"Merely a drone. A piece of a larger entity. We exist as one organism. As you might say, a hive."
—Mina Fayad to Floyd Lawton on her role in H.I.V.E.[src]

Mina Fayad (died October 2015) was a member of H.I.V.E. who posed as an A.R.G.U.S. agent and acted as a recruiter for the secret organization's allies, such as Floyd Lawton. After working loyally for the organization for years, she was slain by Damien Darhk in his show of force before the eyes of Jeremy Tell, a meta-human criminal Fayad managed to recruit.


After Floyd Lawton was incarcerated for threatening his family, Mina Fayad went to his cell and recruited him to kill Andrew Diggle on the orders of H.I.V.E..[1]

Fayad posed as an A.R.G.U.S. agent, taking hold of the Khushu Idol to transport it to the SLAB under the orders of Amanda Waller. Presumably, she transferred the idol to H.I.V.E. instead.[2]

Several years later, Fayad returned to Star City from Markovia, having hired Jeremy Tell to deal with the vigilante problem in the city. When Fayad presented Tell to H.I.V.E.'s leader Damien Darhk, Darhk was uncertain about Tell's abilities, but Tell proved himself by killing one of Darhk's disloyal "Ghosts". 

John Diggle later received information from an A.R.G.U.S. operative that Fayad had put out the hit on his brother, Andy, and tailed her. Diggle ambushed Fayad and Darhk's men, who were protecting her. Diggle managed to kill several of Fayad's bodyguards, but she managed to escape.

After Tell failed to kill the Green Arrow, Fayad witnessed Darhk threatening him. She tried to calm him down, but Darhk then turned on her, scolding Fayad for causing him to lose men in the name of protecting her. Darhk then ordered Tell to try and kill him, stopping the card projectile in mid-air with his powers. Darhk lectured Fayad about how he wasn't a charlatan and that his powers were real. He then hurled Tell's card into Fayad's throat, killing her.

Fayad's body was tracked down by Diggle and Green Arrow. She found posed in a chair with the card in her mouth in a warehouse as a message to Team Arrow.[3]



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