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Millie Rawlins, also known as Sunshine, is a member of Eva McCulloch's team and a former member of Black Hole and the United States Army's special ops division.


Time in the Army

Millie enlisted in the United States Army.[1] Across her career, she rose to the rank of First Lieutenant, rescued fourteen "friendlies" from an insurgent labor camp, was awarded a Legion of Merit, and was awarded a Medal of Valor.[2]


In 2013, she was in Central City when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, flooding her body with dark matter and giving her meta-human powers. Due to this, she was transferred to a covert division, given the call sign "Sunshine".[1]

Working for Black Hole

Returning from the Army, Rawlins was hired by Black Hole. She was enlisted by Joseph Carver, who kept files on her in a warehouse,[3] to steal the prismatic refractor from Mercury Labs, but she was stopped by Frost and the Flash. As the refractor was transferred from CCPD custody into A.R.G.U.S. custody, Rawlins hijacked the transfer. Barry Allen appeared and grabbed the prismatic refractor, running through CCPD to get away from her. He tricked her into breaking into his lab, whereupon they filtered out all light and arrested her with power-dampening cuffs.[1]


"Sunshine keeping quiet?"
"Our sources confirm she hasn't said a word since her arrest yesterday."
Joseph Carver and Maurice[src]

Millie was dressed in her prison jumpsuit when Joe West had her brought into a room to have her interrogated about Black Hole and her connections to Joseph Carver. Millie refused to give any useful information as Peter Merkel emerged from a box in the room, plotting to kill Joe. As Merkel wreaked havoc, Millie managed to escape.[2]

Switching teams

New allegiance.

Sunshine was in a safe house with Ultraviolet and Dr. Light, awaiting the arrival of Joseph Carver when she passed a glass door and was pulled into the Mirrorverse.

While there, with the other two Black Hole assassins, Millie decided that it was more beneficial to work for Eva McCulloch than for Carver because with her, she would gain her freedom. Millie emerged from the Mirrorverse in the McCulloch Technologies building with an order to kill Carver; she saw members of Team Flash there to protect him. A fight ensued, as Carver called upon his security guards to assault the women; eventually Team Flash got involved.

Sunshine helps to surround Team Flash.

During the battle, Sunshine mainly fought security guards, using her light powers to give head shots. Ultimately, she and the others had Team Flash surrounded when Eva declared the battle over, by announcing the death of Carver. Sunshine and her teammates left without any other altercation.[3]

Millie later went to Eva's office to inform her about her team's updates. Eva asked if she saw anything different about her and Sunshine said that she looked tired, and asked her if she kept any secrets like Carver, with Eva denying them. Millie later accompanied Eva to Arielle Atkins' show. When a video was linked to the screen revealing that the real Eva was dead, Millie used her powers and disappeared.[4]


Millie in her civilian persona.

Joe West described Millie being "honorable" while in the army, and mentioned that she had won both a Legion of Merit and a Medal of Valor for her actions.[2]

Millie as Sunshine.

When captured by the Central City Police Department, Millie refused to give them information on Joseph Carver or Black Hole. Upon being shown a picture of a corpse, one of Joseph's henchmen who failed him, she referred to the murder as "incentive for the rest of us to succeed". This implies that she was very loyal to the organization, as well as successful in most (if not all) of her missions before she crossed paths with Team Flash.[2]

When Joe West pointed out that Millie had failed in her latest mission and that she would probably be killed for her failure, she fell silent. She refused West's offer of police protection, though it's unclear whether she didn't think the protection was adequate or if she was emphasizing her loyalty to Black Hole, in the hope they would spare or free her for her devotion.[2]

Millie looked away from a old photo of herself in military uniform, indicating that she felt discontent with her current lifestyle.[2] Eva McCulloch convinced Millie to turn on Joseph fairly quickly and when she attacked McCulloch Technologies alongside Kimiyo Hoshi and Esperanza Garcia, she stated her actions were "about payback" rather than payment.[3]

When Ragdoll appeared, with the intention of killing Joe, Millie gasped and tried to keep her distance from him. As Ragdoll attacked Joe, Millie cried "what the hell?!". It's unclear if she interpreted that Ragdoll had been sent to kill her despite her loyalty to Black Hole or if she was trying to communicate that he should free her from her power-dampening cuffs.[2]

Millie apparently used her powers for her own entertainment as well as combat. When she was abducted by Eva, Esperanza ignored her disappearance, saying,"she'll pop up again eventually. She always does". This seems to imply that Millie regularly turned herself invisible while at the Black Hole safehouse with her fellow assassins.[3]

Powers and abilities


"You're heliokinetic; so without sunlight, you're just an ordinary thief."
Barry Allen[src]
  • Meta-human physiology:

    Millie using her powers.

    After Millie was blasted by dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, giving her access to her powers.[1]
    • Heliokinesis: Millie has the ability to bend light, using it to travel between patches of light and weaponize light itself.[1]
      • Teleportation: Because of Millie's light-based powers, she is able to transport through light to another place either in the same room or to a different place.
      • Invisibility: Millie is able to bend light around her body as a means of appearing invisible.[1]
      • Disintegration: Millie is able to weaponize her light powers to disintegrate objects, including a metal door. She is also able to melt durable substances, such as the metal safe in Mercury Labs that held the Prismatic Refractor.[1]
      • Limited photokinesis: Millie was able to bend and manipulate light generated from other sources such as electricity; but the full extent of this power is unknown.


  • Stealth/Infiltration: Millie is extremely secretive, being able to approach other people without being sensed.[1]
  • Multilingualism: Millie is able to communicate in both Spanish and Japanese in addition to English.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Millie is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having gone through the same training that all U.S. soldiers do. She was able to fight on par against Sue Dearbon.[3]


  • Lack of sunlight: Millie does not generate sunlight, but she emits it. Without access to sunlight, she is rendered incapable of using her meta-human powers.[1]
  • Power-dampening cuffs: Like most meta-humans, Millie's powers can be neutralized by using power-dampening tech.[1]


  • Sunshine suit: Millie wears a silver and black protective suit when out in the field.[1]
"Those bracelets aren't fashion. They're fuel. They're solar energy battery packs."
Nash Wells[src]

Sunshine's solar bands.

  • Solar band: During a fight with Team Flash, Millie used a solar band that she received from Eva to help her use her powers when there’s no sunlight.[3]


The Flash

Behind the scenes

  • Sunshine is a character created for The Flash, having no links to the comics at all. She was created by the showrunner of The Flash, Eric Wallace.