An unnamed man is a scientist who used Livewire's energy to create super-soldiers with the same abilities.


By his order, Lisa Gold and another accomplice kidnapped Livewire from prison. He endowed them with the same abilities as hers, after which he ordered the attack on the Police Department in order to show that the soldiers he created are able to defeat even Supergirl. Later it turned out that he had put the same experiment on himself and gained the same abilities for electrokinesis, thanks to which he was able to catch the Guardian and Mon-El, who tried to save Leslie. However, Supergirl arrived later and nevertheless released Leslie, after which she wanted to kill the doctor, but Kara persuaded her not to, promising she would wait until the scientist was in jail before she started looking for Leslie.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: As a result of his experiments with electricity and with Leslie, he was able to augment his physiology and allowing him to posses the same abilities as her.
    • Electrokinesis: The man is able to control and siphon electricity, as well as to transform into electricity.


  • Genius-level intellect/Master engineer: The scientist was able to create a machine that would allow someone to have the same powers as Livewire, provided that Livewire be connected to the machine first.



Season 2


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