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Father Michael is a priest and a friend of Jay Allen.


Early life

At some point, Father Michael became friends with Jay Allen.

Helping the homeless

When the homeless started to disappear, Michael went to the precinct to report those events and meet Barry Allen the brother of Jay. He talks about those events to Garfield, but he can't start an investigation based on a rumor. Later, he brought a crow of angry homeless to force the police to start an investigation but one of them took a gun and somehow this incident was prevented. To the lab, he brought Charlie and Sam to testify about the homeless disappearance and once it's done, he leaves. Later, when Barry Allen brought Sam's body to the morgue, he and Charlie come to ID him. Later, he has a talk with Barry about how Charlie lost everything to the point he became homeless.[1]

Wayne Cotrell execution

Weeks later, he went to Wayne Cotrell's cell to obtain his testimony but he states that he is innocent and Michael tells him that he will pray for him. Later, at his execution, when he is about to be fried, the Flash shows up and releases him. Michael stops the guards from shooting the Flash, and they realized that he brought an alive Linda Lake before Wayne's brother Elliot takes a gun but is stooped by the Flash before being arrested.[2]

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, his fate remains unknown.[3]


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