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For the time thief from 2123, see Lady Chronos.

"Fire, it's undefinable. Heat. Light. Energy. It's an evolution when things burn."
—Mick Rory[src]

Mick Rory, nicknamed Heat Wave by Cisco Ramon, is a pyromaniac, formerly a sci-fi romance novelist under the pen name Rebecca Silver,[1] the Recluse of Romance,[2] and the former criminal partner/best friend of the late Leonard Snart/Captain Cold; both were adversaries of the Flash, who later became his ally. He is also the boyfriend of Kayla, and the father of Lita and the 48 Necrian childrens.

In January 2016, Mick and Snart were recruited by Rip Hunter into the Legends, a time-traveling team of superheroes dedicated to hunting down Vandal Savage and preventing his uprising in 2166. Considered "supervillains" in comparison to the rest of their team, Mick and Snart were seen as outcasts. Though both initially joined to exploit the potentials of time travel, Snart came to be genuine about the cause whereas Mick did not, leading to a falling out between them when Mick betrayed the team to time pirates for his own safety. As a result, Snart was forced to maroon Mick in an unknown time period, but he was found by the Time Masters and brainwashed into becoming a temporal bounty hunter named Chronos. Under this guise Mick traveled back in time and hunted down his old team during their initial ventures through time, but was eventually exposed and captured by the Legends who reformed him. Mick continued to be a reluctant member of the team after becoming a target of the Time Masters for his failure. After Snart's sacrifice to save him and end the corrupted Time Masters, Mick finally became genuine about the cause too. After aiding in Savage's death Mick decided to remain on the team.

For the next 6 months Mick aided the team in correcting aberrations to the timeline, though still partook in thieving whenever possible, eventually encountering Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and his team. Recently Mick has begun to display amicable affections for fellow team member and JSA war hero Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, which has caused him to question his place on the team having been both a hero and a villain in the manifestation of a hallucination of Snart's criminal self. After encountering a version of Snart, from a point in the timeline prior to joining the Legends, recruited him into the Legion of Doom, Mick came to believe the Legends never valued him and he sided with the Legion, allowing them to obtain the Spear of Destiny and rewrite reality. However, in the new reality Mick, who retained his knowledge of how reality had been before using the Spear, made the right decision and sided with the Legends when he realized that his real place was with them.

After the defeat of the Legion of Doom, Mick remained on the team to continue protecting the timeline. When the Legends went up against the demon Mallus, Mick was made the bearer of the Fire Totem. After the defeat of the demon, Mick returned his totem to Kuasa. After that, Mick and the Legends had assisted by the Time Bureau are tracking magical creatures once locked in the same prison as Mallus and this is concluded by the majority of the fugitives arrested or rehabilitated in the amusement park Heyworld.

After Crisis, Mick passed his mantle of Rebecca Silver to Mona Wu. During a mission to 2004, Mick met his old flame Ali, with whom he quickly rekindled a romance and unknowingly fathered a child.[3]

Mick and the rest of the Legends began searching for Sara, who had been kidnapped by aliens. While search to Sara, Mick met a Necrian, Kayla, with whom he would have sex. Mick saved Sara from Pliny X19 and later found out that he was pregnant by Kayla. After giving birth to their children, Mick and the others teamed up with Kayla to stop Bishop. Mick and the others managed to defeat Bishop and his army of Zagurons. After the battle, Mick left the Legends to care for his children with Kayla.

Months later, Mick would reunite with his former Legends friends to rescue his children from Kayla's family in Necria, but understanding the situation, Mick remained on good terms with his in-laws.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

At a young age, Mick developed a fascination and obsession with fire. At some point he started a criminal career and went to juvenile detention.

At some point Mick started an obsession with vampires, and began carrying around a wooden stake, waiting to kill one.

In 1986, while at juvie, he met 14-year-old Leonard Snart. Mick stepped in when the older boys started beating Leonard up and has been standing up for him ever since.[4]

In 1989, Mick graduated from Central City High School. Despite still being in juvie at the time of its senior prom, he was originally going to break out and attend it with Ali, a girl from his class that he had previously been exchanging letters with, as his date. However, he cancelled it and ended up not going.[5]

Targeted by the Pilgrim[]

Young Mick sees his house burn

Mick Rory looks on at his burning house.

In 1990, he accidentally set his house on fire and rushed to safety without warning his parents, which led to them being killed. At a safe distance, Mick watched in horror of what he did and fascination of the flames, but was soon approached by the The Pilgrim, who sought to kill him. However, The Atom arrived to save Mick and the Legends brought him to the Waverider, claiming to work for a secret organization called A.R.G.U.S.. Mick was kept in the cargo bay and soon joined by a 19-year-old Sara Lance from 2007. He attempted to flirt with her, only to be slapped in the face. Sara's future self from 2016 came to discipline them. Later, Mick and Sara tried to find a way out but were stopped by Mick's older self from 2016. He and Sara were then placed in charge of a baby Leonard Snart from 1972.

Mick, Sara, Leonard, and the other younger versions of the Legends were later relocated to The Refuge under Mary Xavier's care. While there, Mick started to play with his matches but was scolded by his older self for being reckless and getting his family killed, and threatened to kill him if he tried anything foolish. However, younger Mick noted that he sounded just like their father, causing the older Mick some discomfort. Later, Mick's older self apologized for his earlier outburst, accepting that what they did was an accident. Mick was advised by his older self to be better than him.

After the The Pilgrim was defeated, Rip Hunter returned Mick and the other younger members of the Legends to the timeline. Mick was presumably given an amnesia pill to erase his memory of what happened and keep his future intact.[6]

Life of crime[]

In 2014, Mick was working on a job with Snart, but it went wrong and half of Mick's body was burnt in a resulting fire. While being taken to the hospital for medical attention, Mick escaped from the ambulance and fled. it's hinted by Snart that Mick's obsession with fire and his temperamental personality caused the job to fail. It also caused the two to suffer a falling out that resulted in Snart severing contact with Mick for months. [7]

Teaming up with Captain Cold[]

Later that year, Snart gave him a handheld flamethrower and offered to work a few more jobs with him in Central City. Mick, pleased at the offer and the Heat gun, gladly accepted.[8] Snart had Mick learn how to fix up the flamethrower when needed, which proved handy.[7]

The two men began by crashing through a frozen door in to a building. Snart had hoped to wait for The Flash, rather than steal the expensive cars inside, though he failed to appear, resulting in them leaving the scene. Back at their base, Snart revealed his plan to steal an expensive painting, Fire & Ice, to Mick, which was being brought back to Central City by Osgood and Rachel Rathaway. Sometime later, the men intercepted the couple as they were leaving their plane with the painting, requesting that they call the cops.

When the police arrived, Snart attempted to use his cold gun to freeze them, though it was no match against their specially-made shields. Instead, Mick showed himself, instead using his handheld flamethrower to burn them. He was momentarily mesmerized by the flames, but he was stopped when Detective West shot through his gun from afar. They returned to their base, where Mick began fixing the minor damage. Snart quickly approached him with his gun pointed towards him, arguing that his obsession with fire would get the better of him, as with their previous job. Mick in turn pointed his flamethrower back, rebutting that Leonard was just as obsessed, but with precision on their heists. Mick wished to simply stop at the painting, but Snart wished to further kill The Flash. He reasoned with Mick, who decided to burn Fire & Ice and continue on.

Caitlin Kidnapped

Heat Wave and Captain Cold hold Caitlin Snow hostage.

Realizing that The Flash had partners, they tracked down Caitlin Snow. They took her to their hideout and recorded an ultimatum for The Flash, asking him to come to a location at sundown. Mick tied up Caitlin, who remarked upon his third-degree burns over his body. He claimed to have had fire reveal his "true self". He wanted to uncover her true self, but was stopped by Snart, who planned to leave. Mick gagged Caitlin and placed a bomb attached to a tripwire under her seat. At the crossroads of their meeting with The Flash, they began shooting, missing him almost every time. However, they were able to hit him, knocking him down. Before he could be killed, Detective Eddie Thawne intervened with an element-proof shield. The Flash rushed him to safety and returned, deciding to take the blasts. He led the two beams towards each other, cancelling each other out and knocking the men away from The Flash. From there, they were arrested and taken back to the Central City Police Department. Mick attempted to escape, but was held back. They were soon on their way to Iron Heights Prison, before Leonard's plan came in to affect. The truck was intercepted and the back doors were opened by Leonard Snart's sister.[7]

Heat Wave and Captain Cold fight The Flash

Heat Wave and Captain Cold engage The Flash.

When Snart decided to take a more firm hand in Central City, he and Mick Rory decided to try and target one of the major crime families. In an alternate turn of events when Barry Allen had stopped the Weather Wizard by going back in time, it led to Rory and Snart taking out one of the heads of the Central City mob and took up residence in his house. They then realized that they needed to get their guns back so they used Lisa Snart to lure Cisco back to the house. Rory went off and kidnapped his brother Dante Ramon and Cisco was forced to cooperate. He then went on to not only re-make the Heat and Cold Guns but also make a new gun for Lisa Snart that fired and cocooned its targets in solid gold. When the Ramon brothers tried to escape, Rory went on to punish Dante in front of Cisco before Snart told him to back off. Later, he went with Snart and his sister to hit a money shipment but they were thwarted by the Flash who had taken Snart. However, he was forced to let them all go as now Snart knew the Flash's true identity and would leak it out if he took them in.[9]

In late 2015 Mick was working a job with Leonard and Lisa. However their father Lewis Snart interfered by kidnapping Leonard and knocking Lisa out as part of his own scheme while Mick finished the job and fled with the money without checking on Lisa's condition or searching for Leonard.

Joining the Legends[]

Aiding Rip Hunter[]
Mick Rory before joining Rip Hunter's Legends

Mick Rory before joining Rip's team.

One year later, in January 2016 Mick and Snart conducted a heist on Central City Bullion exchange and made their escape in a mini-van. Suddenly, they were intercepted by Rip Hunter, who knocked them out took them to Star City alongside the other heroes. Rip recruited the individuals on a mission to prevent Vandal Savage from taking over the world. Initially eager at the opportunity to steal throughout time, Mick and Snart accepted the offer.[10]

Mick betrays his team

Mick betrays the team.

At first, Mick was a helpful member of the team, working alongside the others, but tensions began to arise as time went on, such as when he attempted to stay behind in a possible 2046 (in reality the future of Earth-16) where Star City was conquered by various gangs.[11]

After finding out that he was only recruited by Rip because he was a package deal with Snart, Mick betrayed the team to a group of time pirates that had taken the Acheron and sought to take the Waverider. No longer trusted to be around the team safely, Snart brought Mick to an unknown time period and seemingly shot him with his cold gun,[4] Snart, however, intentionally missed and instead knocked Mick unconscious with the butt of his gun.[12]

As Chronos[]

Mick was found by the Time Masters and brought to the Vanishing Point. Mick was brainwashed and trained over the course of lifetimes, as time in the Vanishing Point works differently than it does on Earth, and eventually became the very bounty hunter he and his former team had been fleeing from, Chronos.[12]


Chronos hunts Rip's team.

When the Rip of 2166 commandeered the Waverider to carry out his plan to recruit his team and stop Vandal Savage, Mick was sent to apprehend him. Having been with the team during Rip's attempts to find and kill Savage, Mick knew exactly where and when to find them. To preserve his own past however, Mick deliberately planned to wait until Snart left his younger self marooned before he killed anyone. Shortly after Rip departed 2016 with the team Mick was sent back to find him. While investigating, he killed two onlookers whom he deemed to not be integral to the timeline. He then traveled back to 1975 in pursuit of Rip, where he found the camouflaged Waverider with only Jax inside.

