"Ya dumb blonde! It's not size that matters, it's how you use it!"
—Mike the Spike to Ava Sharpe[src]

Mike the Spike was originally a human and a famous serial killer. After he died, his wickedness prevented him from moving on, and he became a dybbuk. Later on he was sent to Mallus's realm by an unknown magic partitioner. He escaped from Mallus's realm when Mallus was freed.


When Mallus was freed by the Legends, one dybbuk made his escape as well. Displaced in New Orleans 1856, this dybbuk, originally the infamous serial killer Mike the Spike, decided to resume his old occupation and planned to attack people using his old MO and victim preference. The dybbuk then made his way into the house of Didi Charbonnet, where he possessed one of Didi's dolls, wearing a sailor uniform. When Didi hosted a party on an afternoon in her residence, he planned his attack on the woman.

Aberrant timeline: Mike the Spike threatened and scared Didi Charbonnet's daughter, and then proceeded to kill her mother. As his MO, he later went on to commit a series of murders involving blonde ladies in locked bedrooms. The authorities ultimately accused the priestess Marie Laveau, who was the one of the only women of color with power during those times.

Current timeline: About half an hour before Didi Charbonnet's untimely death, Mike the Spike threatened Didi's daughter in the doll room, when Ray Palmer found the girl crying and the evil doll used the opportunity to knock Ray unconscious. When Sara Lance found and woke up her team member on the ground, Mike attacked and tried to stab the blonde captain, but was thwarted by Mick Rory, who used his gun to burn the dybbuk's plastic body, temporarily killing it.

Sara and Ava chained the burnt doll to a box in the laboratory. When Mike came to his senses, he left the useless body, roamed the ship, slightly spooking Zari Tarazi and Ray, and found a new one in the cargo bay, Leo Snart's former Martin Stein puppet.

After Sara's failed attempt with Ava and Mick's dinner, Mike grabbed a knife from the table and hastily left the kitchen, spilling a bag of flour onto the floor and leaving his tracks. He proceeded to cut off the ship's main power supply and then to the lab, where he struck Ava in the leg. Mike tried to kill his next blonde victim, but was hit aside by Mick, to which he escaped above and into the vents.[1]

Mike saw his opportunity and dropped to the brig, where he strangled Ray. Mick threw him away [1] and was kicked and knocked unconscious by Sara. The team tied him up once more, this time alive, and locked him up in an anti-magic isolation chamber.[2]

Mike is among the magical creatures freed by Charlie. When getting to the portal leading to the Waverider, Mike rode on the back of "Sassy."[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Dybbuk physiology: As a dybbuk, Mike the Spike possesses magical abilities.[1]
    • Enhanced agility: Dybbuks are able to make the dolls they possess jump at heights normally impossible for such objects.[1]
    • Enhanced strength: While possessing objects, dybbuks are able to show enhanced strength, normally impossible for such objects.[1]
    • Possession: Dybbuks need to possess other objects to fully interact with the material world.[1]
    • Self-propelled flight: Being incorporeal spirits, dybbuks can fly and float in thin air at their leisure.[1]


  • Anti-magic isolation chamber: To prevent Mike from leaving the Martin Stein puppet body, the Legends placed him in a room where his magic was dampened.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4


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