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Mick Rory is a former member of the Legends.


At some point in his life, Mick joined his Earth's version of the Legends. Eventually, most of the team retired, with the exception of one who died, and Mick decided to return to the Waverider and claim it his own, as no one was using it anymore. Using the quietness of the ship, he attempted to become a writer of romance novels, later self-publishing his novel Caged Passion.[1]

Some time after, a person from another Earth appeared and offered him plenty of beer, stories to tell and the chance to save the multiverse, in exchange for letting its heroes use the ship, and Mick agreed. When Jonathan Kent started crying during the Monitor's speech and was passed around between the heroes in hopes of one calming him down, he ended up relaxing in Mick's arms, a surprise to all who were present including Mick, who reacted by smiling at him. Lois Lane then asked him to take her baby with him to another room and they moved the lab, where they later made it hard for Ray Palmer to work in the room due to him having a hard time focusing on his task while Mick was reading Caged Passion out loud to Jonathan. Ray commented on how he thought the book doesn't seem too "kid-friendly" and Mick objected, telling him that the kid loves it, and he left the room with Jonathan in his arms, continuing to read it to him as they were walking out.[1]


  • Heat gun: Like his Earth-1 counterpart, Mick possesses a heat gun.[1]
  • Cold gun: Mick is in possession of the cold gun.[1]




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  • This version of Mick is seen to be good with children, seeing as Clark and Lois trusted him to watch their son, Jonathan.