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Mexico City was the capital city of the country of Mexico. The city was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, along with the rest of Earth-38.[1]


When Kara calls Nia wanting an update on any information regarding William, she is given the name Elena Torres. So Kara travels to Mexico City to find her. When she arrives at the city, Kara finds out to there was a car crash and Torres died. She also sees William before he gets into a car driven by an unknown individual. Kara notices the license plate and sends Nia a photo of it. Nia calls Kara and informs her that Elena was the lead accountant for Obsidian Worldwide.

Nia also tells Kara about Sergio Ramos, a member of Intergang, and the driver of the car William left the scene in. After finding Elena Torres's apartment, Kara finds a piece of paper with a series of numbers written on it. Kara is met by an woman who is under the impression that Kara is Elena Torres and tries to kill her throwing her out the window. Kara returns in her Supergirl suit. Then, after almost suffocating, is able to arrest the woman and bring her into the D.E.O. in the United States.[2]

Later, a D.E.O. facility in New Mexico is invaded by Rip Roar.[3]

Known individuals

Known residents

Former residents

  • Sergio Ramos
  • Elena Torres (deceased)




Season 5