Midvale High School is a high school in Midvale.


Kara Danvers and Alex Danvers attended Midvale High School. Alex was a popular student along with her best friends, Josie and Vicki Donahue. Kara however, had a difficult time in high school; all of her classes were either too easy or too hard and she was considered an outcast by everyone except Kenny Li.

Samuel Bernard was a US history teacher in the school.[1]

Belinda was Kara's bully and rival at Midvale High School.[2]

After Kenny's death, Kara learned that Jake Howell, the football team's star quarterback, was bullying Kenny because the latter caught him smoking pot on campus. This led to Jake being suspended and presumably kicked off the football team. Alex and Kara also discovered that Josie and Mr. Bernard were having an illegal affair, which was reported to the authorities. Mr. Bernard was subsequently arrested for statutory rape.

After helping solve Kenny's murder, Alex was kicked out of the popular clique and became an outcast as well, though she and Kara grew closer together.[1]

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  • The school's mascot is the stallion.[1]

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