Mick began an assault on the vessel in an attempt to break through the hull, but was interrupted by Rip, Carter, Kendra, Stein and Ray, along with Aldus Boardman. They were soon joined by Sara, Leonard and his past self. The Atom and Firestorm tried their best to fend him off, before the team were able to time travel away to safety. During the battle, Aldus was dealt a mortal blow by one of Mick's weapons, and he passed away aboard the Waverider shortly after.[13]

Mick later followed the Waverider to 1986 into Soviet Russia during the Legends attempt to foil Savage's plans at creating a Soviet Firestorm. At the same time, a Russian jet intercepted them, which Rip tricked into disabling Mick's ship. Surviving the crash, Mick worked with Time Master Zaman Druce into luring Rip into a trap with a false promise of amnesty. Before Mick could execute Rip, Firestorm and his past self intervened. Druce retreated while Mick stayed to fight Firestorm and his younger self, but as Mick tried to shoot Firestorm he blasted a fire ball at him which knocked him out against a tree. Before falling unconscious however Mick managed to throw a grenade at Firestorm injuring him badly.[14] Mick later pursued the Waverider in the timestream and, the resulting dogfight causing the Waverider to emerge in 2046 Star City as planned.[15]

Mick then tracked the Waverider down in 1958 and began to attack the team while inside. Now that his younger self had been marooned and his past intact, Mick was free to kill them as ordered. The Waverider was then forced to flee, leaving Ray, Kendra and Sara behind.[16] Mick knocked Rip unconscious and captured Snart aboard the Waverider, just as Jax and Stein merged into Firestorm. Back on his ship, he revealed his identity to Snart and his retrieval by the Time Masters and conversion into Chronos after being knocked unconscious by Snart and abandoned. Mick made plans to bring Leonard to 2016 Central City with the intention of killing Lisa in front of him over and over again, before Mick could carry out his plan the team was tracked to Nanda Parbat in 1960.

Leaving Snart handcuffed Mick headed out to kill the team and engaged Rip, Hawkgirl, Atom, Firestorm and Sara in combat where he was ultimately subdued by Atom. Before any further action could happen, Snart (now with his right hand missing after freezing it with his Cold Gun and shattering it to escape his handcuffs) stopped the team and forced the temporal bounty hunter to reveal himself as Mick. Mick lunged for his gun but was knocked out by Sara and woke up in a holding cell aboard the Waverider. Mick vowed to kill everyone once he got out with Rip and the others (minus Snart) believing that they could undo the Time Masters' training and get their old team member back.[12]

In his holding cell, he was visited by Rip and Sara, the former apologized and took the blame for bringing Mick onto the team under false pretenses and the latter encouraging him to repair his partnership with Snart as he was still a loyal friend to Mick despite being sold out. Mick and Snart later get into a fist-fight inside of the cell with Mick overpowering Snart and refusing to kill him despite the promise of getting to take the jump ship and escape to freedom. Mick then warned the team about Hunters, a team of mercenaries working for the Time Masters that lack humanity and will pursue the team, including Mick as he failed to bring them in, and will stop at nothing until they are all dead.[17]


As a member of Rip Hunter's team once again, Mick proved himself an efficient fighter, with additional knowledge of time travel and the Time Masters organization, both of which helped when the team was hunted by the Pilgrim.[6]

He informed the others that the Pilgrim would see that they were all eliminated by targeting their younger selves in the past so that they never were able to be part of the team that Rip formed. The Pilgrim first targeted Mick's younger self just after he had set his own house on fire. They managed to save him but Mick didn't want to be anywhere near his younger self. Jax went on to tell his younger self that they were with A.R.G.U.S. and were protecting him from a high-profile killer which he seemed to buy and Mick wasn't surprised he did as he called him an idiot. He then went with Sara to save her younger teenage self when the Pilgrim attacked her at the Starling Police Station. He then watched in amusement when Sara's younger self slapped his younger self for trying to hit on her.

When they left the team's younger selves with Rip's adopted mother, he found that his younger self had a lit match. He angrily asked where he found that and his younger self told him that there was always one around if you knew where to look. He saw that his younger self was watching the flame and he told him that it was beautiful but pointedly told him that it wasn't as beautiful as a whole house catching on fire with a family still inside. His younger self angrily countered that he didn't want to kill his family but Mick said that he loved fire so much that he played with their father's lighter fluid and found he couldn't control the fire so he ran and saved his own skin. Mick then told his younger self that if anything happened to this place, if it caught on fire then he would find him.

The team then confronted the Pilgrim when she started to capture their loved ones when they stopped her from getting to them. Mick and the others fought against the Pilgrim when they set a trap to trade Rip's younger self for their loved ones. He was frozen in time by the Pilgrim's powers but when young Rip managed to stab her, her hold on them broke and their combined attacks reduced her to ash. Mick then returned to find his younger self trying to hurt himself with a lit match and he told him that it wouldn't make the pain of losing their family go away. He then revealed to him that he was his future self and he finally forgives him for what happened that night with their family. He then tried to tell his younger self to try hard to not be him. He then confessed to the team that he was sure that his talk didn't help but he might as well have tried anyway.

Mick opposed Rip Hunter's decision to bring the captured Vandal Savage to the Vanishing Point before the Time Masters, knowing that the organization would not suffer a "betrayal" and would execute the team's members. This proved true after Druce ordered the Waverider boarded and the crew captured.[18]

Chronos at Vanishing Point

Mick pretends to be under the control of the Time Masters again.

However, the Time Masters had different designs for Mick, wanting to brainwash him into being Chronos once again. Tortured by Declan, Mick managed to keep his sanity, focusing on his feeling of being needed by the team, but pretended to be controlled once again. However, when Declan ordered Mick to shoot Leonard, Mick shot the Time Master himself and crushed his head with a boot. Mick's Chronos suit and its related list of commands was used by Ray Palmer and Gideon to send the entry codes to the Time Masters HQ, disengaging the Waverider from tractor beams. After escaping the captivity, the team formulated a plan to destroy the Oculus device, which allowed the Time Masters to predict and control the timeline, supporting the rise of Vandal Savage. Ray Palmer has set up the Oculus to explode, but realized the need to stay with the device to prevent the failsafe from blocking the explosion. Mick volunteered to stay in Ray's stead, only for Leonard Snart to knock him out and sacrifice his life, destroying the device and killing Druce. On the Waverider, Mick, shaken by the events, discussed Snart's sacrifice with Ray, and vowed to use his newly-gained free will to kill Vandal Savage, putting an end to the Time Masters' plans.[19]

After Rip returned the team to 2016, Mick returned to Central City and returned to his old habit. At one point Mick met a new partner and robbed a bank. Mick killed his partner after the latter wasted ammo to kill a security guard. Upon entering a car, he discovered that his driver is none other than Ray. Ray noted that Mick didn't waste time to fall back into his old habit. Mick told Ray that stealing money made him feel good. The two ultimately agree to finish their job and defeat Savage.[20]

Mick stands over Vandal Savage's body

Mick after killing Savage.

Thanks to Stein, the team discovered that the best way to kill Savage was to return to three different times when Savage practiced a ritual with Thanagarian meteorites. Mick and Atom traveled to 1958, while Atom confronted the Manhawks, Mick confronted Savage in hand-to-hand combat. Mick ultimately came on top and set Savage on fire. After Ray shrunk the meteor, Mick and the former joined Rip and the team in 2021. After discovering the last meteor could destroy the Earth, Rip left with the meteor, planning to sacrifice himself. Mick, however, told Rip he didn't want to lose another friend. After Rip managed to eject the meteor unharmed, Mick called Rip a moron.

Mick traveled back to 2013, where he told Leonard that he considered him to be a hero. Later, Rip told Mick that he would bring him back to this time as a consolation, though Mick said he was fine. After Kendra and Carter bid their farewell, Mick commented that their fresh start would last no more than three months. As Mick and the team made their way to the Waverider, the Waverider from the future came crashing down. A man then emerged, introducing himself as Rex Tyler and noted that Mick from the future told the former to warn them at this particular time.[20]

The Legion of Doom[]

Protecting the timeline[]
Mick Rory in 1637 France attire

Mick in 17th century France.

After defeating the Time Masters and Savage, Mick decided to join the efforts to protect the timeline along with the Rip's team. The team members, now calling themselves the Legends, have embarked on many adventures, dealing with the consequences of historical aberrations that would arise throughout time due to the efforts of time pirates and other rogue time travelers. One such aberration would take the team on an adventure to the 17th century France, where Mick posed as one of the Royal Guard Musketeers to protect the royal family against blaster-wielding assassins, presumably armed by time pirates. Defeating the pirates, Mick grumbled about the fact that he was the only one among the Legends who followed Rip Hunter's orders to a tee and didn't bring any futuristic weaponry to the past, instead leaving his Heat Gun on the ship. (Although, Rip wasn't pleased that Mick'd taken advantage of a chance to steal a necklace from that era, but Mick claimed, "stealing's not screwing up".

Another cataclysmic aberration, related to the "partnership" of Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk, was found in 1942, threatening to prolong World War II to 1947 and already having consequences of it slowly creep into the future of 2016. Mick journeyed on a mission to 1942, intending to stop Nazi agents from kidnapping Albert Einstein. Approaching the famous physicist together with Martin Stein, Mick was amused by Albert's flirtations with two young ladies at the symposium, affectionately calling Einstein "a pig". Together with Stein, Mick brought Einstein to the timeship, deciding to interrogate him. To Mick's further amusement, Einstein found him the smarter of the two for correctly figuring out the Nazis' plans to also kidnap Mileva Maric.

Boasting of his love for burning Nazis, Mick joined the rest of the team in their efforts to save Mileva Maric and stop Damien Darhk for escaping with the bomb. While Mileva was saved, Darhk escaped on a German Navy U-boat, intending to destroy New York City with an atomic bomb. The Legends hopped onto the Waverider and had their ship intercept the missile impact, but not before getting time-scattered on emergency. Mick himself was placed by Rip Hunter in time stasis and left aboard the ship, hoping that one day in the future the Waverider would be salvaged, allowing Mick to wake up from stasis and resume his search for other team members.

Rip Hunter's gambit proved correct in the year 2016, when Dr. Nate Heywood, a promising historian, noticed the historical discrepancies and recruited Oliver Queen to help him salvage the submerged Waverider. The two found Mick stranded on the ship, still sleeping in time stasis after 74 years, and woke him. On instinct, Mick attacked Oliver after waking up, but calmed down and retold the duo his story. Oliver then suggested that Nate should join Mick in their search for other Legends, stranded throughout time. Their search proved successful, and the team was rescued.

Mick, Martin and Nate talk to Albert Einstein

Mick, introducing himself to Albert Einstein as "CIA".

Deciding to safeguard the Einsteins from further kidnapping attempts, the Legends travel back to before the 1942 symposium and decided to approach Albert Einstein as government agents. Mick introduced himself as CIA, before being corrected by Nate as OSS. Mick told Einstein "don't be a jerk", requesting him to recognize his ex-wife's scientific accomplishments before the public. Einstein happily complied, prompting the United States to place heavy protection on both him and Mileva.[21]

However, this alerted the JSA, who detained them under the suspicion of being spies. Nate was able to diffuse the tension by explaining he was Commander Steel's grandson. Mick was quick to point out he was different from the rest of the team as he wasn't a hero, but a thief. Despite their differences, both teams managed to defeat Baron Krieger, who had gotten a hold of a biomolecular enhancer that turned him into a hulking monster. Nate suffered internal damage, but was saved by a dose of the serum, which Ray had altered to have more subtle effects.

While in flight on the Waverider, Mick was getting something to eat in the kitchen; he found himself in a headlock with a knife to his throat. Mick pointed out this was an overreaction to him eating the last of the mayo, quickly trying to subdue his attacker; it turned out to be Vixen from the JSA. Pinned, Mick was almost killed, but was saved thanks to Nate, who had gained the ability to transmute his body into living metal. Imprisoning Vixen in the brig, Mick learned that she blamed him for Rex's murder; as "time traveler" was his last word, and the fact an artifact was missing, Vixen decided Mick was the only one who could have done it. However, both Mick and Sara explained it wasn't him, and that Rex's killer must be found and stopped, instead of trying to go in a pointless loop of saving him (as the killer would just keep going further back in time to kill him each time they stopped him).

Searching for Rip[]
Mick Rory in 1641 feudal Japan attire

An overjoyed Mick learns ninjas are real.

