Mikhail is a young boy from Kaznia who developed a bond with Red Daughter.


Early life

Mikhail was born in Kaznia. When he was younger, his father left him and his mom, leading Mikhail to believe that he was a bad man since his mother needed to work and he was always left all alone at their house.

Meeting Red Daughter

Mikhail's home was attacked by three thieves but was instantly saved by Red Daughter, who heard his plea for help from far away. After Red Daughter incapacitated the trespassers, Lex Luthor, along with Otis Graves and Eve Teschmacher, introduced himself to the Kryptonian and Mikhail.

Later, Red Daughter and Lex visited Mikhail, where he prepared them hot beverages and told them about his family and his parents.

Supposed death

Mikhail was supposedly killed by a AmerTek missile that Eve Teschmacher launched from an AmerTek ship under the order of Lex Luthor to manipulate Red Daughter and make her believe that Americans are evil. However, it was later revealed that he was not in the house at that time and that Otis Graves spared him.[1]



Season 4


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