"Street name's 'Murmur' because of the whole lip stitch thing. Practitioners say it focuses the mind, like meditation."
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Michael Amar, known by his street name Murmur, is a criminal who was wrongly imprisoned in Iron Heights Prison for giving a false confession. After being released, he became a professional thief and enemy of Team Arrow. Later after being freed from prison by Damien Darhk, he briefly allied with the organization H.I.V.E..


Before Iron Heights

Sometime ago, Michael Amar was beaten by police, forced to confess to a crime that he didn't commit, and in turn served some time in Iron Heights Prison.[1]

Release from Iron Heights Prison and criminal activities

In early 2015, Amar was released from prison. Since his mouth was sewn shut, he received the nickname "Murmur." He and his gang set out to rob diamond bullets which could penetrate police armor. The Arrow, Arsenal, and Black Canary arrived and tried to stop Murmur and his gang, but they got away with most of the diamond bullets. Later, Murmur and his gang stormed the police station where the diamond bullets came to their advantage. Murmur confronted Captain Quentin Lance and started to strangle him, but The Arrow shot him in the shoulder. Meanwhile, Arsenal, Black Canary, Nyssa al Ghul, and the rest of the police defeated Murmur's gang. Murmur managed to escape the station and killed an incoming police officer. He then removed the arrow shot in his shoulder and started to flee the scene of the crime. However, The Arrow intercepted and fought him. Murmur attempted to strangle The Arrow, but was knocked out by him moments later. He was then sent back to Iron Heights Prison. Ra's al Ghul later killed all but one of Murmur's surviving gangsters.[1]

Allying with H.I.V.E.

In Iron Heights, Murmur and two new members of his gang assaulted the powerless Damien Darhk when he first arrived. Later though, Darhk made contact with Murmur's grandmother and threatened to kill her if Murmur didn't help him. Murmur subsequently turned on his gang members and stabbed them to death with a shiv to save Damien.[2]

On Damien's orders, Murmur passed out books containing shivs to many other inmates of Iron Heights. Once Malcolm Merlyn freed Damien, Murmur and the other inmates broke out with the shivs and killed many guards, before escaping with Damien and Merlyn in a breakout.[3]

Murmur became Damien's right-hand man upon his return to H.I.V.E., and witnessed his killing of Milo Armitage and Phaedra Nixon.[4] Damien later sent Amar and Danny Brickwell to kill Noah Kuttler in order to prevent him from stopping Genesis, but Kuttler was saved by Team Arrow. Amar and Brickwell were sent to battle Team Arrow a second time, but the two were defeated again.[5] It is unknown what became of Amar after the battle but it can be assumed he was taken back into custody along with Brickwell.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Amar is in great shape. During his fights, he used his strength to strangle his opponents. 
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Amar can handle himself very well in a street-fight. He was able to defeat and nearly kill Quentin Lance. Even with a shot shoulder, Amar was able to momentarily pin down the Arrow and secure him in a firm stranglehold until he was knocked away by his opponent. 



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Murmur is traditionally an enemy of The Flash. A doctor-turned-serial-killer, suffering from schizophrenia and going crazy due to the voices in his head, he went on his killing spree and involuntarily confesses his crimes. He cut out his own tongue and sewn his mouth shut after his arrest, to prevent incriminating himself again in the future. He also has a uniquely toxic blood type that makes him immune to euthanization and allows synthesizing of a virus out of it.


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