When Ray and Nate fell out of the ship and into the temporal zone, they ended up falling into Feudal Japan. Mick argued with Vixen, telling her that he would risk his life to save them as they would do the same for him; he also voiced his belief that they would find ninjas in Japan. Sara backed him up, due to her past with the League of Assassins. Much to Mick's joy, he found out that the shogun had ninjas under his command; he asked them not to fight as would feel bad about burning them.

Defeating them, Mick meet back up with the rest of the Legends, who had defeated the shogun by detonating Ray's suit. Enjoying a meal again, Amaya surprised him with a throwing star. She told him it was a souvenir from their adventure, to prove ninjas are real. Like a kid at Christmas time, Mick instantly began staring at his new toy.

Tracing a distress signal to the Civil War, the Legends found an empty time ship; Mick promptly burned it to prevent any damage to the timeline They found a free man named Henry Scott being chased by Confederate soldiers, who had become zombies. The Legends destroyed the zombies, with Mick somehow getting bitten in the process. Unfortunately, Henry was badly wounded in the scuffle and died; Jax took on his identity to preserve the timeline, by delivering the documents to Ulysses S. Grant, and when the General asked his name, Jax said his name was Henry Scott. Confined in the Waverider, Mick showed a great deal of trust in Ray, asking him to work on a cure for the infection. Succumbing to the zombification, Mick was locked in the med bay, but somehow escaped and began wondering the ship in search of Ray and Stein. They created an antidote, which was deliver to Mick view a fire-extinguisher. As the cure took time to bring him to his senses, Mick pinned Stein. Once back to normal, Mick was worried if he was trying to kiss the professor; Stein laughed it off.

Ray Palmer and Mick Rory stealing Ronald Reagan's jelly beans

Mick encouraged Ray Palmer to steal Ronald Reagan's jelly beans.

Ray later visited him, with Mick thankful for his help; Palmer continued on about how he didn't have anything to contribute to the team without the A.T.O.M. Exosuit. Mick assured him being an outsider allowed people like them more freedom in what they do and say. Taking the Cold gun out, Mick told Ray that he was looking for a new partner, and the gun belonged to the greatest outsider he ever knew.Mick tried helping Ray learn how to use the Cold Gun; Ray believed that he needed to upgrade it to suit him. However, Mick told him that the gun wasn't the problem; it was Ray's inability to access his inner darkness. Once he could do that, wielding the gun would be easy; Mick was then left impressed with Ray's response of threatening to ice him if he called him "Haircut" again.

Going to the White House in the 1980s, the team was to subdue Damien Darhk, who was attempting to sabotage president Reagan's attempt to disarm both the US and Russia's nuclear weapons for the sake of his Genesis plan. During the White House tour, Mick encouraged Ray to steal jelly beans kept for the president; when offered some, Mick happily accepted. However, when it came to fighting off the Secret Service, Ray ignored Mick's warnings to not cross the streams, knocking them both back. In the end, MIck realized that he couldn't force Ray to be Snart, telling him to be himself. This helped Ray with disarming a bomb Darhk had left.

The Legends soon learned that a new time aberration had occurred in the Wild West. Half of the United States was now Turnbull Country. The time returned to Jonah Hex's time, where they saved him from Turbull's men and got him up to speed with Rip's disappearance. Hex told them that the Turnbull gang had gotten access to new ammunition, which was more powerful than what should be available in the 1800s. It turned out that a time pirate was tracing a large deposit of Dwarf star alloy, and was killed for his detector by Turnbull.

Mick Rory in 1874 Wild West attire

Mick sharing crime stories with Turbull.

Mick was tasked with getting Turnbull to divulge information, but instead got along with him due to being a fellow outlaw; he even shared some funny stories about his failed crimes with him. Amaya was forced to step in, and get him to leave. Getting scolded for not following the plan, Mick told her that he was just a beast that liked to watch the world burn.The team later prevented Turnbull from sealing off the West, getting Ray new material to rebuild his A.T.O.M. Exosuit, along with the Steel suit. Amaya later told Mick that she had experience with dealing with beasts; she encouraged him to accept the beast inside him, but not let it take him over.

The heroes take on the Dominators in a final showdown

Mick and the Legends team up with Flash, Spartan, Green Arrow and Supergirl to bring down the Dominators.

The Legends received a distress call from Team Flash in 2016. Leaving Steel and Vixen to guard the Waverider, the original members of the Legends meet at the S.T.A.R. Labs hanger with both Team Flash and Team Arrow. Flash had even brought an ally from Earth 38, the alien hero Supergirl. It turns out that the Earth was being threatened by the alien race known as the Dominators.

After some setbacks, which left some of their team members unfit for fighting, the heroes of Earth learned the Dominators killed anything they deemed could be a possible threat to their race, which included meta-humans. While Firestorm destroyed the bomb targeting the metahuman population, the rest of the team used nano-tech developed by Lily Stein to give painful shocks to the Dominators. The aliens fled Earth and Mick, along with the rest of the group was honored as one of the mightiest heroes of the planet.

The Legion[]

The team next went to Chicago in the 1920s, after finding out Al Capone wasn't sent to jail for tax evasion. At the same time, Mick began seeing visions of Leonard Snart, who mocked him for continuing to stay with the team despite there being no more advantages for selfish needs. Mick used his expertise of the criminal life to help them try getting close to Al Capone, but soon found the plan backfired as the aberration was a trap set by the Legion of Doom, who wanted the amulet Thawne had tried to steal before, along with one in Rip's study. The team was forced to give up the amulets to the syndicate to save Stein. Afterwards, Mick was surprised to see Amaya had taken his advice about crime being fun, having stolen a bottle of Capone's wine. She gave him a kiss on the cheek as thanks for showing her some fun.

Mick spent a good amount of time trying to get Snart out of his head, drinking numerous bottles. He was caught by Stein, who he confided in about his hallucinations; however, he threatened him into keeping it quiet from the rest of the team as he feared they would react badly. Stein tried explaining that Snart was likely an image that Mick's inner voice choice to talk sense into him; Mick believed Snart was possibly stuck in a place in time after the Oculus was destroyed and trying to reach him. Stein said it was possible, but not very likely. Once the team found Rip in 1967, Mick learned Rip's mind had been altered by touching the time drive; Rip now believed he was Phil Gasmer, an American filmmaker.

Mick demanded Stein use the scanner device on his head, having a hallucination of Snart immediately afterwards. Mick told Stein exactly what the hallucination said, asking Stein to operate on his brain. Stein complied, taking out a chip the Time Master put in during his time as Chronos. Recovering, Mick was relieved that he wasn't seeing Snart for the moment, but Stein told him the chip wasn't responsible as it burned out a long time ago. Stein explained that it was likely Mick had accumulated too many head injuries in the past.

When Stein told the team that his daughter Lily was a time aberration he didn't think that was a problem. When Stein asked the team to not tell Lily the truth, he gave Rory a pointed look which he was offended at. However, when Lily commented on the food fabricator's fake food tasting good, he made a comment that it fitted a 'fake person'. That was when he revealed that she was a time aberration.

Ray confronted Mick about leaving crumbs since a rat was now roaming the Waverider though he grabbed Ray and he quickly dismissed it. When a time quake was felt and the aberration was the death of George Washington, Rory wasn't that torn up about it as he felt Washington was a punk and not that great a president as he was only on the one dollar bill. He went undercover as an American soldier and tried to cover Washington with Sara when redcoats attacked them with automatic rifles. An EMP then went and disabled his heat gun. They ran into Rip Hunter where he went and shot Sara and commanded the British to take Rory and Washington away. As they were being led away, Rory promised to strangle Rip the next time he saw him and ate sloppily as they were being taken off to the British camp.

When they were there, they ran into General Cornwallis of the British army where he ruled that the two would be hung in the morning. Washington argued that Rory was only a soldier following orders and didn't deserve to die though Rory happily argued otherwise. Washington prepared a letter to his wife that he wanted Rory to see was delivered but he refused as he said that Washington should give it to her himself. He said that they should resist with everything they had because the enemy wanted to kill them anyway. Washington argued that went against being a gentleman and an American. Rory told him that being an American meant being a misfit and rebel and to be damn proud of it.

Rory and Washington

Rory fighting alongside General George Washington.

When Washington was going to be hung, he made a point to distract the British giving Rory an opening to take a musket and ignite a cache of gunpowder. This distraction gave Washington time to escape the noose and together the two of them took on the British in the camp. They were soon surrounded but Nate and Amaya arrived to help them escape. Later, Washington took Rory aside and told him that he was impressed with his rebel spirit. He told Rory that he was a prime example of what it meant to be an American which Rory was left a little touched by and he changed his mind and saw that Washington was a great president after all. Rory then handed the letter back to him but Washington revealed that it had actually been a battle strategy for a sneak attack that he wanted to make it back to the army which Rory was proud of Washington for. When the team returned to the Temporal Zone they saw history was back on track but there was now a statue in D.C. that resembled Rory.

The Legends found a fragment of the spear in the year 3000 A.D. and Rory went with the others to look for it. They found that the spear fragment was gone but investigated where it was last to find Dr. Mid-Nite dead. Rory managed to find a message written in blood, RIP, that he assumed was rest in peace but turned out to be the name of his killer, Rip Hunter. They then located another fragment in 507 A.D. but Mick chose to stay on the Waverider than visit medieval times. He stumbled upon Stein who had also stayed on the ship and saw that he had stolen future tech from 3000 A.D. which Mick found himself being impressed by. It turned out to be a mind control device and when it was being used by the Legion, Stein and Jax tested it out on Mick but it didn't work. When the team had found the fragment guarded by Stargirl and moved to leave Camelot, Ray chose to stay and help the knights fight. Rory didn't want to leave Ray to fight alone and Stein quickly agreed with him. The team decided to stay and Mick and Stein moved to try and hack the mind control tech again but Jax had Mick be the controller this time and found that the key wasn't intelligence but intensity. Mick's intensity managed to make the tech work and they used him to override the Legion's control of the knights they were using it on. Mick later tried to get Stein to admit that his brain saved the day but Stein said he would admit no such thing.

The Legends managed to capture Rip but he had taken control of the ship and was trying to make his escape. Rory moved with Amaya and Nate to stop him and Rip destroyed the medallion in front of them before Rory went and knocked him out. He then had an idea to go into Rip's mind in the same manner that the time masters went into his mind when he was Chronos. Mick stayed in the med bay with Stein while they oversaw as Sara and Jax entered Rip's mind to free him of the Legion's brainwashing. Stein was getting more on edge the longer they were in Rip's mind, especially with Jax but Mick told him that his pacing and frantic worrying wasn't helping. Mick encouraged Stein to treat Jax more like a partner than an assistant, stating Stein's only got so many years left in him and Jax had to learn to do and handle things himself. When Rip was brought back to normal, Mick greeted him with a joke "I liked you better when you were killing people."

When Rip told them that Commander Steel was in 1965, they journeyed there but had just missed him as he had gone into the wind. They reviewed history and found that Henry Heywood had become a mission supervisor for NASA during the Apollo-13 shuttle launch in 1970. When they found Heywood, he helped Rory, Stein and Jax infiltrate mission command as officers from the British Space Program and he pretended to be a man of few words. He stayed with Stein in mission control to try and buy time so that NASA didn't stumble on the team infiltrating the shuttle or seeing any of them while they were dealing with Eobard Thawne or retrieving the spear fragment from the moon. They managed to distract NASA and cut their feed but heard that the Waverider was damaged and the team would have a hard time returning home. They also found out that Hank Heywood had found his way to mission control and alerted both Henry and Nate. They sat in mission control and waited and celebrated when their team managed to get back to Earth due to Henry's sacrifice.[22]

A temporary alliance shift[]
The Legion using the Spear of Destiny

The Legion begin recreating the world as they see fit.

The Spear of Destiny reassembled itself, proving immune to Mick burning it. They go to get the blood of Jesus Christ to destroy the Spear, meeting the Legends again. And this time, Snart isn't a hallucination; he's a member of the Legion of Doom and from 2014. Mick is convinced by Snart to side with Legion to get whatever he desires as the Legends don't care about him. Mick is syawed and joins the Legion. Together, they create an alternate reality, where the Legends are powerless or work for them. Mick owns half of Central City with Snart, and all heroes are dead.

