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For the first Detonator, see George Adler, Sr..

"You see the badge, bitch? I'm a Crow! I'm gonna destroy you!"
—Miguel Robles to Batwoman[src]

Miguel Robles is a corrupt former agent of Crows Security, the former head of the Crows Homicide Division, and a former police officer of the Gotham City Police Department. He briefly took on the alias of the Detonator, which belonged to a George Adler, Sr. who had died seven years prior; to try and cover up his murder of Lucius Fox.


GCPD and investigating the Detonator

In 2013, Miguel Robles was a rookie cop of the Gotham City Police Department. He was on the case of the Detonator but never managed to capture him.[1]

Joining the Crows and killing Lucius Fox

In 2015, Robles was hired as an agent of Crows Security and put on Tommy Elliot's personal detail. At some point, Tommy paid him $10,000 to rough up Lucius Fox for a journal the latter wrote. Robles cornered Lucius in Sip&Dash and threatened him for the journal at gunpoint, but Lucius refused. Robles then warned that if Lucius didn't give up the journal to Tommy, he would go after his son, Luke Fox. This enraged Lucius so much that he charged at Robles, who reacted by shooting him in the chest.[1]

Robles then killed a clerk who witnessed the crime and framed Reggie Harris, a small-time criminal who happened to be at Sip&Dash, for the murders by knocking him out, planting the gun on him, and drenching him in Lucius' blood. The store's owner, Alia Nazari, was bribed $51,000, covered as compensation for damages, to let Robles and a team of Crows agents steal and destroy the security footage from all of Sip&Dash's cameras.[2]

Discovering Sophie's secret

Sophie tells Robles to close Gotham's bridges.

In 2020, Robles watched a video manifesto Mouse sent to the Crows revealing that he had kidnapped the mayor and police commissioner's children. Mouse demanded Alice's release in exchange for the two boys.

After Alice escaped custody, Robles was ordered by Sophie Moore to close Loeb and Brown Bridge to prevent her from leaving the city.[3]

Robles gives video footage of Sophie to Jacob.

Robles was on the Crows team hunting Nocturna and took a copy of the video footage from Curse, where she killed her latest victim. Robles learned from the footage that Sophie had freed Batwoman from Nocturna and let her escape. He decided to turn over the evidence to Commander Jacob Kane, stating that it was the right thing to do. Being the only one who knew about it, Robles told his superior that it was his choice whether he wanted to view the footage or destroy it.[4]

Attempted coverup and arrest

Jacob questions Robles.

A few days later, Robles was called into Jacob's office and questioned about the oddities in Reggie's case. Robles replied that the only thing he found strange in the case was that Lucius was a hero and the people were trying to free his killer.

Later that evening, Jacob approached Robles again, asking why he sent $51,000 to Sip&Dash' owner, Alia, after arresting Reggie. Robles claimed it was a refund for having destroyed the convenience store when arresting him. Jacob wondered if it was really for destroying evidence, to which Robles insisted that a Crow would never have done something like that.[5]

After Reggie was released from prison and the authorities started investigating Lucius' murder again, Robles hired "Michael Fisher" to kill anyone who was involved in this.[2]

The Detonator at work.

A week later, after "Fisher's death, Robles took on the mantle of the Detonator to destroy any evidence that could link him to the assassin. He started by targeting various individuals deemed to the public as heroes to follow the previous Detonator modus operandi, while pursuing his own agenda; after Officer Wilcox chose to deactivate the bomb attached to him by detonating a second one, the old site of Gotham City Bank, which contained the account where Robles transferred money to "Fisher, was destroyed. Later after targeting Bobby Reeves, "Fisher"'s house was destroyed on Maple Street.

Robles knocks out Jacob.

Robles then kidnapped Jacob, tying him to a chair in his office and attaching a bomb on him, which would deactivate if Jacob detonated another under Wayne Tower. Afterwards, Robles tried to leave the city but was ambushed by Batwoman on Rucka Avenue and brought to Wayne Tower. She demanded him to disarm the bomb, to which Robles explained he couldn't unless the other bomb detonates.

Robles held at gunpoint by Luke.

Luke then pointed a gun at Robles, demanding to know why he killed his father. Robles revealed he was acting on Tommy's orders to get Lucius' journal, but was only meant to interrogate him. Robles insisted that Lucius' murder was an accident, since the man attacked him when he threatened Luke. Luke was determined to kill Robles to avenge his father but Batwoman talked him out of it. The two knocked Robles out and the bomb was detonated securely inside a blinded room in Wayne Tower.

Robles was arrested and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. He eventually gave up the names of the other people involved in the orchestration and cover-up of Lucius' murder in a bid to avoid the death penalty.[1] This led the Crows and Bat Team to investigate Tommy and retrieve Lucius' journal.[6]


Robles came off as an honorable individual, firmly loyal to the Crows and devoted to protecting Gotham. His sense of justice and deference to the law prompted him to report to Commander Jacob Kane that Sophie Moore was secretly working with Batwoman, an apparent betrayal of what the Crows stood for. Robles believed this was the right thing to do but left it up to to Jacob decide what he wanted to do next.[4] He was among those who regarded Lucius Fox as a "hero" in Gotham and stated to be disgusted at the idea that his killer might be freed.[5]

However, this was nothing more than a façade. In truth, Robles is a selfish, greedy, and corrupt individual who would do anything for money. On the orders of Tommy Elliot, he tried to extort Lucius for a journal he wrote and after Lucius' murder, he was willing to kill an innocent civilian who was a witness and frame Reggie Harris. Robles went to great lengths to cover up the truth for the following four years, such as hiring a hitman and later posing as a terrorist to destroy many buildings and erase any evidence connecting him to his past crimes, not caring how many innocent people would be hurt or killed.

Robles is extremely arrogant and egotistical; to the point of being delusional, as he believes that because he is a crows agent, that the laws don't apply to him, but legally it does, even calling Batwoman "trash" out of a sense of superiority. Underneath his arrogance, Robles proved to be quite cowardly, as he tried pleading for his life when cornered by Lucius' son, Luke Fox and gave up the names of all of his accomplices in order to avoid the death penalty.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a member of Crows Security, Robles is likely in peak condition, given most of their agents are ex-Navy SEALs or Green Berets.
  • Keen-level intellect/Expert tactician: Robles is a highly intelligent individual and a skilled strategist, as he managed to cover his crimes for four years without being suspected. He also created elaborate strategies to destroy any connection between himself and "Michael Fisher", as well as developing articulated schemes while posing as the Detonator.[1]
    • Expert of deception: Having fooled everyone for four years regarding what really happened to Lucius Fox, Robles has proven to be highly skilled in the art of deception.[1]
    • Expert investigator: As a former GCPD officer and the former head of the Crows Homicide Division, Robles is an accomplished investigator.[1]
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Robles is a highly skilled computer specialist, having displayed great proficiency with informatic devices.[4]
    • Explosives expert: Robles is an expert in explosives, very knowledgeable in how different kinds of bombs work, being his trademark weapon as the Detonator.[1]
    • Expert driver: Robles rides a motorcycle almost as well as Kate Kane.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a former member of Crows Security and former GCPD officer, Robles is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. He managed to knock out Jacob Kane in a single hit, albeit by catching him off-guard.[1]
    • Expert marksman: As a former member of both Crows Security and the GCPD, Robles is highly skilled in the use of firearms.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Detonator is a master assassin and explosives expert who was part of the Seven Men of Death, a faction of the League of Assassins.