbued with dark matter.


When the the Flash and XS destroyed the falling S.T.A.R. Labs satellite knocked out of orbit by Clifford DeVoe after the Enlightenment failed, the debris, laced with dark matter, rained down on 46 different locations in Central City,[1] with the shrapnel transforming any object it hit into meta-tech.[2]

Known meta-tech


  • Lightning dagger: Enables the user to negate meta-human abilities, generate electricity, and create force-fields. It also enables the user to detect meta-humans and to have a psychic bond with the dagger.
    • Cicada's kukris: Same abilities as the Lightning dagger (without the ability to negate meta-human powers).
  • Spencer Young's phone: Enables the user to hypnotize anyone through written posts about them.
  • Weather staff: Enables the user to control the weather and teleport through lightning.
  • Raya Van Zandt's fob: Enables the user to control vehicles.
  • Mirror gun: Enables the user to transport any object/being into the Mirrorverse.



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