Back to reason[]

Despite all this is new advantage that offered him this new reality, Mick did not appreciate at all that. One day he and Leonard went burgled the bank of Central City that belonged to Leonard which made the steering, according to Mick absolutely ridiculous because no one would try to prevent them from committing their flight even the cops did not intervene.

Later, Eobard summoned the duo to S.T.A.R. Labs asking them to keep an eye on Malcolm, which exasperates Mick as he hates to receive orders from Thwane. At the end of their conversation, Nate became a conspiracy theorist arrives after being caught by security agents to talk to Thawne who is the director of S.T.A.R. Labs in this reality. Nate explains that he has discovered that reality is not as it should be, Eobard then asks Snart and Rory to eliminate Nate.

Arriving outside Central City to kill Nate, Mick begins to hesitate when he tells Leonard that he had agreed to join him because Eobard had promised that it would be like the good old days and Leonard replied that it was As in the good old days but better. Nate tries to escape but Leonard is about to shoot him until Mick stops him and knocks him out. Suffered, Nate asks him why he saved him and Mick tells him "because I'm an idiot".

Mick and Nate then found Ray who had become the janitor of S.T.A.R. Labs without recollection remember his life before. Ray had by an unknown means succeeded in creating a device that would help restore a person's proper memories. Mick used it to return memory to Nate and Ray before Sara and Amaya, who became Damien Darhk's personal assassins, arrive and attacks, Mick manages to give Sara back her memory but Amaya runs away.

They then went to Nate's house to devise a plan to restore the memory to others and recover the spear.After Jax and Amaya are restored to their memory, Legends set out to retrieve the spear before it was destroyed, except for Mick because of his betrayal.

Feeling rejected, Mick found Snart who was expecting him to come back and the two went to warn Thawne. They are then gone to the Reactor to join the fight between the legends, the safety of S.T.A.R. Labs and the Legion. The spear came into Mick's hands and he started wondering which side he was really on, until Amaya told her that she did not care what everyone else thought because she always trusted him despite all of them. Snart moved forward and asked him to give him the spear "like a good boy", Mick corrected him on the word "boy" for "dog" because he knew it was what he was for Snart. Having finally understood that the Leonard Snart which he had known died long ago and would never return, Mick threw the spear at Amaya and replied to Snart that he was not a dog, not anymore.

Seeing how Amaya died, Mick and the Legends left to think of other plans to return everything to normality.[23] When Rip returned, the Legends went back to 1916 to prevent the Legion from stealing the spear and knew they had to face the risks of encountering themselves. Having encountered themselves, Mick and the others decided to work with their versions of the past and Mick was killed by Snart, but his version of the past survived, and they successfully returned everything to normality. Mick suggested going to Aruba to celebrate, and they realized that they created an aberration where there were Dinosaurs and other things by having found their other versions.[24]

Time demon[]

Temporary retirement[]

After Rip and his new organization have repaired the damage caused to Los Angeles by anachronisms and fired the Legends, Mick went to Aruba about six months later. There, Mick enjoyed the beach quietly until Julius Caesar appeared in front of him on horseback. After capturing the Roman emperor, Mick called Sara and warned him of the situation. As he waited for the others, Mick listened to Caesar talk about his youth and then tried to take his gold until Caesar hit him with his head and released his bonds. Mick managed to dominate Caesar and put him to the ground but the Roman broke his nose with his foot that allowed him to flee. Enraged, Mick pursued Caesar on the beach and hammered Time Office agents and then tackled a man he took for Caesar because of his costume.

After the fiasco, Mick with Sara, Nate and Ray trying to get a drink with a Caesar gold coin but her did not work, Nate took the piece and figured out that Mick was telling the truth. They then went to the Waverider who served as a training vessel for the Time Bureau recruits, Mick told them to clear but the coach believed it was a training and as if it were a collision of pirates. Mick, exasperated to then hit the coach with his heat gun to make the recruits understand that it was not an exercise.

Mick about to knock out Caesar

Mick about to knock out Julius Caesar.

After all the Legends are reunited and Caesar is brought back to his time but without knowing it given Caesar the way to conquer the world, Mick and the others had to team up with Rip and his agents to stop Caesar. When the caesar troops are defeated, Mick approached the Roman emperor and knocked him out and snapped Caesar's nose in retaliation. Mick then decided to continue to travel with the team to repair the anachronisms.[24]

Mick and the team detected an anachronism in 1870 at the P.T. Barnum. Upon arrival, Mick revealed his fear of clowns. Mick was glad to see that Amaya returned. After seeing that Professor Stein was in danger, Mick overcame his fear by attacking the clowns.[25]

Amaya Jiwe creates a totem shield

Mick, Ray and Amaya confront Kuasa.

Mick and the Legends traveled to 2042 by an anachronism and received the help of Agent Gary Green. There they met Zari Tomaz. Later, Mick and the rest of the team saved Zari from Kuasa.[26] While doing a trust exercise with Ray, Mick saw Ray disappear, so they traveled to 1989 to save him from the Dominators. Mick and Jax helped Martin travel to 2017 to see the birth of their grandson. Mick and the Legends helped Young Ray to get Halloween candy and show the bullies that Ray is cool, and Mick threatened the bullies with delivering the candy.[27]

Legends Year Three

Mick and the Legends face the Darhks.

Mick and the Legends agreed to go with Rip to 1985 to stop a supposed vampire, so Mick used weapons against vampires to defend himself. Mick and the others found out that Damien Darhk had been revived with help of his daughter, Nora Darhk, and got angry at Rip for sending a team of agents to die.[28] Later, Mick and the Legends traveled to 1937 in Hollywood to avoid a war between the studios to obtain Helen of Troy. Mick and the others fought the Darhks to protect Helen.[29]

Meeting with his father[]
Mick meet his Father

Mick meets his father in 1967.

The Legends detect an anachronism in Vietnam in 1967, which does not delight Mick because he knows that his father was in Vietnam during the war. Arriving in Vietnam, Mick travels the jungle with Nate and doesn't stop complaining of the vegetation and insects. Nate asks him why he seems more grumpy than usual as he felt that Mick being in Vietnam during the war would've fit him. Mick tries to deny being upset but ends up admitting that his father is not far from there, as he served. While Nate tries to convince Mick that the odds of crossing paths with his father are extremely low, camouflaged soldiers surround them and to his surprise, Mick's father Dick Rory is the one who leads the ambush.

Mick pointed his heat gun at his father. They stared each other down until Nate calmed the situation by claiming that he worked for the CIA to investigate the disappearance of soldiers. Nate quickly notices that is Mick starting to get angry, so the two move away from Dick and the soldiers to discuss it. Nate tells him to calm down and suggests that Mick take this as an opportunity to sort out buried and unresolved issues he had with his father but Mick quickly lets him know that he does not regret his old father burning in the flames when he was young.

At a waterhole, Mick again crossed his father who then notices the burns on Mick's arm calling him "son". Mick then replied bitterly that he was not his son. Nate then pointed out to him that Dick had a green beret that was a sign of honor, but Mick found it absurd as he felt that his father was a useless drunk as he was growing up. At that moment an armed man named Petey Adams appeared, accompanied by other armed men. Mick was about to get shot but Dick jumps on him to prevent him from getting hit. Mick was not grateful and tells him to let him go before the two start to attack back with their respective flamethrowers and kill their assailants.

When night came, Mick thanked Dick for saving his life earlier, but Dick just pretended he did not want to add him to the list of people who died under his command. The list being written on the back of a photo, Mick returned it over and immediately recognized his mother, whom he watched with nostalgia. He ended up thinking that his father was not a monster as he once thought. Later, while he was burning his skin, Nate went there and he told him he regrets not to have died in the fire long ago.

Unfortunately the next day, Dick and his men attacked the enemy base and after being attacked by Grodd, they captured everyone (including Nate, Ray, Zari and Amaya). After a brief moment of reflection, Mick points his gun to Dick who does the same and after having managed to convince his future father not to kill everyone, He knocks him on the pretext that he always wanted to do that.

Mick said one last goodbye to his father who thanked him for preventing him from going too far. After Dick's departure, Nate asks Mick if he wants to pick up his trinket but Mick says he does not need it anymore before heading back to Waverider.

Crisis on Earth-X[]
Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X rebels listens to Oliver of Earth-X's bargain

Mick with the other heroes of Earth-1.

Mick and the others attended the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West.[30] Mick stole twenty toasters as a wedding gift.[31] When he got to the wedding, Mick ran into David Singh, who was shocked to see him. He and the rest of the heroes fought the Nazis from Earth-X.[30] Mick, and most of the heroes, were locked up by the Nazis in the anti-metahuman cells of Cisco Ramon.[32] He and the others were freed thanks to Nate, Zari, Ray, and Amaya. Mick mourned Stein's death and was shocked to see Leo Snart, as he was his deceased friend's doppelgänger. Mick and the others teamed up to fight the Nazis and managed to defeat them successfully. After the battle, Mick attended Stein's funeral.[33]

Using the Fire Totem[]

On board the Waverider, Sara took possession of the Death Totem and falls under the control of Mallus. Mick and Amaya try to stop him but were beaten and the heat gun was destroyed by Sara. As she prepares to complete them, Wally arrives and saves them thanks to her Super Speed. Later, Amaya gives the Fire Totem to Mick, who is a little reticent but finally convinced by Amaya ends up putting it on and acquires power over fire.[34] Mick began training with Zari to learn how to use the Fire Totem well.[35]

Legends see Mallus

Mick and the Legends watch Mallus break free from his prison.

Mick and the Legends saved Barack Obama from Grodd. Mick was watching John Noble in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, which gave Legends the idea to use Noble's voice to trick Nora into pretending he was Mallus. To free Mallus and destroy him, the team traveled to Zambesi in 1992 to help Amaya save her home. The Legends were ready to finish off Mallus, but Damien Darhk betrayed them to save his daughter and released Grodd. After a battle, Mick and the others watched as Nora became Mallus.[36]

The Legends use the Totems of Zambesi to manifest as Beebo to take on Mallus

The Legends fight Mallus.

At the culmination of their fight against Mallus, the Legends managed to unite the powers of the Totems and turned into a giant Beebo who managed to destroy Mallus for good. With the threat of the demon of time finally stopped, the Legends returned their Totems to Kuasa, Mick returned the totem by saying that he was too old for the jewels. The Legends (without Amaya who decided to return home in 1942) then rested in Aruba, although Mick did not invite them. John Constantine then came in and showed them a dragon's head, revealing that Mallus wasn't the only creature who escaped when the Legends broke his prison.[37]

Magical creatures[]

Unicorn hallucinogen

Mick and the Legends are infected by unicorn slime.

After solving the latest anachronism, Mick and the others were congratulated by the bureau and later accompanied Nate to rob a house that turned out to be the home of Nate's parents. Mick and Nate went to 1969 in Woodstock to stop an evil unicorn and had hallucinations from the unicorn slime believing that Nate was his deceased pet, Axl.[38]

Mick Rory as pig

Mick is turned into a pig.

When Constantine arrived at the ship, Mick began to have a rivalry with him and the Legends went to 1692 to stop a Fairy Godmother. Mick and Ray tried to confront the Fairy Godmother, but they were both turned into pigs and Mick did not care as he went to the kitchen to eat food from the floor and later returned to normality.[39]

New teammate[]

In 1977, Legends captured a shapeshifter named Charlie, whose form got stuck in Amaya and locked him in the lab. Mick found that even though she was not really Amaya, he liked her.[40]

Charlie fraternizing with Mick

Mick talks to Charlie.

The following week, Mick prevents Charlie from escaping from Waverider by holding his at the tip of her Heat Gun. While he brings her back to her cell, the shapeshifter figures out that he too has been imprisoned and asks him how he can sleep in company of jailers, Mick replies that it is thanks to the alcohol. He then brought some hoax that he shared with Charlie then the two exchanged stories about the jails where they were once in. Mick then advised Charlie to exchange information about other magical creatures and Legends to gain freedom.[41]

Obtaining Brigid's diary[]
Garima and Tagumo battle

Garima vs Tagumo.

