For the eponymous location, see Midvale (Earth-38).
"After Kenny, that's when I realized that you and I could get through anything together."
"That was the first time I really became Kara Danvers."
"It's a good thing, too. Got us through the next 10 years.
"Think I remember... thinking I would never feel at home on Earth. I still don't, in a way. But I feel at home with you."
Alex and Kara Danvers reflect on their past
"Midvale" is the sixth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on November 13, 2017.


Kara and Alex head home to Midvale for a little R&R. While there, Kara recalls a painful memory of a childhood friend’s death and how that traumatic experience brought the Danvers sisters closer together.[src]



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Kara and Alex drive with J'onn's car to Midvale, to the Danvers house. Eliza greets them both, but Alex is not enthusiastic. During the evening, Eliza talks with Kara about how she hasn't really gotten better after losing Mon-El. Kara claims different, but can't deny Eliza is right. She tells her she is coming to accept that she's not a human. In the girls old bedroom, Alex is drinking when Kara brings her coffee. Kara tries to help Alex by getting her to talk about losing Maggie. However, Alex points out that Kara didn't do any of that when Mon-El left. Angered, Kara tells Alex that she's not going to help her and Alex thanks her for that, equally angered. Both sisters go to sleep.

The episode goes back 12 years, to a time, when Kara and Alex weren't close. Both sisters resented each other, and Eliza wasn't exactly helping. Kara makes fun how Alex sucks with calculus while she learned it on Krypton, when she was four. But in a similar manner Kara sucks in Earth's history, while Alex is good at it. Kara isn't fond of going to an Earth school, feeling its not for her. During history class, their teacher, Samuel Bernard, asks Kara, who was the leader of continental troops during Revolutionary War. She answers wrong, while Alex gives a perfect answer. But in a gymnastics class, with her powers, Kara easily beats Alex in rope climbing.

During lunch, Alex sits with her friends, who also resent Kara. Kara sits alone, while Kenny Li approaches. He greets Alex, but Alex denies he is her friend, since her other friends disregard him as weird, saying that he is Kara's friend. School's bully and star football player, Jake Howell, drops Kenny's tray on the floor and he gets laughs. Kara gets angry and damages the table, but controls herself, before more damage is done. Alex, and her best friend Josie, tell Jake to lay off. Kenny sits with Kara. Kenny is basically Kara's only friend, as they share same interests and are considered outcasts. Kenny says he knows dirt on Jake. He invites Kara to join him in the evening.

The following night Kara arrives to the place, where Kenny does stargazing with a telescope, that can save pictures from it into his laptop. They nearly kiss, until Kara backs away. When Kara returns home, Alex gets a drop on her and asks, where she was. Kara refuses to answer, and Alex claims she has had enough of getting into trouble because of what stupid thing Kara was doing. Kara lashes at Alex, that she has had enough of Alex blaming her for every bad thing that has happened to her. Alex then pours out all the things that have gone wrong with her life ever since Kara was adopted, primarily the loss of her father, Jeremiah, while Kara defends herself, that none of those things are her fault.

The next morning, as Kara and Alex are dropped to school, Kara hears police sirens and focuses on her super-hearing. She learns a body of a male teenager has been found. Scared that it's Kenny, she runs to the woods, using her powers. Her fear is proven to be true, when she sees Kenny's corpse being examined by the sheriff.

As the news of Kenny's death becomes public, Kara mourns at his locker, and as she hear others speaking about him, she can't understand, why he is remembered now like this, as she claims no one knew him. Alex comes there with Josie, trying to comfort Kara, but she just claims Alex is just as bad as the rest. As Jake and his buddies make fun of Kenny, Kara, certain the killer is Jake, because Kenny had dirt on him, follows him to the locker room, and starts accusing him. Jake isn't concerned, but with a little use of her super-strength, Kara twists his arm, and Jake confesses Kenny saw him smoking pot. He also tells he was at his home last night, and that his mom can prove it. Kara leaves Jake alone, and is determined to find out, who killed Kenny. Later, Kara goes to Kenny's parents house, where the sheriff is questioning them. She offers her condolences for Kenny's parents. Mrs. Li says Kenny's telescope is missing and Kara swears she's gonna find it. The sheriff, Ronald Collins, tells Kara to leave this alone.

