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"Look at Metropolis. Since Superman's arrival, a veritable super bad guy war has been waged on that city. Their maintenance budgets have quadrupled. National City does not need Metropolis' problems."
Maxwell Lord[src]

Metropolis was a northeastern[1] city in the United States of Earth-38. It was home to several important businesses and corporations, such as the Daily Planet, and, formerly, Luthor Corp. The city was destroyed when an anti-matter wave wiped out the entire universe.



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The Superman Era

Since the arrival of Superman, Metropolis' maintenance budgets had quadrupled due to the collateral damage from his battles.[2]

In 2010, Superman prevented a nuclear meltdown in Metropolis from the Bakerline Nuclear Power Station, saving millions of people.[3]

In 2015, Lex Luthor turned Earth's sun red in an act of eco-terrorism directed at Superman, inducing mass destruction and panic within the city, among other places.[4]

In November 2015, Metropolis hosted the ceremony for the Siegel Prize for Women in Media, honoring Cat Grant.[5]

In October 2016, Project Cadmus launched dual attacks on Metropolis and National City, with the second Metallo destroying Krypton Park before being defeated by Superman and Martian Manhunter.[6]

In March 2019, Metropolis was one of the cities host to a peaceful protest in response to the Children of Liberty's anti-alien movement.[7]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Some civilians from Metropolis might had been among the 3 billion to survive the Anti-Monitor's attack on Earth-38, which resulted in the complete destruction of the city along with the rest of the universe, thanks to Oliver Queen's sacrifice.[8] However after Earth-1 was destroyed, what remained of their citizens were killed by an Antimatter wave.[9]


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  • The weather in Metropolis tends to be stormy.[10]

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