After the success of Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey, Mick had developed writer's block (even though he didn't know that,s what it was called). Zarti walked in on him attempting to write a new story, but she told him that their was no shame in revealing his literary talent to the rest of the team. Their next mission took them to Japan in the 1970s, where a giant octopus had been sighted. Discovering the creature was created through the use of Brigid's diary by Ishiro Honda, Mick took a crack at using the book. The result was bringing Garima, the heroine of his book, to life. After she defeated the octopus, she disappeared, but not before sharing a passionate time with Mick. Afterwards, Mick advised Ishiro to forget about the octopus, telling that "lizards are king"; he unintentionally gave him the idea of creating Godzilla.[42] Soon after, Mick helped Sara, Nate, and Hank Heywood catch a Minotaur.[43]

Destroyed timeline[]

The Legends traveled to 1856 to catch a murderous Dybbuk named Mike the Spike. Mick and Ava began to hate each other. Mick and the others saved Ray from Mike and Mick took it upon himself to burn the killer. On the ship, Mick and Ava kept fighting until Sara stopped them. When Ava was going to be killed by a Mike in the body of a Stein puppet, Mick mistook Mike for Martin. Mick saved Ava from the doll, but Ava escaped until Sara confronted Mike.[44]

Custodians of the Chronology

Custodians of the Chronology.

When John, Charlie, and Zari changed the timeline, Mick, Ray, Garima, and Nate had become the Custodians of the Chronology, but by another change of the trio, Mick had teamed up with the Fairy Godmother to become a criminal again, until the three Legends fixed the mess. In the med-bay, Mick was surprised to see that Ava read his books and the two had things in common, so they became friends.[1]

Writer's reveal and Heyworld[]
Legends in Mexico City

The Legends have fun in Mexico.

Mick and the Legends captured Mona Wu, who had freed a Kaupe, but protected her as she had been framed. The Legends traveled to 1967 in Mexico, where they had fun watching wrestling until Konane, the Kaupe who escaped, appeared. The Legends decided to help Konane and El Cura both become heroes of wrestling. The whole plan was going well until Bureau agents attacked, so Mick had fun beating up the agents. After fixing the aberration, Mick kept watching over Mona and Konane, but when Konane was killed, Mick saw Mona transform into Wolfie.[45]

The Legends stuck inside the Getaway

Mick and the Legends on a road trip.

By bringing Mona safely to the ship, the team traveled to 1973 to kidnap President Richard Nixon, who was telling all government secrets because of an Agent of Ma'at. Mick, Ray, Sara, John, and Mona took a road trip to escape from Hank and Nate. During the trip, Mick and the team were possessed by the magical creature, telling various truths. Mick and Ray stayed in the truck until Han found them, but Nate convinced the Bureau to have the Legends as allies again. By erasing Nixon's memory, the Legends left 1973.[46]

Constantine and Mick Rory summon Hank Heywood

Mick is possessed by Hank.

During Hank's funeral, Mick decided to help John try to communicate with Hank. Mick was reading magazines until he got upset when Constantine revealed to him to use it to talk to Hank. Mick was going to attack John, but he had already made Hank possess Mick's body. When Hank finished talking to John about Neron, Mick returned to normal, but passed out.[47] Mick helped Zari try to ask Nate out on a romantic date.[48]

When returning to his room with fans letters, Mick dropped one; it was picked up by Charlie, who was surprised that Mick responded to his fans. Among the pile of fans letters was an invitation to Romanti-Con with the offer of $20,000 for "Rebecca Silver" to reveal her identity. Mick, believing that no-one would believe he was the true author, had planned to decline the invitation. However, Charlie offered to be his stand-in, so long as they split the money; Mick agreed to it, leaving Charlie to pick an outfit befitting the name. Charlie appeared in a smart suit with glass and a perm, along with white round glasses. Mick liked the look, but swapped the round glasses for curved red ones. Zari told them that she and Nate had been tasked with a mission, causing Mick and Charlie to share a laugh that the two would finally have sex. However, when asked to join the mission, both told her that they were busy.

Mick Rory reveals his identity as Rebecca Silver

Mick is revealed as Rebecca Silver.

Arriving at Romanti-con in 2019, Mick posed as a bodyguard to "Rebecca". While someone was trying to figure out how to categorize his works, Mick quipped that the works of Rebecca Silver defied all categories. Giving their cover story, Mick and Charlie asked about the money; however, what they did not know was that Rebecca would only get it after a Q and A session. Having a few hours before it began, Mick began training Charlie on what responses to give. The Q and A went off without a hitch, with Charlie explaining that the uncertain parts of Mick's books were metaphors. However, their plan fell apart, as Mona (a massive fan of Mick's books) tricked Charlie into slipping up about why one his characters follow another despite it leading to death. Mona started a riot, demanding the real Rebecca Silver appear (unintentionally riling up Wolfie). Mick took the mic and revealed that his character had simply the desire for human connection, going on in detail that its the reason writers pour out their souls in books and respond to fan letters. Mick revealed himself to be the real Rebecca Silver, which Mona confirmed to the audience as Mick had used the exact same wisdom as in his books. To Mick's surprise, the entire crowd cheered for him.[2]

The Heyworld visitors, Legends and magical fugitives attempt to bring Nate back to life

Mick and the others sing to revive Nate.

Mick and the others were manipulated by Tabitha and Gary Green, but Mick and the Legends managed to convince Gary to join the team and join the side of good.[49] Mick and the others managed to save Charlie and Mona and had to come up with a plan to stop Neron. Mick wrote the script for Heyworld and helped the others take on Wickstable The Legends, the Heyworld visitors, and the Magical Runaways sang Sweet Baby James together to successfully revive Nate. By unknowingly changing the timeline, the Legends withdrew from Heyworld for new adventures.[50]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Mick as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[51] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[52]

New multiverse[]

"I know what it's like to be mad at your parents; I lit mine on fire."
—Mick Rory[src]

On Earth-Prime, Mick's life is mostly the same, including his time as a "futuristic bounty hunter",[53] except, at one point, he set his parents on fire out of anger.[54]

Battle on Earth-Prime[]

Mick shooting Beebo with his Heat gun

Mick shoots at Beebo.

In January 2020, Mick was at a book signing for his latest novel in Star City before a giant Beebo was spotted on a rampage nearby. He fought Beebo with Ray Palmer, Kara Danvers, Barry Allen, and Kate Kane until they all realized it was a fake. When Kane suggested that Beebo was merely a distraction, Mick remarked that he would be busy committing crimes if he pulled this off, causing the others to find Sargon the Sorcerer robbing a bank.

Later celebrating at the Arrow Bunker, Mick readily accepted champagne from Rene Ramirez as the later remarked that Team Arrow had their own Rory. Their celebrations were interrupted by Harrison Nash Wells, who announced that his gauntlet was detecting antimatter. His suspicions were soon proven correct as the Paragons were all attacked by shadow demons.

Heat gun (Earth-Prime)

Mick fights shadow demons in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Mick later stood at a meeting between Earth's heroes as they come to the conclusion that the Anti-Monitor survived his battle with Oliver and the Paragons at the dawn of time. Mick suggested they throw the Anti-Monitor into the sun but Nash argued it would only cause an antimatter explosion that would wipe out the solar system; Sara defended her teammate for at least making solutions instead of being the cause of the problem. Ultimately, Ray and Ryan Choi came up with a plan to destabilize the Anti-Monitor's form to cause him to shrink for eternity.

He later fought with the heroes Frost and Black Lightning against shadow demons, defending Ray, Nash and Choi while they worked on the shrinking device. Mick sadly reunited with Sara and Ray at the Arrow Bunker to see Oliver's tribute.[55]

Fightning the Encores[]

The Legends at the premiere event for their documentary

Legends at the premiere of Meet the Legends.

Mick, Sara, and Ray returned to the ship after the fight, where they were surprised by the team, who were filming a documentary. Mick accompanied Ava to 1917 to try to kill a revived Grigori Rasputin, but it only made things worse. He and the others managed to beat Rasputin successfully and attended the documentary's premiere, where Mick and the Legends lied that the documentary was fake. Subsequently, Mick presented him with the mantle of Rebecca Silver, who left the team to continue the legacy.[56]

Ava and Mick in Los Angeles 1947 attires

Mick and Ava in Los Angeles in 1947.

Mick and the others traveled to Los Angeles in 1947 to fight another Encore, Benjamin Siegel. Mick was with Ava, who was drunk singing and he supported her. Mick and the Legends kidnapped Siegel and brought him to the ship. Mick used his heat gun to ignite Constantine's circle so that he could teleport to Hell.[57]

Having a daughter[]

Memory flasher (Earth-Prime)

Mick uses a memory flasher on Lita.

When the team went after the Prom Night Slasher at the Central City High School class of 2004, Mick reunited with a girl he had the hots for back in high school named Ali. After history was altered, which prevented Mick's death at the hands of the Encore, he and Ali hooked up at the reunion,[5] resulting in Ali becoming pregnant with their daughter Lita.[3] He then made it his personal mission to ensure that Lita has a good life and doesn't become a criminal like he did.[58] The two initially hated each other. But gradually, they started to bond after Mick risked his life to save Lita from Marchosias.[54]

Glowing Legends

Mick glows with immortality.

Desiring for Lita to go to any college she desired, Mick traveled through time and donated enough money to Hudson University to have a hall named for his family; however, Lita decided that she that she did not want to go that college. When the women of the Legends created Delta Chi Sigma and won the Chalice of Dionysus, Mick drank from the cup also and gained temporary immortality,[59] but he too was stranded at John Constantine's house when Astra Logue helped the Fates to steal the Waverider. Mick carjacked a bus to drive the team to London to procure a time courier, all the while driving the wrong way along the streets. The bus was wrecked when Mick hit a zombie at the beginning of the England Zombie Apocalypse.

Legends share how they would use the Loom

The Legends share how they would use the Loom.

When the Legends ultimately got to the London branch of Time Bureau, they had to wait for the courier to charge to work. This gave them time to talk; when Clotho asked what would each do if they had control of the Loom, Mick said that he liked when he was a criminal. Suddenly, Zombies attacked the team just as they became mortal again with only Clotho escaping.[60] To show her respect for what the Legends had said, when Clotho helped to create Loomworld, she turned Mick into the fictional criminal Dahn on the Clotho Productions television show "Star Trip", but the Legends ultimately rebelled against their scripts and were returned to the altered reality to fight the Fates.[61]

Mick helped to find the Waverider at a garbage dump, but was left behind when the Legends jumped through time. Four months later, Mick, Lita, Mona Wu, and Gary Green met with the others when they returned to the garbage dump. The Legends found Charlie brainwashed to believe that free will was detrimental and that she was the worst offender in all of history.

The Legends fight the encores

The Legends fight the Encores.

Lita later used Mick's traveling back in time to hook up with her mom and conceive her as an example of why free will is great to convince Charlie that what she did was truly noble, causing Charlie to bring the Hell weapons that the Legends needed to defeat the Encores. Afterwards, Mick, Lita, and the Legends went to a concert featuring Lita's favorite band, The Smell, but Mick warned her not to stay out too late because she had school the next day. No one noticed though when Sara was transported aboard a spacecraft.[53]

Abduction of Sara[]

Mick sees the Aliens

Mick and the other Legends see the Aliens scattered in the Temporal Zone.

"Nothing works without Sara."
—Mick Rory[src]

Mick entered the Waverider and saw that everything was dirty and saw unknown people asleep in the ship and found Ava in the bathroom and Ava informed Mick that Sara disappeared and was crying because she did not appear so Mick decided to help Ava to find Sara. He and Ava interrupted Zari and Constantine's talk to ask for their help in finding Sara. After finding out from David Bowie that Sara was abducted by Aliens and Mick went with Behrad to find Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz who can supposedly communicate with Aliens and they were both knocked out by Spooner.

