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Mina Chaytan (died early 2018), self-nicknamed Black Bison, was a Native American meta-human with the power to animate effigies, and a former professor at Central City University, who was fired after a violent protest.


Mina Chaytan worked at Central City University as a professor of cultural anthropology. She also worked alongside Clifford DeVoe, a history professor.[1] Mina spent her time protesting against the desecration and acquisition of artifacts belonging to her people, and even attempted to seize them from museums and collectors, which led to her being arrested. As a result, CCU fired her.[2]

On October 10, 2017, Mina rode Central City Bus 405, which suddenly stopped to pick up Becky Sharpe as she was running to catch it. When Becky came in, Mina spared her a moment's glance before looking away. Her jacket was noticed by Ralph Dibny, and he saw that there was a black bison stitched on the back. Suddenly, the bus was hit by a blinding light, with a wave of dark matter pouring into it as Barry Allen had exited from the Speed Force, which transformed Mina and all the other occupants into meta-humans.[2][3]

She then devised a plan to steal from the Central City Museum, even though her other criminal activities caught the attention of Team Flash, after discovering she had a panther statue kill a man. After much trouble catching her, they finally caught a break and took her to the meta wing in the old Iron Heights Prison.[2]

After being there a while, the Warden sold Mina and four others to Amunet Black. They escaped after Barry got the supplies they needed, and went underground into an old, unused prison wing that was buried underneath the new Meta Imprisonment wing. She was warned by Barry that if she returns to her life of crime, the escape will mean nothing since "the Flash will just run you back to prison", after she makes it known that she doesn't want be a slave because of her abilities. Getting through to the other side of freedom, Wolfe and his men are there, and they out Barry as the Flash. Mina along with the others, excluding Becky, vote to kill him, but Becky's powers cause a searchlight to momentarily blind Mina, and the eagle statue she was controlling careens into Sylbert Rundine, briefly knocking all three metas out. However the Thinker arrives, attacks and kills all of the meta humans, except Barry.[4]


Mina was passionate in her cause in preserving the rights of her people, as well as their history, artifacts, and customs. Clifford DeVoe described her as an animated woman who felt that teaching was a calling. This perhaps is what led to her having the power to animating effigies into serving her. She's also seen as looking out for her best interest such as immediately after learning one of her escapee allies was the Flash and opt to kill him presumably so he wouldn't get in her way again despite him genuinely helping her from a fate he claimed that was worse than death.[1][2][4]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Mina was struck by the dark matter energy from the Flash being released from the Speed Force, this altered her DNA and cells, enabling her to access her newfound powers.[2]
    • Animatopathy/Animation: In a partially telekinetic manner, Mina has the ability to temporarily animate inanimate objects by leaving a psychic imprint on effigies, giving her a subconscious link with them. This results in the effigies being infused with dark matter on a molecular level so that they do not have to be within Mina's proximity or line of sight in order to literally enliven them.


  • Effigy shape: Mina's powers only work on effigies whose shapes have the capability of motion (e.g. animals/people).
  • Power-dampening Tech: If Mina is wearing power-dampening cuffs, she can't use her powers.[2]
  • Foreign Language: When Mina has used her powers she has always spoken in a foreign language before the effigy has been animated. DeVoe also seems to have a similar or shared weakness, as he had to speak said language as well.


The Flash

Season 4


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, there were two super-villains who went by the name, Black Bison. While both of them were male, they were also Native American and shared a similar motivation to Mina's on The Flash
    • Specifically, Mina is a gender-bent version of John Ravenhair, her DC male counterpart.
  • Her name was originally reported to be "Mina Chayton" in the press.
  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Mina's Post-Crisis status is currently unknown.