"There should always be at least one Green Arrow."
Oliver Queen to Mia Smoak[src]

A suit was presumably created by Oliver Queen for Mia Smoak to act as his successor of the mantle of Green Arrow.


This is a similar coloured suit to the Green Arrow suits, however, smaller as Oliver claimed he doesn't think it fits him. This suit doesn't include a hood nor a mask unlike the Green Arrow suits.


The suit was given to Mia during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. Oliver claimed that "there should always be at least one Green Arrow. Mia later wore it during the Evacuation of Earth-38 and the trip to Earth-18.[1][2]



  • High-density kevlar armor: According to the suit being designed with similar capabilities as the Green Arrow suits. The suit is possibly composed of a kevlar-based material with a leather appearance. 
  • Equipment holsters: Lining the suit's shoulders straps are several miniature canisters that all contain different agents for numerous situations.
  • Quiver: The back of the suit holds on a quiver. Like the Green Arrow suits, this quiver can be detached from the suit and be used separately with no restrictions. It seems to be composed of a metallic substance and can hold several more arrows than before, though the exact maximum is unknown.
  • Kevlar sleeves: As Oliver added kevlar sleeves to his Green Arrow suits to prevent being cut or sliced on his arms, this suit possibly also has this function.

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