The following evening, Kara is at the same place, where she was with Kenny last night. She is startled by Alex, nearly using her heat vision to burn her by accident. Kara wonders, why Alex is here, as does Alex, why Kara is here. Alex admits that she was failing calculus, and Kenny offered to tutor her and she accepted, but she couldn't keep it as public knowledge, so they would meet here. During that time, Alex became friends with him. Kara admits she was here with Kenny last night, stargazing. She came here, when she heard that his telescope is missing. This was the last place it could have been, but it wasn't there now. As the telescope could save pictures to Kenny's laptop, both sisters realize that Kenny must have seen something with the telescope that could make someone want to kill him. Alex says they have to find the laptop, but Kara claims it's too dark. For Alex maybe, and she encourages Kara to use her x-ray vision. She finds the laptop. Kara says they have to take it to the sheriff, but Alex claims they need more information first. They take laptop to home, and find encrypted files. Kara suggests sending them to Clark's friend Chloe, who is good with tech stuff. They check Kenny's email next, and find a message addressed to Mr. Bernard. The message contains an attachment, a picture, in which Josie is making out with Bernard.

Concluding that Bernard killed Kenny, Alex goes to Josie and shows her the picture. She rips it, but Alex has another. Josie is upset that her best friend would accuse Bernard for Kenny's death, claiming he didn't do it. Josie insists she and Bernard are in love, to which Alex points out that their relationship is illegal since Bernard is sleeping with a minor, and thus will be arrested for statutory rape. As Josie angrily storms off, Alex calls the police. Meanwhile, Josie goes to Bernard, telling him that Alex knows about them.

The following evening, Kara and Alex are walking home together, first time ever. They discuss about Josie and Mr. Bernard. As they are walking across a roadbridge, a car approaches and attempts to ram them. Kara tackles Alex over the bridge and they both drop down. The car leaves, and Kara has used her flying power to prevent them from hitting the ground. Sheriff comes to their aid and the girls claim the driver was Mr. Bernard. Eliza comes to get the girls.

Arriving home, Eliza tells Alex to go to her room. She then tells Kara, that she can't use her powers. Kara argues about it, but Eliza makes her to listen an FBI agent Noel Neill, who looks like Kara's mother, Alura Zor-El. She hugs her, but Noel clears the matter. She then tells her the FBI are aware of her and her cousin, and she can't use her powers, because every time she does, it puts Alex and Eliza in danger. Kara argues, what good it is to have powers if she can't use them to help people, the only thing she ever wanted to do. She then claims she hates Earth. Eventually, Noel convinces her not to use her powers, and drop the investigation. Kara says "I love you, mom", in Kryptonese, which leaves Noel initially surprised, but claims she can't understand her. As Noel leaves, it is revealed she was actually J'onn J'onzz.

Later, Josie comes to the house, angry at Alex, because her revelation ended in Mr. Bernard's arrest, and her parents have lost faith in her and grounded her until college. She tried to defend Mr. Bernard, to no avail. Josie then reveals she was with Bernard this afternoon, when he was arrested. Alex realizes that if this is true, then there's no way Bernard could have been the one who tried to kill her and Kara. Alex goes to Kara, who is feeling sullen after being talked out of using her powers. Alex tells her, what she learned from Josie, but Kara is no longer interested. Alex then decides to find Kenny's killer herself.

Alex goes to the school stadium to talk with sheriff Collins. She tells him about the laptop. He wants to know, where the laptop is and suggest they talk elsewhere. He takes Alex to a quiet room. At the same time, Kara gets an email from Chloe, who managed to open the encryption on Kenny's files. As she goes through them, she sees pictures containing sheriff Collins dealing with drugs, timestamped on the night Kenny died. Somehow, Collins found out that Kenny must have seen him in the act, so he killed Kenny to cover his tracks, but not before Kenny managed to hide the laptop. Kara quickly calls Alex, who is chatting with Collins, and tells her about the pictures and Collins. Alex realizes she is in danger, but after she hangs up, Collins points her with a gun, and he calls Kara. Kara is relieved about the call, but Alex shouts to Kara, where she and Collins is. Collins cuts the call. Collins takes Alex deeper into the stadium. Kara concludes Alex needs her help, and screws about not using her powers, flying out to help her sister. Collins is impressed by Alex about her bravery, as she hasn't flinched even though she has a gun at her face. He then reveals, how drugs come across Canadian border, and how he can make a nice profit selling them himself instead of burning them. Alex calls him scumbag, as he was willing to kill a kid just to cover his own ass. Collins is also convinced that no one can hear Alex from down there, but Alex, not shaking at all, tells her there is someone listening to his every word right now. And that wherever he goes, that someone hears him. And that she is coming. She then shouts "Here! I'm down here!", and Kara blasts her way through wall, knocking Collins out. Kara and Alex embrace and Alex tells she knew Kara would come.

