Miami is a major city in the state of Florida in the United States.


Sometime prior to 1987, Damien Darhk started operating in Miami's drug trade, exchanging narcotics for historical relics acquired through illicit means by the city's gangs. In 1987, Eobard Thawne interrupted an exchange between Darhk and one of Miami's gangs; in order to get Darhk's attention, Thawne murdered everyone at the exchange aside from Darhk himself, including Darhk's own men. He then convinced Darhk to assist him in his plans to disrupt a nuclear disarmament summit in Washington, D.C..[1]

After his defeat, Sara Lance returned Darhk to Miami in 1987, where Thawne plucked him from, to resume his timeline and erased his memories.[2]



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