Mick and Behrad woke up and realized that they were tied by Spooner and Ava tried to convince Spooner and Mick and Behrad managed to free themselves and knocked out Spooner and took her to the Waverider. After Ava convinced Spooner to help them, Mick and the other Legends saw the Aliens floating in the Temporal Zone.[62]

Aliens scattered throughout history[]

After seeing the Aliens floating around, Mick overheard Ava's plan to find an alien in order to interrogate him and find out Sara's location and Gideon informed them that in the city of San Bernardino in 1955 there was a massacre due to the presence of an alien so they decided to go to 1955 to capture the alien and avoid the massacre. Mick and the others arrived in 1955 and had hamburgers at Big Bang Burger and Mick observed the policemen having lunch and suspected that something was wrong and stole the police car and took Ava, Constantine and Esperanza to a possible location of the alien in a butcher shop. Arrived at the butcher shop and found someone eating meat and they knocked him out and realized that it was the guy disguised as an alien from the restaurant and they took him to the Waverider to investigate him and they discovered that the secret sauce of the hamburgers is responsible that makes the people become obsessed with hamburgers.[63]

Mick Drawing

Mick shows Ava his drawing of Kayla.

Mick was eating when Spooner arrived. She told him that he was supposed to be showing her the ropes of being a Legend, which he ignored. Spooner then told Mick that he was the the last of the original recruits; Mick responded that he did not care.

While Ava and Spooner watched Da Throne in hopes that Zari could win the competition, Mick asked Gideon to uncloak the Wavrider and activate the weapons system. Lord Knoxicrillion noticed the incoming attack and sent in his army of ships. Mick shrugged off this fact and walked away. Ava, frustrated with Mick's behavior, gave him a talk and requested that Mick gets himself together. After Zari won the competition and Knoxicrillion agreed to help, Mick squished the alien to death. He then told Ava about Kayla and how she was the key to finding Sara.[64]

Mick found images of the Russian Army showing Kayla and Mick led the team to find Kayla and unknowingly took them to Cuba in 1962. After robbing a truck, he and the other Legends found a nuclear missile warhead and realized that Mick led them to the Cuban Missile Crisis and forgot to camouflage the Waverider. Mick explained about how to enter the Russian Army base but Ava decided to do it herself without Mick guiding her which made Mick go with Spooner to the Cuban Army base. Mick and Spooner chatted and Spooner realized that her powers were increasing and Spooner told Mick that Ava is in danger and they went to rescue her and stopped Kayla before she murdered Ava and took Ava to the Waverider medical room.

Kayla holds Mick with her tentacles

Mick is caught in Kayla's tentacles.

After Ava recovered and apologized to him, Mick and Spooner went looking for Kayla and found her trying to escape in the missile that Fidel Castro was going to launch at Washington and Mick managed to convince Kayla to help them find Sara and and they will give you back your spaceship to what Kayla accepted and deactivated the missile. Mick and Spooner took Kayla to the ship and sent Spooner back to the forest and Mick talked to Ava and promised that he and Kayla would find Sara and said their goodbyes and Ava and the others stayed in Cuba.

Kayla and Mick in the Waverider

Mick is surprised at Kayla's human form.

Mick was with Kayla, who was adjusting the fuel on the Waverider and Mick did not understand what Kayla was saying and was surprised to see Kayla transform into a human with a Image inducer and saw how Kayla did not get any side effects from drinking her drink and Mick was impressed by Kayla.[65]

Saving Sara[]
Mick and Kayla in Pliny X19

Mick and Kayla see the guards.

Mick and Kayla went to Pliny X19 and wore respirators to survive the planet's air. Mick was captured by Ava Clones and yelled at Kayla that she was a coward and was handcuffed by the Clones in a tree so that he would die during the gas of the planet, but Mick managed to free himself and helped Kayla to use the battery cells and find a Sara. They entered the lair of the evil Bishop and managed to close the doors to prevent the Zagurons from passing through and hid in a cryochamber and both had sex.[66] During this intercourse, Kayla inserted alien eggs into Mick's ear.[67]

Sara reunited with the Legends

Legends reunited.

When the sex was over, Mick and Kayla exited the cryochamber and parted ways, as they had only a few minutes to save Sara. Mick was angry that Kayla didn't want him, and he ran into Gary Green and his clone allies and joined forces to find Sara. Mick found Sara and discovered that she was a clone, but Mick accepted it and helped Gary prepare the ship. After the explosion of the lair, Mick, Sara and Gary faced the Zagurons and were saved thanks to Kayla which gave the trio time to escape and Mick was sad for Kayla, and they returned to the Waverider. Then Mick, Sara, Gary, and Ava got together with each other in 1977 and went to the bar to celebrate that Sara and Ava are getting married.[68]

Unexpected pregnancy[]

Reunion with Lita[]

After the rescue mission, Mick rested while the team was on a mission.[69] Unknowingly, Mick called Lita in 2023 and wanted to see her in person, but to his surprise discovered that the 2023 Lita was pregnant, causing Rory to rage. Mick talked to Lita about her boyfriend Niko. Mick ran into Niko to kill him, but after thinking about it for a bit, Rory talked to him about what happened and accepted Niko as the perfect boyfriend for his daughter. Rory apologized to Lita for her behavior, and they joined the others in celebrating the original Zari's return, but were interrupted by Gary, who revealed that when Mick and Kayla had sex, she introduced alien babies inside her.[67]

Mick didn't take his pregnancy problem seriously because he was worried about his daughter's pregnancy, but Lita wanted her father to go to the medical area for an exam, but Mick didn't want to. When Lita pretended that her baby was coming, Mick became concerned and tried to take her to the medical area, but first he helped the Legends to defeat Gus-Gus. When he took Lita to the medical area, Mick was surprised to see that it was a trap to be examined and thanked Lita for bringing it and proudly saw his alien babies inside.[70]

Defeating the Pin Killers[]
The Legends discover that they are in space

Mick, Sara, Astra, and Spooner in Galaxy Lanes.

After dropping off Lita in 2023, Mick, Sara, Astra, and Spooner traveled to Kansas City where they found a riddle box that teleported them to the space bowling alley, Galaxy Lanes. There, he and the girls realized that they couldn't go out and had to compete against the Pin Killers to save the earth, but Mick didn't want to go bowling without gloves, which made the game more difficult and made Sara angry. Thanks to Spooner, Mick learned how to play with gloves to get ahead of the competition. After Astra won the competition, Mick and the others took a photo to celebrate.[71]

Reunion with Kayla and the return of Bishop[]

When the Waverider broke down, Mick decided to rest, but due to the pregnancy he began to grow hair and was cared for by Gary. While the others played, Mick and Gary ran into Kayla, who was alive. Mick was glad to see that she was still alive, but Gary suspected something strange about Kayla. Mick realized that Kayla was planning something bad and tried to escape, so he decided to confront her, but finally revealed about her pregnancy and Kayla knocked out Mick. Upon awakening, Mick realized that she was about to give birth to her children.[72]

Bishop helps Mick give birth

Mick gives birth.

While the others were busy with Bishop's return, Mick continued to suffer from the pain and was helped by Gary, who he promised to be the godfather of his children. She stayed in the med bay to wait to give birth, but Bishop reappeared and helped him advance the pregnancy. After giving birth to her eggs, Mick rested.[73]


Mick and the Legends try to trick Kayla.

Upon learning that Bishop would go for Constantine, Mick and the Legends went looking for him, but were fooled by John escaping with Bishop on the ship. With no other options, Mick decided to take a photo with fake eggs to post on Galixipost to get Kayla's attention. When Kayla arrived enraged, Mick managed to calm her down by recruiting her to help them retrieve the Waverider. When recovering the ship, Mick and the others rescued the eggs before a bomb exploded, but seeing that one was missing, Mick decided to sacrifice himself to save his son by being caught in the explosion.[74]

Fighting the Zagurons and Bishop[]

The Legends fight the Zagurons

The Legends fight the Zagurons.

It was soon revealed that Mick managed to survive alongside the egg. While the team mourned John's death, Mick spoke to Kayla to convince her to escape to survive, but she decided to stay to fight alongside them and for their children, to which Mick agreed. When Sara and Ava announced that the wedding would be now, Mick and the others prepared everything, and he invited Kayla as his partner at the wedding. Mick led Sara down the aisle and sat next to Kayla. The wedding was interrupted by Bishop, who unleashed an army of Zagurons, so Mick and the Legends decided to fight the creatures, but they quickly fled to Gloria's house as there were so many Zagurons.

Mick and his baby Necrian

Mick congratulates his necrian children.

During the fight, Mick and the team obtained magic thanks to Spooner, but it was not enough to stop the invasion until they shared a hug releasing the power of the Fountain of Imperium, destroying all the Zagurons. Leaving the house, the Legends were confronted by Bishop and Mick and Kayla watched as their children hatched and watched as the newborns devour Bishop, ending their threat. Mick congratulated his son or daughter for devouring Bishop and took great pride in his children.[75]

Leaving the Legends[]

Mick and Sara drink one last time

Mick and Sara say goodbye.

At some point, Mick stole the courier from the Time Bureau's safe and leave a letter.[76] The next day, Mick talked to Sara about the past adventures they had, and they thought about the first time they got on the Waverider, and they would have traveled to this moment with all the changes that occurred. Mick congratulated Sara on her duty as team captain and announced that he would be leaving the Legends to start a family with Kayla. Sara handed Mick flowers wishing him luck when he married Kayla, and Mick thanked Sara for everything and had one last drink with her friend before heading back to 2021.[75] Mick, Kayla, and their children settled in a house in the suburbs of Star City.[77]

Saving his children[]

The former Legends unite in their rescue mission

Mick and the former Legends team up to save their children and Mona from the Necrians.

Whenever he was drunk, Mick would hear about Kayla's stories and about her dead mother, even though in reality, Kayla's mother was alive. Mick and Kayla left Mona Wu in charge of their children while they played pool at a bar. However, Ray Palmer and former members of the Legends entered the bar and asked for his time courier to save the Legends, who have not been responding. To everyone's surprise, Mick discovered that his children were kidnapped. In order for Jefferson "Jax" Jackson to defend himself, Mick inherited Leonard Snart's Cold gun. The former Legends then used the time courier to time travel throughout history in pursuit of the Necrian kidnappers and to find out where his children and Mona were.

Finding nothing, Mick and the Legends devised a plan as they reminisced about their old adventures until Kayla located Mona and the children on the Necrian homeworld of Necria. Once they arrived, the group confronted Kamaya and Kyle, Kayla's parents, who just wanted to meet their grandchildren. Mick then agreed to the terms that they would only visit the children during the holidays. On the way home, Mick and Kayla played with their children as they reconnected. Returning to Earth, Mick and the others took a photo to send to Nate Heywood.[77]

Potential future[]

In a potential future in 2049, Mick and the Legends got back together to reconnect at a bar in Star City. Mick expressed that his children had not become criminals like he was. However, the meeting was interrupted when Sara disappeared out of nowhere, followed by Mick, Ray, Jax, Kendra Saunders, and Carter Hall.[77]

Battle against Magog[]

Later, Mick and the Legends were summoned for support in the fight against Magog. After Magog was defeated, Mick presumably helped in putting the Necrians who had backed Magog back in their place in the timeline.[78]

Erased futures[]

Meeting Rex Tyler[]

At some unknown point after 2016, Mick met Rex Tyler, a member of Justice Society of America, and sent him to warn the Legends against entering the Waverider by providing him the current-time Waverider to travel back in time.[20] However, that event was altered when Eobard Thawne killed and erased Rex Tyler from the timeline, changing the circumstances of Rex's meeting with the Legends.[79]

Killed by Encores[]

During a mission in 2004, Mick was using his Heat Gun on Kathy Meyers. Kathy then used her telekinesis and backfired the blast causing Mick to be burnt to death. However, that event was erased when Behrad, Zari, Ray, Nora, and Nate stopped Kathy from becoming a serial killer when they went back to 1989.[5]


Mick Rory

Mick in his civilian persona.

