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===''The Flash''===
===''The Flash''===
====Season 1====
====Season 1====
*{{Ep|Going Rogue}}
*{{Ep|Revenge of the Rogues}}
*{{Ep|Revenge of the Rogues}}

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Mick Rory, nicknamed Heat Wave by Cisco Ramon, is an arsonistic criminal and accomplice of Leonard Snart.


In 2014, Mick worked a job with Leonard Snart, however it went wrong. Half of Rory's body was burnt in a resulting fire, and despite being taken to the hospital for medical attention, he escaped from the ambulance and fled.[1]

Teaming up with Captain Cold

Later that year, Snart gave him a handheld flamethrower and offered to work a few more jobs with him in Central City. Mick, pleased at the offer and the heat gun, gladly accepted.[2] Snart had him learn how to fix up the flamethrower when needed, which proved handy.[1] Snart and Rory were on there way to Iron Heights Prision the truck crashed.


The Flash

Season 1


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