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Michael "Mickey K." Kastrinos, also known as Kilovolt, is a criminal in Gotham City.


Kastrinos was incarcerated in Edgewater Prison for criminal activity until Ellis O'Brien offered him an opportunity to get out on good behavior if he attacked Gotham's community centers with energy weapons. Kastrinos accepted and O'Brien let him out briefly to destroy the Sheldon Park Community Center. While Kastrinos was away, the prison's security cameras were looped so the guards thought he was still under arrest.

The next day, he was dubbed "Kilovolt" by the media. A reporter, Horten Spence, had figured out the scheme, so O'Brien sent Kastrinos to kill him, but Batwoman stopped him and Kilovolt had his arm injured in the fight. Kastrinos then returned to prison. The next day, he was visited by Ryan Wilder, who asked about the Kilovolt attacks. However, Kastrinos claimed he didn't know anything and returned to his cell.

After O'Brien's scheme was revealed, Kastrinos probably remained in prison for the duration of his sentence.[1]


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