Mick Rory, nicknamed Heat Wave by Cisco Ramon, is an pyromaniac criminal and accomplice of Leonard Snart.


In 2014, Mick worked a job with Leonard Snart, however it went wrong. Half of Rory's body was burnt in a resulting fire, and despite being taken to the hospital for medical attention, he escaped from the ambulance and fled.[1]

Teaming up with Captain Cold

Later that year, Snart gave him a handheld flamethrower and offered to work a few more jobs with him in Central City. Mick, pleased at the offer and the heat gun, gladly accepted.[2] Snart had him learn how to fix up the flamethrower when needed, which proved handy.[1]

The two men began by crashing through a frozen door in to a building. Snart had hoped to wait for The Flash, rather than steal the expensive cars inside, though he failed to appear, resulting in them leaving the scene. Back at their base, Snart revealed his plan to steal an expensive painting, Fire & Ice, to Mick, which was being brought back to Central City by a rich couple. Sometime later, the men intercepted the couple as they were leaving their plane with the painting, requesting that they call the cops.

When the police arrived, Snart attempted to use his cold gun to freeze them, though it was no match against their specially-made shields. Instead, Mick showed himself, instead using his handheld flamethrower to burn them. He was momentarily mesmerised by the flames, but he was stopped when Detective West shot through his gun from afar. They returned back to their base, where Mick began fixing the minor damage. Snart quickly approached him with his gun pointed towards him, arguing that his obsession with fire would get the better of him, as with their previous job. Mick in turn pointed his flamethrower back, rebutting that Leonard was just as obsessed, but with precision on their heists. Mick wished to simply stop at the painting, but Snart wished to further kill The Flash. He reasoned with Mick, who decided to burn Fire & Ice and continue on.

Realizing that The Flash had partners, they tracked down Caitlin Snow. They took her to their hideout and recorded an ultimatum for The Flash, asking him to come to a location at sundown. Mick tied up Caitlin, who remarked upon his third-degree burns over his body. He claimed to have had fire reveal his "true self". He wished to find out her true self, but was stopped by Snart, who wished to leave. Mick gagged Caitlin and placed a bomb attached to a tripwire under her seat. At the crossroads of their meeting with The Flash, they began shooting, missing him almost every time.

However, they were able to hit him, knocking him down. Before he could be killed, Detective Thawne intervened with an element-proof shield. The Flash rushed him to safety and returned, deciding to take the blasts. He led the two beams towards each other, cancelling each other out and knocking the men away from The Flash. From there, they were arrested and taken back to the Central City Police Department. Mick attempted to escape, but was held back. They were soon on their way to Iron Heights Prison, before Leonard's plan came in to affect. The truck was intercepted and the back doors were opened by Snart's sister.[1]


Mick is intelligent, obsessive, unstable, a pyromaniac, hot-headed and can sometimes lose focus.


  • Expert marksman: Mick has the skill to hit multiple police officers, although they were using shields to protect themselves at the time.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despite his unstable and hot-headed demeanour, Mick is a very capable unarmed fighter. When seemingly taken captive by a mafia boss, he and Leonard quickly broke free and killed all of the mafia boss and most of his men with ease.


  • Heat Gun: Can generate a beam of absolute hot temperature.
  • Goggles: Mick also wears a pair of black wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his heat gun.


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