The next day, at school lunch, Alex tries to talk with Josie, but she rejects her. Realizing she has lost her friends, Alex sits with Kara instead. It was a good week for the sisters, as they exposed Jake's pot smoking, exposed Mr. Bernard as a predator and solved a murder, but it has also made everyone in school to hate them, but the sisters aren't concerned. Both sisters wish Kenny was there now. Kara shows Alex a picture Kenny took few years ago, which shows Kara flying, meaning that Kenny knew Kara is an alien, but kept the secret. Kara tells Alex she nearly kissed him, but then panicked. But she would kiss him now in front of everyone, if he were here, as he liked Kara for who she is. Alex asks Kara does she want hang out, as there is no one else to hang out with anymore. She suggests they go flying, but Kara denies it, having come to terms of keeping her powers suppressed and tells her she'd rather be a human than lose Alex. Alex finally accepts Kara as sister. In the evening, the sisters are in their bedroom together, happy, when Eliza comes in with Kenny's telescope. She tells them it was found inside Collins' car, and that Mrs. Li wanted Kara and Alex to have it as thanks. The Danvers sisters became close from that day forward.

Back in the present, Alex wakes up and gets coffee. She finds Kara on the terrace looking through Kenny's telescope. Both sisters reminisce about Kenny, how he was Kara's first true loss on Earth and a good friend of Alex and remember him as a keeper of secrets. Alex admits that that experience made her to see that together, she and Kara can do anything. Kara says back then she never thought she could feel at home on Earth. In a way she still doesn't but she feels at home with Alex. Even though Kara lost Mon-El and Alex lost Maggie, they still have each other.

When the sisters leave back for National City, they bid Eliza goodbye. J'onn has asked them to come straight back to DEO, and also says he's going to put them into containment, if they scratch his car. Alex demands Kara give her the keys as she will drive, pointing out that Kara nearly collided the car twice while driving to Midvale. Kara claims she's a good driver and that a possum she nearly collided with, came out of nowhere. Kara reluctantly gives the keys, and Alex drives back to National City.





  • When Kara is talking to Eliza on the balcony, her hair keeps changing from behind her right ear when Eliza speaks to down over her ear when Kara speaks.
  • When Kara first gets into bed after her argument with Alex, the handle of the coffee mug on her nightstand is pointed to the right towards her. When Kara goes to turn off the lights, the handle is now pointed to the left away from her.
  • In a continuity error, the flashback notes it was 10 years prior to the episode. However Kara was 15 at the time of the flashback and 25 in the first season episode "Pilot". This should note the flashback as 12 years ago.
  • Young Kara asserts that she is "literally bulletproof", while in "Pilot", adult Kara was unsure if she is.
    • Since Kara hadn't really used her powers for over a decade at that point, it's possible she either forgot or was being extra cautious, given that she never came into contact with bullets before.
  • In the cafeteria, Kara refers to Superman and Lex Luthor as "arch-nemesi". The plural form of "nemesis" is "nemeses", not "nemesi".
    • However, it's likely Kara was still adjusting to Earth's English language.
  • J'onn takes the form of Kara's biological mother. However, there was no way for him to know what Alura looked like, considering it had been previously stated that he can't read Kryptonian minds.[1]
  • Teenage Kara's ears are visibly pierced, even though her skin is supposed to be impenetrable.
    • Kara wears earrings as an adult since the beginning of the series, so it's possible Eliza figured out a way to safely pierce her ears.


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