Michael Ancona is an alcoholic and the abusive ex-boyfriend of Erica Vendel. He was arrested by the Starling City Police Department, courtesy of Laurel Lance during her fledgling vigilantism.


Michael had eight charges of assault against him in Starling City, along with warrants for his arrest in areas as far off as Coast City for crimes of assault and battery.

In late 2014, Michael began physically abusing his girlfriend, Erica Vendel, months later, this brought him to the attention of Laurel Lance, who listened to Erica's ordeal at AA meetings, the next night as Michael exited a bar, he was attacked by a disguised Laurel with a baseball bat as retribution for hurting Erica. Unfortunately; due to Laurel's lack of combat experience, Michael soon overwhelmed and beat her severely.

Later, Laurel anonymously tipped off the police regarding Michael's presence in Starling City. The SCPD arrested Michael and presumably brought him to Coast City, where the latter would face justice for his crimes.[1]



Season 3


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