"After some personal reflection, I realized I have to be with her; everything I am started with her."
—"David Singh" on Eva McCulloch[src]

Reflections were mirror copies created by Eva McCulloch as a replacement of their Earth-Prime counterparts.


"Then it is Eva's will!"
Eva McCulloch's team

Mirror clones

After Iris West-Allen was trapped in the Mirrorverse, "Iris West-Allen" was created as a replacement, identical to Iris but with better abilities. [1]

Later when Kamilla Hwang discovered the true form of "Iris" with the prismatic filter in her camera, "Iris" shot her with the mirror gun and Eva created a reflection to replace the real Kamilla, who she sent with "Iris" to find the prismatic refractor. [2]

Sometime after the Crisis, David Singh was captured and replaced. His first mission was to get Joe West to go into witness protection so that he would not get in the way of Eva's plans for Joseph Carver.[3]

Mirror David's body cracks apart

"David" cracking

Since Eva only viewed the mirror clones as "reflections" of herself, she used them as however she pleased. "Kamilla" was ordered to kill herself to get the blood sample that Eva needed from Ramsey Rosso,[4] and later, Eva used the true form of "David" as a wormhole to teleport into McCulloch Technologies and surprise the Flash.[5] However, any act of rebellion where the clone thought for itself was quickly thwarted; Eva's first act in Earth-Prime was the destruction of "Iris" for wanting independence.[4]

With the invention of Eva McCulloch's protective suit, Eva no longer needed Mirror clones to do her bidding outside the Mirrorverse; though Eva still takes people into the Mirrorverse, she does not make any more Mirror clones.[5]

Known Reflections

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: As they are created by Eva, they have a connection to her as they get hurt and scratches themselves when Eva does the same.[6][2] They also consider Eva to be their mother.[4]
    • Spear arms: Mirror Iris can shape her arms into spears and even use them through mirrors.[4]


Kamilla sees Mirror Iris's true form

Caught on camera

  • Prismatic filter: Their true form can be caught on camera when a "prismatic filter" is applied. This filter shows Mirror Iris as a human shaped mirror. [7]
  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: Eva's temper is one of her weaknesses, as when she is provoked emotionally, her mirror clones become unstable and disoriented, leaving them open for attack.[4]


The Flash


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