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Michael Staton (1981–2009)[1] was the fiancé of Helena Bertinelli. He was killed by Nick Salvati upon orders from Helena's father, Frank Bertinelli, who believed Michael was the one gathering evidence to send him to jail. Michael's death prompted Helena to seek revenge against her father and destroy his criminal empire.


Michael Staton worked as a high school English teacher in Starling City. At some point, he fell in love with Helena Bertinelli and the two soon moved in together.

One day in 2009, Michael was giving a lecture to his class on Wuthering Heights when Helena arrived and answered a question on the book. Michael then had some of his students open their books to spell out a message for Helena, asking her to marry him, which she accepted. That afternoon as they left, Helena mentioned that her father, Frank Bertinelli, wanted to throw an engagement party for them. Suddenly, a woman carried an unconscious student outside, who had overdosed on ecstasy pills and was escorted to an arriving ambulance. Michael comforted the woman and was shocked that someone would sell drugs to a student.

At Michael and Helena's engagement party, Frank congratulated the couple and expressed his hope that Michael would join the "family business". Michael declined, explaining that teaching was his calling, before he went off to dance with Helena.

Sometime later one night, Michael arrived home from grocery shopping, expecting Helena. However, Nick Salvati, Frank's right-hand man, shot Michael in the heart, killing him. Helena arrived later that night to find Michael dead, lying in a pool of his own blood.[2]


Upon learning of Frank's role in Michael's death, Helena sought to avenge her fiancé by destroying her father's business before killing him.[2]

Three years after Michael's death, it was revealed that Nick Salvati murdered him on Frank's orders because he had discovered a laptop in the former's possession with incriminating evidence on the Bertinelli crime family, to be handed over to the F.B.I.. Helena was devastated by the revelation, since the laptop actually belonged to her.

Michael's death was partly avenged when Helena killed Nick.[3]



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