"The life of a criminal is a life of misery."
—Mick Rory to Lita[src]

Mick is obsessive, unstable, a pyromaniac, hot-headed and sometimes loses focus. He is highly impulsive, combative, and is somewhat hyperactive as he despises sitting around and doing nothing. He is certainly a man of action who prefers getting things done as opposed to analyzing them as thoroughly as his partner. He is also a self-admitted thief, who does not care about any rules, unless they are needed for his survival. Despite having a lifelong hatred for "pigs" he hates snitches and lawyers even more. He encouraged such carefree attitude towards laws and rules in others, such as Ray Palmer, whom he tried to mold into his partner in crime.

Despite his less than sophisticated demeanor, Mick is incredibly philosophical in his view of the nature of fire itself. He had poetically described it as being ever-changing, indefinable, and transformative. He views his burns as revealing the truth of who he really is, and as such, he has embraced this self-determined truth of who he is: A man who burns the world to reveal its own inner nature as it did to him. This is an unusual trait, but does show that he is much more than the image of the unstable pyromaniac that he projects himself as.

In spite of Mick's nature, he still has a code of honor, even though he initially claimed to Ray Palmer that his only loyalty is to Leonard Snart. During the rescue mission from the Russian gulag, Mick refused to abandon Ray, despite Leonard's insistence to leave him behind after Ray insulted the interrogator's mother and took a beating in order to keep Mick from being tortured further. However, it appears that any shred of loyalty and honor he has regarding Rip Hunter's team was gone when he learned that Rip only recruited him to the team to sway Leonard into joining and viewed him simply as a dumb psychopathic arsonist, causing Mick to betray Rip to the time pirates to give up the Waverider in exchange to be sent back to the present day.


Mick as Chronos.

"The whole time, I stayed focus on one thing. The one thing that kept me sane... vengeance. I focused on how much I hated all of you."
—Mick Rory[src]
As he was left in an unknown time, he became wild, eating raw animals until the Time Masters found him, brought him to the Vanishing Point. As he lost himself from being in an alien time for too long, they manipulated and trained him as a bounty hunter and assassin over what he described as "lifetimes" and "being reborn". He returned with extensive knowledge of temporal physics, Time Master protocols and futuristic weapons and technology, on par with that of Rip Hunter. However, despite his knowledge, he was still bent on avenging himself against the team and Snart. He threatened to kill Lisa Snart over and over by time traveling, as well as forcing Leonard to watch each time. However, he later returned to his old self while back on the Waverider and became a member of the team once more. He also became more emotionally reflective, forgiving himself for accidentally setting fire to his house and killing his family. He also seemed to forgive Snart and the team, becoming more friendly towards them. Also, after Snart sacrificed his life for Mick, it appeared to have a profound affect on him; while still committing thefts, he began going about it more cautiously and tried to avoid killing innocent bystanders. His respect for Snart was great enough for him to head back to 2013, where he told past Snart he considered him his personal hero.

"Most people who've seen what you've seen would've succumbed to darkness, but you didn't. You chose to become a Legend. You may try and hide it, Mick; but you're a good man."
Amaya Jiwe to Mick[src]

Once he rejoined the Legends, Mick largely seemed more mature, but retained his snarky, gruff demeanor. He ironically seemed to listen to Rip more than the others, as he left his Heat Gun behind when ordered, so to avoid damaging the timeline. During his time travels, he's developed a bond with his team, willing to save them as they would return the favor for him, to the extent that he assisted Nate Heywood in retrieving the rest of the team from across history after being discovered in stasis in 2016 when he could have easily just taken the Waverider and gone off on his own. Even his threats towards his teammates became more playful and less violent and more comical, such as threatening to shave Ray Palmer's head if he told anyone about his compassionate side, which is a far cry from his former tendency of threatening to kill people even if they were his allies. This subtle change marks this profound evolution in his personality. While he still identifies himself as a criminal when talking to the Justice Society of America, the rest of the Legends all acted in his defense when he was accused of killing Hourman, and Rory was even the one to voice the other heroes' refusal to allow the Flash to turn himself over to the Dominators to save the world despite admitting that he disliked the other man.

He developed a profound hatred for the Time Masters for brainwashing him, quoting that he only survived it due to focusing on his hatred. The second time was due to focusing on his team.

After being infected and turned into a zombie, Mick begged and trusted Ray to cure him, showing a deepening sense of camaraderie between the two. In the aftermath of his zombification, Mick assuaged Ray's fears that without his suit that he might no longer have a place on the team. Mick reminded him that being an outsider isn't so bad, and gave Ray the Cold Gun, Mick's only memento of Leonard Snart, his best friend. This was given with the claim that Mick was looking for a new partner, and trusted Ray enough to give him that chance. When Stein continued babying Jax, Mick bluntly told him to treat Jax like a partner rather than as a child; Stein only has a so many years left of life, so it's best to teach Jax all he can. He later showed some interest in Amaya Jiwe.

Following Snart's self-sacrifice, Rory struggles to honor his dead friend. Initially he believed staying part of the Legends is what Snart would want but his own self-doubt as a part of the team, being both hero and criminal and how much his friends truly valued him manifested in a hallucination of Snart's criminal life. His loneliness was such that Rory even tried to replace Snart by giving Ray the cold gun and making him act more like his dead friend until he passively accepts that Leonard was gone and Ray should be himself. However, when the Legends went to steal Christ's Blood to destroy the Spear of Destiny, the Legion of Doom plucked a time remnant of Snart from before joining the Legends. Mick's survival attitude strongly leads him to believe that caring for the rest of the team will eventually cause his death the same way it did Snart (perhaps a reaction due to losing his only family at a young age) and Leonard taunts that the Legends consider him an unchanged criminal and lapdog rather than an equal teammate. This was cause enough for Mick to eventually hand over the Spear of Destiny to the Legion of Doom so they can rewrite reality. However, in the "Doomworld" Rory begins to realize his mistake as things became increasingly different with reality and Snart, insinuating he respected the man Leonard became because of his loyalty and heroism which was reciprocated in the other Legends rather than who he was. Furthermore, he realizes his partner's hypocrisy that despite his previous claims about being a pet, Snart was similarly obedient to Thawne and Darhk and how he was treating Rory like a pet rather than a partner. Realizing that the Snart he knew was long dead, Mick has gained closure over realizing that the Legends made him and his friend a better person so he rejoins them. He has developed a new liking to Killer Frost.

Mick has various fears, obsessions and quirks that seem to border on the irrational. Aside from a fear of clowns and giant toads which he divulged to Martin Stein during the Legends' time in Hollywood.[80] and a hatred of puppets.[81] He's also implied to be afraid of clowns.[25] Mick also possesses a fixation with vampires to the point where he's carried a wooden stake on his person for his entire life, as mentioned when the Legends traveled to 1895 London, seemingly dealing with a time-displaced vampire. On this mission, Mick was also shown wearing garlic around his neck as a means to repel vampires.[28]

Much to the surprise of outsiders (some who even consider him illiterate) Mick has also been shown to have a liking towards writing, as he was recently revealed to be writing a sci-fi romance novel.[82] He also seems to enjoy reading, as he was seen reading Dracula during one of the team's missions, insisting that no one spoil the ending for him,[28] and watching Lord of the Rings on a later adventure.[83]

Ironically, despite his pyromania Mick has an interest towards Killer Frost. Presumably he already showed an attraction to her alter-ego Caitlin Snow and this was simply amplified upon the realisation of her own dark side that he observed as she fought off the Nazis of Earth-X.

Another interesting trait of Mick is that despite initially being a criminal and wanted to stay to rule over one of the gang ruled futures, he doesn't seem to desire power or at least has no qualms about giving it up, as he did when he gave up the fire totem without reluctance. The fire totem being an artifact that allowed the pyromaniac Mick to do anything he wanted with fire. While initially hyperactive and more engaging in activities, after Snart's death, Mick become an alcoholic and was usually content to stay on the Waverider watching movies. During one of these moments, Mick displayed some surprising leadership skills when he assigned tasks to the other Legends, if only to get them to leave him watch TV in peace.

Since accidentally fathering Lita, Mick has taken it upon himself to esnure she turns out better than himself.

Powers and abilities[]


"The Time Masters. They took me to a place called the Vanishing Point. Time doesn't exist there the way it does on Earth. I've spent lifetimes being restored by them, training by them, fighting by them... being reborn."
—Mick Rory[src]
  • Longevity: Mick was experimented on by the Time Masters, heavily extending his lifespan into that of multiple lifetimes, which he spent training and fighting for the organization.[12]

Former powers[]

"Like I need help lighting things on fire."
—Mick Rory[src]
  • Abilities via Fire Totem: Mick's powers came from the Fire Totem, a totem that channels and harnesses the power of fire, but he gave it up after defeating Mallus.[37]
    • Pyrokinesis:
      Mick Rory wields the Fire totem against the Mallus-possessed, Death totem-powered Sara Lance

      Mick conjuring fire.

      The Fire Totem granted Mick with the power to summon fire and manipulate flames, manipulating them in whichever way he desired, such as firing it from his hands in bursts, or simply creating an open flame in his palm. He is also able to control fire separate from him as demonstrated during his struggle with the Mallus-possessed Sara Lance.[37]
      • Fire blasts: The Totem allows Mick to be capable of releasing offensive and defensive blasts of fire. Mick has great control over this power, as he is not only capable of channeling this power through his hands, but can also channel his flames from his anus, since Zari Tomaz implied to Amaya Jiwe that Mick entertains himself by igniting his own flatulence.[37]
      • Thermokinesis: The Totem allows Mick to heat objects, such as hot dogs and popcorn.[37]
    • Totem connection: The totem connects to other totems when in the presence of them or from a far and can also let the other users know if a totem bearer has died. This allowed him to sense Kuasa's death when Mallus killed Kuasa and ripped out the water totem from inside of her.[37]
  • Immortality: After drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus, Mick became immortal for 24 hours.[84]
  • Air blasts: When Mick's heat gun stopped working during the Legends' battle against Bishop's Zaguron army in 1925, Spooner briefly transferred the power of Zari's Air Totem to Mick to help him continue fighting.[75]


