A meta booster was a serum created by Lynn Stewart, with the sole purpose of allowing its users access to specific meta powers. It could also be used to steal powers from other meta-humans.


After taking the meta booster designed by Lynn Stewart, Tyson Sykes was able to take on the powers of other meta-humans.[1]

Lynn modified the meta booster so that only humans can take it in order to avoid a meta-human from using it to stack powers, like Gravedigger did.[2]

To learn the power of Val Seong, Lynn gave Peter Gambi a meta booster based on Val's DNA, causing Gambi to cancel out the powers of Black Lightning's team.[3]

Mayor Tobias Whale gave Chief Ana Lopez a series of meta boosters, which she bestowed to Detective Hassan Shakur to be distributed amongst the Freeland Police task force members for use against Lightning. However, Shakur reminded her of what her late husband did to her brothers after acquiring powers, asking if that is what she wanted her officers to go through. Convinced of his words, Lopez gave Shakur one month to stop Lightning.

In a fit of panic and anger, Chief Lopez used a meta booster.[4]

Known users

Former users

Known powers granted by the serum

  • Flight: Gravedigger used the serum to grant himself the ability to fly.
  • Heat vision: Gravedigger could shoot a red beam of heat from his eyes.
  • Magnetic field generation: Gravedigger could generate a field of magnetic energy around himself to protect from attacks.
  • Radiogenisis: Gravedigger could manipulate various forms of radiation.
  • Superhuman sonic scream: Gravedigger could emit a powerful sonic scream.
  • Telekinesis: Gravedigger could control the gravitation pull of objects, allowing him to levitate and throw them at will.
  • Invisibility: Tobias Whale briefly granted himself the ability to become invisible.

Known powers stolen by the serum

  • Erica Moran's powers: After injecting herself with the serum, Lynn briefly gave herself access to Erica Moran's powers.
    • Kinetic energy absorption: Lynn had the ability to absorb the kinetic energy from anything, such as a punch.
    • Enhanced strength: Lynn's strength was greatly improved, as she was able to attack other meta-humans.
  • Tyson Sykes' powers: Lynn briefly gained access to some of Gravedigger's powers


Black Lightning

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