"I'm the brains. You're the muscle. That's how it's always been."
Leonard Snart to Mick Rory[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Stemming from his violent nature, Mick is in top physical condition, shown to be very muscular. Ernest Hemingway stated that he is a fine specimen of male vitality.[85] Mick's strength allowed him casually crush Time Master Declan's skull with a single stomp of his boot[19] and withstand multiple shots from Eobard Thawne at superspeed without losing consciousness.[86] During their second encounter, Mick easily broke Julius Caesar's nose with a single punch.[24] Mick also has a high metabolic rate, as he once ate four consecutive meals for lunch during Zari Tomaz's observation of Ramadan.[87] He is athletic, being a skilled bowler.[71]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Despite Mick's unstable and hot-headed demeanor, he is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, when (seemingly) taken captive by a mafia boss, he and Snart quickly broke free and killed the man and most of his men with ease. Mick even proved to be at least on par with Sara Lance, although she really had no intention of killing him, and proof of this was that he was not even able to touch her, while under the control of Damien Darhk. After his training in the Vanishing Point and "conversion" to Chronos, Mick's combat skills appear to have improved significantly, as he is able to take out multiple members of the League of Assassins, an entire squad of ninjas in Feudal Japan, and defeat a younger Vandal Savage in unarmed combat, albeit it can be implied that he only did so after Savage was weakened upon being exposed to the meteor. Mick was also able to overpower Julius Caesar and easily knocked out the Roman emperor in their second encounter.
    • Skilled knife welder/Knife thrower: Mick is capable at throwing knives.[4]
  • Expert marksman: Mick is able to hit multiple enemies at a time with his signature Heat gun. He can also handle regular firearms such as revolvers with great skill, as seen in the Old West and American Revolution.
  • Keen-level intellect/Skilled tactician: Despite his brutish behavior, Mick is actually quite intelligent. During Sara's absence on the mission to help a young Nora Darhk, Mick was intelligent enough to organize the remaining Legends for the duration of the mission to battle Mallus in order to avoid being bothered while watching a game of football. Ray Palmer even commented that Mick showed "management potential."[88] Mick has also been shown to be skilled in laying out several lethal and nonlethal booby traps to protect his secret novel from the prying eyes of his teammates. Such traps include a literal bear trap, an electrocution device, and an ink bomb.[82] After being trained by the Time Masters, Mick obtained a greater clarity and understanding of the manipulation of time. Like Rip, Mick now has full understanding of the time-space continuum, able to immediately comprehend how any changes in time will effect the rest of the timestream. Nevertheless, he often downplays his notion of time travel. Mick is also able to comprehend as well as simplify most situations, as he has demonstrated many times while Gideon was describing the Waverider's status.[12]
    • Skilled engineer: Like Snart, Mick is proficient at mechanical engineering, as he regularly repairs his Heat gun and has memorized the entirety of its design and functionality, being more than capable of repairing the secondary internal fuel chamber without assistance.
    • Expert driver/Pilot: As a former thief, Mick is highly trained driving vehicles to evade the police. Also, due to his time as Chronos, he is proficient in piloting timeships, including the Waverider, although Martin Stein claims Mick's piloting is very rough.[21][89]
    • Expert of deception: During the Time Masters' second brainwashing attempt, Mick feigned being successfully broken and fully consumed by his Chronos persona long enough to give him a prime opportunity to turn on his captors.
    • Writing: Mick has a hidden talent as a science-fiction erotica author under the pseudonym "Rebecca Silver," a sex-positive novelist reinventing feminism.[2] He's written his own novels, Uncaged Desire and Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey, with the latter shown to be good, according to fellow Legend Zari[82] and Ava Sharpe. Barry Allen stated his book Uncaged Desire is "surprisingly well-written".[90] Heatwaves is Mona Wu's favorite book by Silver as the plot inspired her to pursue a life with the Kaupe demigod Konane, and was described as "a sexual epiphany" by one of Mick's fans.[2] He also wrote the conspiracy thriller Body of Proof, which interested Nora Darhk and Gary Green, along with Rawhides.[2] Mick was offered $20,000 to reveal his identity at a romantic novel convention due to his wisdom and insight into human connection.
    • Acting: Mick also has a hidden talent in theatre. In the Legends' production of Romeo and Juliet, he portrayed characters such as the Chorus with enough passion to make the audience react verbally.[91]
  • Intimidation: Mick is extremely intimidating. It was shown many times that mere threats can get him what he wants, and he can successfully intimidate even people who have been through awful things, including many of his fellow Legends (though he cannot intimidate Sara, an ex-member of League of Assassins).
"The whole time, I stayed focus on one thing. The one thing that kept me sane... vengeance. I focused on how much I hated all of you."
—Mick Rory to the Legends[src]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: While at times seen as deranged or barbaric, Mick has a remarkable fortitude, unyielding to seemingly any form of torture, at times even seeming to revel in it. Mick was said to have survived severe burns from a heist with Snart that went wrong.[8] Even the Time Masters admitting their brainwashing of Mick into Chronos the first time was only a partial success.[19] The intensity of Mick's mind was shown to be able to overwhelm even the mind-control network the Legion of Doom was using in their new reality, freeing all of its victims.[23] Mick has also grown accustomed to time jumps, often not feeling any of the side-effects (although as Rip has stated the larger the time jump, the more likely it is for side-effects to occur, even for experienced time travelers). Mick also has a high tolerance for alcohol, as he declared to Fredric that "No one out-drinks Mick Rory."[50]


Original multiverse[]

  • Heat gun: Can generate a beam of absolute hot temperature. When fired, the heat gun increases the temperature of the air dramatically, like some sort of "extreme heat wave". This heat wave is capable of achieving "absolute hot", or Planck temperature. When activated, certain lights on it turn red, in contrast to the Cold gun's blue. The weapon's flame blast projects to any location and burns anything in its path. It appears to have been upgraded over Mick travels with the Legends, as it can knock someone down without any major burns to them.
  • Brigid's diary: Mick wrote in this mystical diary to bring a character to life that could save Tokyo, Japan from Tagumo, a creature that the Japanese film director Ishirō Honda had brought to life using the very same book. After Mick's character saved the day, Ishirō insisted that Mick take the book with him, as he could see that the diary liked Mick.[42] However, after he brought his warrior to life again on board the Waverider, Ava confiscated the diary, stating that it was too dangerous for Mick to keep it, fearing that he could go from writing science fiction to horror and have killer clowns loose on the ship as a result.[44] She subsequently locked it up in the Time Bureau. Nonetheless, Mick managed to steal it back at some point afterwards. He subsequently loaned it to Nate so that the latter would be able to bring Heyworld to life over night.[50]
  • Reading glasses: Mick is shown to be far-sighted, so he wears a pair of thick reading glasses whenever he is writing.

Former equipment[]

  • Goggles: Mick used to wear a pair of black wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his heat gun. He has stopped using them, implying that the glare no longer bothers him.
  • Bounty hunter armor: When Mick joined the Time Masters he was trained to be a temporal bounty hunter, when his training ended he was given armor to conceal his identity and keep him protected from enemies. The armor's glove communicator was also used by Ray Palmer and Gideon to send commands to the Time Master HQ, outsmarting the Time Masters' defense systems.
  • Bounty hunter rifle: Mick was also armed with a powerful blaster rifle that was able to fire blasts of green energy.
  • Bounty hunter timeship: As Chronos, Mick traveled through time on a time ship, hunting temporal criminals and time pirates alike, eventually taking on the members of Rip Hunter's team, that at times included his past self.
  • Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3: Mick used this revolver in the Old West.[92]
  • Winchester Model 1873: Mick dual-wielded two of these rifles in the Old West.[93]
  • M1928 Thompson: Mick used this submachine gun against Al Capone's soldiers.[94]
  • Spencer 1860 Carbine: Mick used this rifle during the American Revolution.[95]
  • Colt 1851 Navy: Mick used this revolver in the Old West.[37]
  • Fire Totem: The Fire Totem allowed Mick to generate and control fire.

New multiverse[]

Heat gun (Earth-Prime)

Heat gun.

  • Heat gun: Mick utilizes a Heat gun.
  • Reading glasses: Mick wears a pair of thick reading glasses whenever he is writing or reviewing his novels.[3]


Known works[]


The Flash[]

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]

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Crisis on Infinite Earths[]

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  • Since his time as Chronos, Mick has lost his obsession with fire.
  • Mick is an atheist, explicitly stating in "Left Behind" that God does not exist.
  • Mick mentioned that he gets hungry for chicken whenever he sees Hawkman and Hawkgirl fly off.[20]
  • He strongly despises Nazis and has stated this on multiple occasions.[21]
  • Some of Mick's favorite actors include Chuck Norris and Robert Redford, and he's a huge fan of ninjas.[22]
    • Mick also enjoys Sundance independent films, stating he finds the nudity in them "artful".[97]
  • After influencing events during America's Revolutionary War, Mick has become a prominent symbol for America's founding fathers, with George Washington erecting a statue of him as he considered Mick a symbol of the rebellious spirit of America.[95]
  • He has coulrophobia, a fear of clowns.[25]
  • Mick loves the musical Fiddler on The Roof, stating that Singin' in the Rain wasn't as good, much to the surprise of the team.[27]
  • He believes that vampires exist and is even very cultured about how to deal with them, claiming to have carried a wooden stake around his entire life.[28]
    • Because of this, Mick seems to be a fan of Bram Stoker, as he read Dracula several times.[28]
  • Mick is far-sighted[42] and has been shown to wear reading glasses whenever reading a book or using a typewriter to work on his novel.[28][82]
  • He hates puppets[81] and glitter.[38]
  • As Leo Snart points out, Mick drinks to suppress his feelings.[81]
  • He sleeps in the nude.[34]
  • Mick is a fan of the band "Black Sabbath".[38]
  • In the beginning of "Turncoat", Mick describes the Legends' job by saying, "History's all screwed up and it's up to us to un-screw it up. But half the time we screw things up even worse, so don't call us heroes, we're something else; we're Legends."
    • He is the only character to break the Fourth Wall, asking "Seriously, you idiots haven't figured this out by now?" and "Who writes this crap, anyway?" before and after giving the introduction, respectively.
  • Mick seems to have an attraction towards Kara Danvers, President Susan Brayden, Zari Tomaz, and Caitlin Snow after seeing the latter transform into Killer Frost. Also, through hallucinations of Leonard Snart, Mick indirectly seems to acknowledge that he also has feelings for Amaya Jiwe.
  • Chronos interacting with his past self as Mick Rory and his teammates was the cause of a predestination paradox.
  • Ironically, the only part of the Crisis on Earth-X​​ crossover where Mick didn't appear was The Flash​​ episode, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3", which was the show debuting his character; he'd been knocked out and captured by Dark Arrow during the Nazis' attack on S.T.A.R. Labs in the previous episode, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".
  • Mick has a tendency to give nicknames to friends and allies, as well as the occasional villain. They include:
  • Mick has a knack for mixing up words, such as "asphyxiation" for "aberration" when talking with Lily Stein,[100] "illumination" for "hallucination" when talking to what he assumed was an imaginary version of Leonard Snart,[101] "mechanism" for "anachronism" when talking with Sara,[24] and "gang-banger" for "doppelgänger" when talking with Leo.[33]
    • This may be a sign that Mick suffers from aphasia or it's simply because he can't remember words with more than three syllables well.
  • Oddly, once in possession of the Fire Totem, Mick preferred to remain using his Heat gun rather than his own magic, which would have undoubtedly been more powerful. This is likely due to his experience with the Heat Gun, and his indecisive attitude over wearing the totem.
    • Mick becoming the bearer of the Fire Totem is likely a homage to the incarnation of him from the New 52 Flash comic book, who became a pyrokinetic meta-human after having his DNA fused to his heat gun by Captain Cold.
  • Mick has an entire room within the Waverider loaded with money and treasures from different time periods, making him extremely wealthy. According to Nate, whenever the Legends need currency for a mission, they are financed by Mick.[54]
    • Mick is very careful about stealing when he time travels. Due to his training as Chronos and Rip's constant reminders, he only steals valuables that are not important historical artifacts, which is why his room is filled with gold and other treasures once he gave up being a writer in Season 5. For example, the crib he stole as a gift for Lita was from the Victorian Era.
  • Mick is the only male character in Arrowverse to get "pregnant". This is happened via his intercourse with Kayla.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Heat Wave is an enemy of the Flash and a long-time member of the Rogues, a team of Flash villains kept together by Captain Cold and Golden Glider.
    • In the comics, Mick also has cryophobia, a fear of cold, due to a classmate locking him in a freezer as a prank when he was a kid, which triggered Mick's pyromania when he burned the kid's house down with him and his family inside it. This is ironic considering his frequent teaming up with Snart.
  • In the DC comics, Chronos is an alias used by three different, but connected, characters two of which were the enemies of the Atom.
    • The first was David Clinton (first appearing in The Atom #3, 1962), a meticulous thief who based his crimes on precise timing and used gimmick time themed weapons. This character did, in fact, create a time traveling machine which later became the basis of his successors' own equipment.
    • The second incarnation of the character is Walker Gabriel (debuting in Chronos #1, part of his 12-issue mini-series), an actual time traveler and a reluctant hero.
    • The third incarnation of the character is Jia (introduced in The Atom comics run of 2007), a Chinese woman who had been in a relationship with Ryan Choi, Ray Palmer's replacement as the Atom. She partnered up with Clinton in a scheme to torment Ryan Choi and destroy his life.
  • As the name implies, the characters relate to Chronos (often associated with the Titan Kronos), a pre-Socratic Greek deity who personifies time. Fitting with Rory's unstable personality, the Titan Kronos was often portrayed as being extremely twisted and somewhat insane.
  • Chronos has been called Darth Vader and Boba Fett, two characters from the Star Wars franchise, the latter of which is also a bounty hunter.
  • The reason Mick is usually wearing a coat is to hide the tattoos Dominic Purcell has on his arms. Whenever his arms are exposed, makeup is used to create the burn scars Mick has.
  • Rebecca Silver is also the name of the heroine of the 2015 cartoon "Bat Pat".


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